Why Do You Climb? – America’s Tower Climbers

Why do I climb? I climb because of a sense of freedom. You know, I’m not going to a desk job every
day and just punching a clock and working nine to five. There’s total freedom when you’re out climbing It feels, you know, euphoric. So to speak. You’re just in your own mind. In you’re own little world there, you know? You get great views. The best office in the world. I can’t imagine doing a different job. You get to travel around the country. You get to do a job that makes a difference. You get to work outside. Work with your hands. What else could you ask for? Being on the tower takes you where nowhere
else can take you. It’s not something you can do, say, sitting
at a desk or driving down the road. Or something of that nature. I feel like nothing else matters. You’re on top of the tower. You got, um, depending where you are you got
anything from fields for days, um city blocks, other buildings, um, mountains. Just it’s like everything else just stops
in the world and you’re just up there and you’re just free in a way. You know you gotta rely on the guy next to
you. You know that guy might have to save your
life and you might have to save his, so it’s definitely a brotherhood and something you
don’t take likely. In our industry, it’s not so much as you get
to go home every night. Uh, you get to sleep in your bed every night. You are on the road and you’re on the road
with 2, 3, 4, 5 other guys so you have to have that good relationship. They have to have your back you have to have
theirs. When I’m at the top of the tower it feels
like I’m on top of the world. Freedom, you know? You feel a sense of being alive. That keeps it, you know, exciting and worthwhile
and worth doing. GME Supply salutes you. America’s Tower Climbers. Climb Higher with GME Supply Company.

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