Why Does America Spend So Much on Israel?

Why do we spend so much money on Israel? Over my decades of military service, as the
Deputy Commander of United States European Command and now as a security advisor, I’ve
often heard people make this complaint. The truth is we don’t spend enough. We should spend more. And for purely selfish reasons. Every dollar we spend on Israel is a dollar
spent, in effect, in our own defense. As a value proposition, it’s all in America’s
favor. Let me explain, but before I do let me say
this: I can easily defend why America supports Israel
on moral grounds alone. I’ve been there on numerous occasions. It’s a good and decent country. Given the neighborhood it lives in, I find
that both remarkable and admirable. But I will make this argument solely on the
basis of America’s security. Our partnership with Israel is unique. Unlike most of our current treaty alliances
— say with South Korea — our ties with Jerusalem are not premised on American troops serving
as tripwires on Israel’s frontlines. This is because Israel takes care of itself. America, for good reason, remains wary of
any further military engagement in the Middle East. And this only strengthens the case for giving
Israel the tools it needs to defend its borders. Here are three things we can do – again,
all in our own self-interest. First, the United States should front load
its financial commitment to Israel. We have agreed to provide Israel $38 billion
in defense assistance over ten years. That’s a big number, but it’s also a great
deal – for America. In addition to giving Israel the financial
wherewithal to purchase the weapons it needs, it also benefits the American economy. Under the agreement, Israel must spend these
funds on U.S. products. And it’s happy to do so. Without adding a cent to the total, the United
States should “front-load” this assistance to reflect the changing strategic situation
in the Middle East, specifically the rising danger presented by Iran and its proxies Hezbollah
and Hamas. An accelerated timetable would allow Israel
to acquire critical capabilities like more F-35 air attack squadrons, more air refueling
tankers and more precision munitions. It will need this hardware to defend itself
and American interests against these persistent, and growing, threats. Second, the United States should enhance our
alliance with Israel. It may surprise you to know that the United
States does not have a defense treaty with this essential ally – lots of agreements,
but no treaty. We should. Why is this important? Because it will send a loud strategic signal
to Israel’s enemies that if you mess with Israel, you mess with us. Israel is not going to ask us for troops. But we should be giving them anything else
they need — intelligence, weapons technology and other vital information. And we know this is a two-way street. Israel gives a lot in return. Which leads me to the third point. The United States and Israel should build
on their already close collaboration in research and development. Israel is one of the most high-tech economies
in the world. American investors understand this. More venture capital is spent per capita in
Israel than in any other country. Nine out of the ten largest companies have
R&D facilities there. This is in a country of just 8 million people. When we sell them military gear, they adapt
it to their own special needs. The American military, in turn, benefits from
these innovations, especially in the area of desert warfare. Indeed, President Obama’s Defense Secretary
Ashton Carter made this point. “There’s no question that American lives
have been saved by Israeli technology.” There are many cutting-edge projects we can
work on together, such as directed-energy weapons. This new form of cannon emits highly-focused
energy to neutralize targets. Such weapons will be needed to counter the
spread of cheap, deadly and plentiful mortars and drones from Iran and other bad actors. All this explains why I find it so infuriating
to see Americans, especially young Americans, support anti-Israel groups like BDS –Boycott,
Divest, Sanction – that want to weaken and destroy Israel. Putting aside the perverse logic of these
groups — that we should punish a free and open democracy — it’s self-destructive. Israel is on the front line of terror. They, not us, are within missile range of
Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. To the extent these enemies of freedom are
held in check, they are held in check by Israel. And, they ask from us not one US soldier — only
for military aid, which they spend on American defense products to help defend American interests. We should give them that aid without reservation. Sure, it costs us treasure. But it saves us blood. Our blood. It’s also the right thing to do. I’m General Chuck Wald, United States Air
Force, for Prager University.

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  • I have an honest question to Prager U.

    Could you please provide an explanation or cite the sources as to why Israel can take care of itself and South Korea can't?
    As a South Korean citizen, I've begun to wonder about why the US does not make the same business deals with South Korea as it does with Israel. Wouldn't it be just as a great value proposition for the United States as it is in the case of Israel?

  • Using 38 billions US money to buy US military gear, while keeping the changes. Try to convince that to each young person who struggles to pay thousands USD of education debt before they get decent job. Young people practically debt-chain collared slaves by moment they receive their degree. They desperate to work with disadvantage to negotiate work contract, just because they have debt to haunt them.

    But free education and medical care is threat to capitalism and democracy, right? People should be tied to debt so they behave themselves to rich 1 percenter masters, right?

  • "We should spend more."

    Yup that will definitely win you a lot of support. Wait actually no, no it won't.

    "Every dollar we spend on Israel" sounds like I'm at the dealership and the sales guy is trying to sell me options he knows I don't need. Every dollar you spend on anti-theft device and a extended warranty blah blah nah fam I'm good.

  • Israel 🇮🇱 is an awesome country. It honors free speech, a free press, religion, and an independent judiciary. It plain, it is a vibrant democracy! A side note, as a Christian, I am happy to support a Jewish-state, and the people of Jesus Christ. In sight of all of this, conservatives need to consider the fact that they are so willing to fund Israel, yet are not willing to fund African American communities. The aid to Israel has helped turn Israel from a 3rd world country to a 1st world 🌎 country. Yet, when it comes to investing in African American neighborhoods, conservatives claim that it won’t work. They cite the holocaust and the prevalent anti semitism as a reason for the major support of Israel, but when it comes to African American’s they claim that historical racism is not in alignment with current events and that identity politics have no merit. I’m not for bds, I love Israel 🇮🇱 and the USA 🇺🇸 but I am asking conservatives to reconsider their position on race in America and what to do about it.

  • Wait we give them aid to save our blood? Why should we even give them anything at all? It's not like they will dare go to war with the U.S. because America stops feeding them money.

  • When Israel will start to dominate the islan world ? Its improductive until now. Its more suitable that jedewish defeat islan than christianity or atheism.

  • Why is Israeli security important for the US? Because innovation in desert warfare technology? I guess Mexico is planning to retake Nevada. Less neo-cons, more nat-cons

  • American involvement in israel makes them a prime target for islamic terrorists, so for the sake of US security, stop funding Israel. I don't see Iran invading US soil any time soon

  • I will avoid reading the comment because most of them are:
    Anti semetic steryotype about Jews being traitors, or liars or controlling America or something… When it comes to Jews and Money it will always be an anti semetic reaction…
    The other is SJW muslim brotherhood probaganda about Israel, which is clearly anti semetic and basically hating on Israel only because of Jews…
    Just to be clear, Palestinians and most of the people who hate Israel don't hate it because of the Palestinians problems and all, Palestinians had created their own problems, Their pain is the consquences of them failing to establish an uncorrupted government, Cause in Israel Arabs and Muslims function quite well when they accept Israel and live there quite happily in comparession…
    And the elephent in the room, About Israel "betraying" America Because of The USS Libarty incedint that happened in 1967…
    First of all key word incedent… meaning it wasn't on purpose… It happened when Israel was at war, so they weren't very focused on attacking people nore like defending itself…
    And according to researchers it happened due to confusion of both sides, BOTH not one but BOTH…
    You think that critcal incdents never happened with other countries? That only Israel did it? If you trully thought that this is the only military incdent between co-operating countries, you are being either extremly naive… or just hating on Israel leading to the root of the problem hating Jews… that is why being Anti-zionist, or whatever you call it, is basically hating Jews simple as that…

  • Supporting the very state that did 9/11 I see…
    Unsubscribed. You are too nice to Israel. You are controlled by the Jews. PragerJEW.

  • Oh, now I get it! We benefit because the money we give Israel must be spent on U.S. weapons! It all makes sense. Hey, why don't we really benefit ourselves. Let's give money to every country in the world, then make them buy weapons from the U.S. with it??

    Good God, I've never seen such a pathetic "argument" for a position. Deputy Commander of the U.S.- European Command?? Is a high school diploma not required for that job? You failed to apply any actual reason or make any actual point.

    Can we at least take half the money we give Israel and give it to Kurds instead? Aren't they deserving of a homeland too?? *Please*, we all know the truth here. U.S./European Command *exactly*. Israel is the neo-colonial, Mediterranean-accessible NATO beachhead on the Middle East. It's about oil and control of central banking. If we support Israel because it's a "democracy", then why do we give so much financial support to Saudi Arabia??

    I can get behind roughly half the PragerU video messages (the ones that call-out race-baiting, etc.). The other half is simply propaganda, just as it accuses the Left of engaging. Even Prager's economics is about supporting TPTB. Leftist globalists or right-wing imperialists… the two only argue about the details. You're all war-mongers serving an elite class at the price of humanity.

  • Jews control America, thats why America gives Israel $3 Billion per year. America fights Israels wars by destroying any country that Israel deems a threat to it such as Iraq, Libya, Syria and soon Iran. All the Jewish Neocons (PNAC) pushed for war against Iraq, Syria Libya and now Iran with the loss of over 2 million lives. Who tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967 with the loss of 34 Americans, Israel did, who pulled of the events of 9/11 so that they could ignite their fake war on terror, Israel. Mossad and the American Jewish Israeli firsters did, The evidence is piled high.
    Sorry this guy Dennis Prager is Jewish,

  • Israel is the only part of our civilization in the Middle East, similar to what South Africa used to be in Africa, hence it is a strategically, culturally, economically, politically important country in the world and we should be full military allies, extend its power over the entire Middle East, seize the oil wells away from the insane, as Trump promised he would do.

  • Why are the Middle Eastern invaders coming here? Why are they killing
    us in increasing numbers? And why are they coming here if they hate us
    so much?

    Well, one reason they are coming here is because we are weak. We are
    so weak that we are afraid to even call them invaders. We are so weak
    that, once they are here, we support them and feed them and give them
    housing and money almost without limit. We are so weak that our
    Jewish-funded political “leaders” and Jewish-indoctrinated “liberals”
    bend over backwards to facilitate and accelerate the invasion, and try
    to criminalize those who resist it. We are so weak that we allow our
    daughters to mix with the invaders and be sexually used by them. We are
    so weak that we cannot oppose them or even name them forthrightly when
    they rape our children and slaughter and kill us on the streets of our
    own cities. And the law of Nature says that weak peoples will be
    conquered by strong, aggressive peoples — and these invaders are nothing
    if not aggressive.

    Another reason they are invading our lands, and attacking us, is because they do indeed
    hate us — and they hate us for good reason. Again and again over the
    last decade and a half and more, we made war on their homelands: We, and
    our “European allies,” made overt war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya,
    Syria. And we made covert war — and are still making covert war — in
    countless other places in the Middle East — all at the behest of the
    Israel lobby, which wants us to destroy any strong, independent Middle
    Eastern government and replace it with weak, chaotic, warring sectarian
    states. So we carpet bombed for Israel, we lobbed depleted uranium
    warheads into schoolyards for Israel, we fired drone missiles into
    hospitals and private homes and apartment buildings for Israel, we
    firebombed for Israel, and we kidnapped and tortured and murdered for
    Israel. We murdered retreating, already-surrendered soldiers and burned
    them alive. We imposed brutal puppet governments. We gave unlimited
    money and military technology to the murderous occupation state of
    Israel. And we imposed sanctions that killed millions of people. If these things had happened to your family and your neighborhood and your country, you’d be angry too. You’d hate
    the people who’d done this to you. If you had an ounce of honor and a
    brave soul to go with it, you’d do whatever it takes — even at the cost
    of your own life — to wreak vengeance and destruction on the evil ones
    who had ravaged your land and killed your loved ones. And, if you could,
    you would conquer them and take their lands and wipe them from the face
    of the Earth. Is it any wonder that so many Muslims find the call to jihad
    against the West irresistible? And is it any wonder that, having
    nothing to lose and living in a ravaged war zone, they are willing to
    risk it all to invade and take Germany, Greece, Italy, Sweden and the
    rest of our precious White homelands?

    So on the one hand you have
    Jewish lobbyists pushing for an ever-expanding, never-ending war on
    innocent Muslims in the Middle East, creating a tsunami of anti-Western
    migrants fleeing the chaotic Middle East — and invading Europe with hate
    in their hearts and vengeance on their minds.

    And in the West itself, you find the organized Jewish groups
    unanimously pushing the idea that we must open our borders and welcome
    the invaders with open arms. One Jewish group called “IsraAid”
    — which is actually operated by the Israeli government in conjunction
    with a coalition of well-funded international Jewish groups including
    B’nai B’rith International, the American Jewish Committee, the American
    Jewish Congress, and many, many others — has been making sure that the
    Syrians and Pakistanis and Afghans and Somalis and others make it to
    Europe. On the Greek island of Lesbos, IsraAid Jews literally pulled the
    invaders out of the Mediterranean and into Europe after their boat
    capsized. Once in Europe, IsraAid workers in Serbia, Croatia, and other
    European countries make sure that the invaders are supplied with advice,
    food, water, shelter, and clothing as they make their way across the
    continent. And it’s not just IsraAid — all over Europe, Jewish
    organizations are using their considerable lobbying clout to make sure
    that the gates are opened and kept open for the invaders — to do
    anything else would be “racism” according to the Jews.

    But Israel is not accepting any Muslim “refugees”
    from the wars they themselves fomented — oh no, that would “threaten the
    existence of Israel as a Jewish state.” The Muslim invaders must go,
    without exception, to Europe or America — and IsraAid is there to ensure
    that they make it. When non-Jewish migrants somehow make it to Israel
    despite strict border security, they are promptly arrested and
    imprisoned pending deportation. Their lives are made into a living Hell
    to encourage them to leave at their own expense, but if they won’t they
    are then deported, often to Third World destinations not of their own
    choosing. In Israel, these unwanted non-Jews are openly and officially
    called “infiltrators.”

  • "[Israel] is a good and decent country. Given the neighborhood it lives in, I find that both remarkable and admirable."
    Most of its Arab residents are not able to vote due to de facto restrictions.
    "Israel takes care of itself."
    If it actually did, it wouldn't need $3 billion annually from the US.
    "America, for good reason, remains wary of any further engagement in the Middle East, and this only strengthens the case for giving Israel the tools it needs to defends its borders."
    The (one-sided) alliance between Israel and the US as we knew it began before the Iraq War. We also aren't involved in combat in Southeast Asia right now (for good reason), so should we send Nagaland or the Chin State $3 billion annually? (Neither of these are established nation-states, but according to half the world, neither is Israel.)
    "We have agreed to provide Israel $38 billion in defense assistance over ten years…Under the agreement, Israel must spend these funds on US products, and it's happy to do so."
    This is only sustainable for the US if Israel spends more than that amount on US products over the same period. If they are spending anywhere close to $3.8 billion on US products a year, forking money over to them would not affect them spending huge sums of money on our products, so there's probably some balance way short of the $3.8 billion mark where we can fork some amount of money over to them and get a maximum profit in return.
    "…the United States does not have a defense treaty with [Israel]–lots of agreements, but no treaty."
    We don't have an official defense treaty with many other non-NATO allies.
    "…[A defense treaty] will send a loud strategic signal to Israel's enemies that if you mess with Israel, you mess with us."
    Consider how many international sanctions against Israel the United States has vetoed, they probably understand that already.
    "When we sell them military gear, they adapt it to their own special gear."
    So does ISIS.
    "To the extent these enemies of freedom are held in check, they are held in check by Israel."
    Assyria is in the same neighborhood. Can we give them $3 billion annually? (Assyria is not an established nation-state, but according to half the world, neither is Israel.)

  • Thank God I am not an American to pay my taxes to help those who claim to be Jews and they are poor people who just want to defend themselves by occupying Palestinian lands.

    Wake up people
    your government is waste your money
    The Jews are wealthy and have a lot of money But they want to build a state at the expense of the American people
    And the Israelis are investing their money in China…!

    Wake up

  • Wait… what? We give then they money to give back to us… ands that's a DEAL? And there is no mention of Palestine. Y'all tried it.

  • Hold on I don't have a degree in Economics but if you give your friend a $1 and you say "But you got to buy my stuff." and he buys a Coco-Cola drink from you for $1 and you can't go around and say "I'VE EARNED A DOLLAR! I'M CONTRIBUTING TO THE ECONOMY!" You'd be giving a free Coco-Cola drink.

  • Hate to see absolutely no pro-Israel support whatsoever as well as anti-Semitic banter, people can be so ignorant. God bless Israel 🇮🇱🇺🇸

  • Out of the many PragerU videos I've watched. This has been the only one {so far} that I've strongly disagreed with. So many reason why NOT to financially support Israel. In short, let the millionaire and billionaire Jews around the world support it. I work full time here in the USA. And i'm just barely making ends meet. Keep US citizen tax dollars working here on infrastructure etc.

  • I normally agree with most PragerU videos, but this is blatantly and shamelessly political propaganda. Period. Study the history of Israel (and how the nation was created and who has been displaced because of it) and you tell me if we're on the right side of the fence on this one, especially given our propensity to preach freedom, democracy and justice to the world.

  • The reason we support Israel is NOT because it is Israel. But because it supports our VALUES in a region that is generally hostile to those values. If Israel turned totalitarian, we would drop them like a hot potato! And if Egypt turned truly democratic, of COURSE they would become our friends. And America is NOT great because it is America. America is GREAT because it is founded on the principle of LIBERTY. Free people should not rest until ALL people across the world are free! Support Liberty wherever it gets a foothold in the world! Because totalitarian states obviously support each other against the "threat" of encroaching Liberty!

  • yea , send our hard earned tax dollars to people that have more money then we do. let them pay for there own defence so they won,t spend that very money lobbing our public servants. your are full of shit on this one pal.

  • Israel's an apartheid state that spits in the face of international law and ranks high on Human Rights and Amnesty International watchlists. Our lopsided support of it angers Muslims and confuses our allies. It's a thorn in our side that we can easily live without. Cut it loose.

  • Oh come on. Like israel doesnt have lobbyists paying our politicians off to vote to have our money stolen out of our pay checks to fund their economy. And we wouldnt need these weapons that he says israel creates if israel didnt exist. And he says its the right thing to do. Who is he to say whats the right thing do. Lol.

  • So let me get this right. The government, who is payed off by israel, steals money out of my pay check to send it to israel so they can spend money on american products that make the rich richer. How about i keep my money and stimulate the economy cause i have more money to spend. This sounds like bull shit socialism to me.

  • How about this. No israel and gues who the extremist will play with. Sharia in america please. The liberals want it.

  • While PragerU puts out lots of nice videos unrelated to Israel, make no mistake they are first and foremost neocons.

  • People commenting here are so dumb, that i just can't believe my own eyes: the money goes out to Israel comes back in to the US since they only spend that same money on USA made weapons. And the US gets medical and technology developments from israel as well. So what the HECK do these antisemites want from this guy making the video?!

  • Oh boy. I can’t believe how much antisemitism is on this thread. These people must be millennials living under their parent’s roof and going to a “popular” UC with their parent’s money. Pathetic. God bless the U.S and Israel.

  • The only reason why I support Israel was because 1m Jews was expelled with nothing from across the middle East(their ancestral home) to Israel.

  • What a terrible video , what a wanker you are chuck , please disclose if you are either on the payroll , compromised or just another dumb American who is So Blinkered it’s laughable !
    ( you’re probably are all 3 )

  • This isn't the reason why America really helps Israel, The main reason is that there want to be blessed, the bible says it
    Genesis 12:3
    And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.
    Israel is blessed by God.

  • Israeli here, what most americans dont know is that lots of us dont want your financial aid, we just dont need it. we love america but this deal is mostly benefical to the US. we use it to buy american military equipment only, which benefits american economy by many ways but the main way is that we market this equipment to the world by using it operationaly. for example, after the IDF bombed the Iraqi nuclear facilities decades ago, all the world bought F15 as Israel did and now we do the same thing with the f35 that was a failed project until now. we also use this money for researching and developing technologies that benefit Israel and the US. Its also important to mention that other countries get aid from the US. Afghanistan and Iraq for example get more than israel while Saudi and Egypt get little less.
    In the last Israeli elections i voted for Feiglin that one of his main promises was to stop American aid. The reason that i and many other Israelis dont want that aid is that beside the point that we dont want to rely on an outside help for anything, it cripples our own abilities to create our own planes and weaponry. thats right, we dont need those Lokhid Martin beauties, we want to make our own stuff. a few decades ago israeli military industry was working on a plane called the Lavi which was one of the most advanced fighter jets in the world at the time. under american pressure the Israeli goverment shut it down, inspite of a big protest in Israel. The reason for the US to do so was to kill the comptetion with their F15 and F16 and get all the benefits that i mentioned above.

    So please understand, we dont want or need your aid, you made us taking it !

    Peace to our American brothers and sisters.

  • ISRAEL MADE HOLLYWOD who give usa alot of dollors 13 MILION JEWS WHO LIFE IN USA PAY TEX more then alot of american who not work at all ISRAEL MADE THE FIRST PC,INTERNET,CAMERA,GOOGLE ,FIRST HAND FHONE , ON USA LAND by jews and the usa make alot of money fROM IT,israel give usa tecnology like iron dome and trohpy sistem and more info abut TERORISTS WHO WANNA MAKE BOOMS IN US LAND AND ITS NOT IN THE NEWS

  • America pays these idiots but America can't take care of their own veterans…the same soldiers that used to protect America are homeless and some even committing suicide. Why won't America help its people first?

  • Well, as long as israel stand, enemies of usa in the area wont have resource to spare to harm usa interest in the area, most of the time.

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