Why Financial Freedom Is Important

Financial freedom and why is it so important? Why you should pursue it… You see, financial freedom is actually just one level of freedom. With financial freedom, you get
three other levels of freedom. So, let’s talk about this really quick. When you have financial freedom, you automatically have the freedom of place. Because this way, you don’t have to go to a job. When you wake up in the
morning, I mean, you could do whatever you
want and you can do it where ever you
want. Financial freedom automatically gives you the freedom of location, of being wherever you want. And basically trade from there or whatever business you have. As you know, for me personally, it is trading. It is investing in real estate. That’s what I like to do. So, what else does financial freedom allow you to do? Well, when you have financial
freedom another level of freedom that you have is obviously the freedom of time because you
don’t have to go to an office in the
morning. You don’t have to go anywhere. This is where you have the freedom
of time which was really important for me
because I have been driving from Austin to here (FL) because my kids have a sailing regatta here this weekend. It was a total of 1300 miles. I drove down the trailer with the boats in there and as you can imagine, it’s a long drive. So, I think I was driving a total of 22 hours, but you see, since I have the
freedom of time, I choose to do this. The third thing is: financial freedom offers you the freedom of choice. Meaning that you choose whatever you want to do. I chose to get in the car, drive down here, and spent probably 5 days here. I mean, today is Thursday. I’ll be here until Monday. So, the kids will be practicing
tomorrow. Then Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is the regatta. I can do this because I have financial freedom. So, in summary, what does financial
freedom do for you? Financial freedom gives
you the freedom of location. It gives you the freedom of time and it gives you the freedom of choice to do whatever you want to do. Hope you find this inspiring. Leave a comment if you like this and make sure that you subscribe to
these videos. I will be doing more videos from
here and I promise that next one will not be as shaky. As you can see, it is also quite
windy here. It’s the end of the long day. The kids are ringing there right now
so that they can sail tomorrow. Anyhow, hope this helps. Feel free to share this video with anybody who might like it. And I will talk to you very soon. Click on like and leave a comment and let me know what you
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