Why Freedom Will Win

The anti-SJW community has been going strong
for three years now, and we still don’t have a name to call ourselves. As I’ve said before, I think it is better
this way, because once you have a name, the establishment can incorporate and defile you. So we have so far managed to escape this fate,
and one reason for that is that we are actually not a community. We are a collection of several communities,
that have different concerns, but have all loosely bounded together to fight the regressive
left. Is there anything that all of these communities
have in common? I would say that there is. What we all have in common is that we all
see ourselves as fighting to preserve the free society, meaning, the liberal democratic
society. Some in our sphere, however, are quite pessimistic
about the future. They feel like the free society isn’t strong
enough to withstand the combined attack of PC culture, the SJWs, the communists, the
Islamists, the ethno-nationalists, the dictators, mass immigration, and the encroaching surveillance
state. Those who have been watching me for a while
probably noticed that I am a lot more optimistic, and trusting in the power of the free society. In this video, I would like to explain why. When you look at the world today, it does
indeed seem like things are going backwards. Those of us who remember the nineties remember
a time of great optimism, when it seemed like the world is going to solve all of its big
problems. That did not happen. Instead, the forces of anti-freedom seem to
be getting stronger and stronger. So it is understandable why some feel that
the free society has reached its peak, and is now in its period of downfall. But I see it differently. What happened in the nineties was the result
of the fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block. Democracy had won the cold war, proven its
superiority, and people around the world wanted a taste of western freedom and prosperity. The result was the rise of democratic systems
not just in Eastern Europe, but all over the world. The ideological battle seemed to be over,
peace processes began everywhere there was still war, and the nations began to work together
to solve global problems like hunger, poverty and diseases. It all looked rosy, but it was never real. Because in many of the places that adopted
democracy, the culture was not prepared for it yet, and some of them fell back into darkness. Since the late nineties, we have been witnessing
dictators reasserting themselves and slowly building power, Islamists growing stronger
all over the Muslim world, and radical leftists reinventing themselves and taking over parts
of the academy. It is, then, an inevitable backslide, after
jumping too far ahead in the nineteen-nineties. The world today is still immensely better
than it was in the eighties, but we have had two decades of slow decline. That’s why it feels kinda icky at the moment,
until the next wave of freedom comes along. When will it come? Well, it will come when the ideas of liberalism,
which have already infiltrated almost every society in the world, will reach critical
mass. It takes time until it happens, and usually
the process is mostly invisible until the critical moment, but the process is well on
its way. With more and more people becoming part of
the Internet, the liberal ideas are spreading. It may seem like the opposite, it may seem
like the Internet is being filled with more and more anti-liberal ideas, but that is simply
because the Internet has spread into territories where these people reside. So now we have a battle that is taking place
in a pretty open marketplace of ideas. And the question you might be asking is: how
can I be so certain that the liberal ideas are going to win? Well, let’s look at the history of struggles
on the Internet. Internet culture is usually divided on everything,
but there are certain bodies which are unanimously rejected by every liberal on the web, and
they get together to fight against them. I would divide the history of Internet wars
into two periods. The first period was between 2008 and 2014,
and it starts when 4Chan decides to go to war against the Church of Scientology, a pretty
powerful establishment at the time. This brought Anonymous to the fore, and after
a while, Anonymous expanded its hacktivism to go against any body that would withhold
information from the public. With the help of organizations like Wikileaks,
with the rise of the social networks, and with new sources of information popping up
everywhere, the Internet began to upset the old system in which information was given
to us by designated figures of authority. One place that was heavily affected was the
Arab World, and the Arab Spring was partly the result of this proliferation of information. Another group that was waging battle at the
time were the YouTube atheists/skeptics, who were fighting against the bad aspects of religious
authoritarianism. The battle was mainly on two fronts. One was the fight against the creationists,
who were trying to shove their pseudo-science into the schoolbooks. The other was the fight for LGBT rights, which
religions are generally against. And so, skepticism and Chan culture came together,
to create the sphere which we occupy today. And in those years, they were fighting four
main battles: against scientology, against creationism, for LGBT rights, and for transparency
and proliferation of information. By 2014, the battle has essentially been won. Scientology is demolished, creationism is
beaten back, LGBT rights are enshrined in law, the power of Christianity in the US is
diminished, and information is no longer received in a top-down manner from the government or
the mainstream media. You can argue over how much good it has done,
especially that last item, but the power of Internet liberalism has been demonstrated. It gives you an inkling of what it can do
to the bodies it fights against, and what will be their eventual fate. And, in 2014, this skeptosphere started to
set its sights on new authoritarian targets. Again, I see four main enemies we are fighting. First, there’s the social justice movement. Secondly, there’s regressive feminism, which
I regard as a different issue from other social justice causes. Because women, unlike the other groups that
SJWs presume to speak for, are not a minority, so the attempt to portray them as an oppressed
group is not just false, but it also advantages women and harms men in all sorts of ways. So SJW feminists are more insidious than other
types of SJWs. The third enemy is Islamism, which is exploiting
social justice and PC culture to spread its anti-freedom messages. And the fourth enemy is what we might call
the globalists. What I mean by “globalists” are people who
believe we are living in a global society, and enacting policies accordingly, not realizing
that we are not a global society, at least not yet. PC culture is allowing them to enact these
policies unchallenged, so the liberal side of the Internet is revolting against that
as well. These, then, are the current enemies of the
free world: the social justice warriors, the regressive feminists, the Islamists and the
globalists. Now, those are more formidable enemies than
the ones we were fighting in the previous period. So it’s going to take more time, and right
now it’s hard for us to see who’s winning. But every once in a while, there is a small
victory that reminds us of the power of liberalism. One such victory happened last week, when
the Saudi king announced that he is finally lifting the ban on women driving. There has been international pressure on Saudi
Arabia to lift this ban for a long time, but it would not have happened if there wasn’t
also a demand from the Saudi women themselves. As long as that didn’t happen, the Saudi government
could claim that the Saudi women are happy in their state. Once the Saudi women started to speak up,
and use the Internet to make their voices heard around the world, it was only a matter
of time before the government gave in to international pressure. It happened in 2011, in the heady days of
the Arab Spring. It was sparked by a woman called Manal Al-Sharif,
who is kind of a badass, and quite lovely to boot. Manal defied the law and took a car ride on
her own, uploading the video to the web and inspiring other Saudi women to do the same. I kept tabs on Manal since then, and saw her
going through some very hard times. She had legal battles, she lost her job, she
got divorced, and she eventually had to leave the country. Her ex-husband retained full custody over
their son, and he doesn’t allow her to see him. But Manal persevered. Eventually she got re-married, moved to Canada
and had another son. And last week she could celebrate a sweet
victory over a medieval theocracy. Back in 2011, she gave a talk in the Oslo
Freedom Forum, where she told her life story. It’s a very interesting and inspiring video
and I will link to it below, and I suggest you take 18 minutes of your life to watch
it. As it turns out, she was a radical Islamist
when she was a teenager in the 1990s, and she idolized the Jihadists. But then, several things happened in her life,
which generated a transformation. Most people want to grow, to broaden their horizons, to
experience a lot of things, to realize their potential. Free societies are a lot better at allowing
you to do so, so most people will choose to live in them. To maintain their power, the oppressive societies
must therefore prevent their members from glimpsing that other reality as much as they
can. When they made the mistake of allowing the
Internet into their midst, these regimes pretty much sealed their own doom. In the past five years, we have been witnessing
oppressive societies trying to minimize the influence of the World Wide Web on their members. The dictatorships created bots that would
censor any undesired political ideas from coming in, while the SJWs are using block
bots to shield themselves from dissenting voices. But all of that is in vain, because what they
are failing to understand is that freedom doesn’t spread through political ideas. The spearhead of liberalism is, and always
has been, culture. This is how it was for Manal al-Sharif. In her talk, she speaks about the first time
she listened to western music, and the profound and transformative effect it had on her psyche. Now, take a guess. Who was the artist that created a piece of
music that had such an effect? Who has music that is so powerful, that it
could overcome twenty years of religious indoctrination, and set Manal free? Yep. To us, Backstreet Boys are just light entertainment. But every piece of contemporary pop entertainment
enfolds centuries of western culture, of aesthetic ideas which evolved along with the rest of
the West’s philosophical ideas. In other words, every piece of western art
contains the joys of western freedoms, ready to infect the minds of the unsuspecting consumers. This Backstreet Boys record contains harmonious
interplay between individuals; melodic beauty; soulfulness; sensuality; open expression of
emotions, desires and thoughts; and the kind of transcendence that only a well-made piece
of music can give you; all things that are repressed in a non-free society. And for Manal, it showed her the meaning of
being lonely, it showed her what her radical religious views have done to her soul. This is something that free people don’t fully realize about their culture. We are so used to it, that it doesn’t have
an effect on us, and we don’t appreciate how powerful it is, how much stronger than other
cultures. And it’s not just music and art. People from free societies behave differently
from people from repressive societies. They move differently, talk differently, emote
differently, dress differently, think differently. We don’t realize it, but encountering a free
person has a deep effect on a person from an oppressed culture, even if it is only on
the subconscious level. Well, through YouTube, young people now encounter
it every day. Every gamer video, every makeup video, every
cooking video and every unboxing video, all transmit western freedom straight into the
subconscious of viewers around the world. And that’s just YouTube, one of the many arms
of liberal culture. In other words, the free world, every year,
produces millions and millions of cultural artifacts, many of them with the power to
do to a closed mind what the Backstreet Boys did to Manal al-Sharif. And that is why oppressive societies don’t
stand a chance. Now, Manal’s battle still belongs to the previous
stage. The Arab dictators are among those whose power
was shaken by the Internet’s fight to diffuse the sources of information. In contrast, the Islamists and the SJWs are
a lot more aware of the power of culture in general, and Internet culture in particular. Along with trying to block it, they also try
to change it. They proclaim to be speaking in the name of
morality, point out to cultural aspects that are haram and problematic, in an attempt to
shame us into self-censoring ourselves. They do have some effect on people’s minds,
and most people on the Internet are not acting as freely as they should be. This does have a damaging effect on the fight
for freedom, but in the long run, when your moralist preachings mask a worldview that
is fundamentally immoral, eventually you expose yourself. The enemies of freedom are their own worst enemies. The actions of the SJWs and the Islamists
are red pilling people perhaps even faster than the liberals do. And meanwhile, whatever success their efforts
have on censoring culture is drowned by the pace at which liberal culture is regenerating
and spreading. The Internet is giving everyone an ability
to express themselves, and I have to say that I am astounded by the amounts of creativity
and originality we find on it. Art used to be the domain of only the talented
few, and creativity was seen as a rare gift from God. But once you gave everyone the chance, we
are seeing endless forms of expression. An art piece used to be considered an end
product. Now, it is just the beginning of a process,
as people will find ways to use it as a basis to create something else. No censorship can quell this tide, and it
continues to enter the minds of people, and expand it in many directions. And once you get someone to think like a free
person, they will eventually overthrow whatever yoke has been placed on them. That is why I don’t spend much time engaging
with our adversaries in this culture war. I have better things to do than to fight against
the designated losers. I’d much rather explore all the wondrous parts
of culture, past and present, and share it with you to expand your world as well. The culture war is important, and don’t worry:
I will make more videos attacking the regressive left in the future. But the best answer to the authoritarians
is creating more culture, and one thing I like about the Skeptosphere is that it has
some creative people making Internet art. In fact, the Skeptosphere kind of feels like
the exciting days of early YouTube, with 50 Shades as the new Fail Blog, Shoe0nHead and
the new Boxxy, Kisara Vera as the new ijustine, Based Mama as the new Hannah Minx, and Donald
Trump as the new Annoying Orange. As a culture critic, I see it as part of my
job to criticize and dismantle the enemies of the free society. But it has to be couched in the affirmation
and the celebration of the thing that we are fighting to protect. A while ago, I made fun of Lauren Southern
for taking her role too seriously. She was talking as if the fate of the free
society is dependent on people like her, and she was lamenting the fact that most of the
public would rather watch unpolitical entertainment. So I’ll say it again: these videos that she
was complaining about are part of what the free society is about, and they help to spread
its values. We are here to protect such cultural artifacts
from people who want to censor them. While fighting the culture war, remember to
take time to enjoy culture as well, because that’s what we’re doing it for. So, when you wake up in the morning, don’t
tell yourself that you must dedicate all of your time to fight the ideological battle. Instead, just say…

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  • An Argument For Reincarnation

    Imagine you’ve just come home from work. You sit down and relax, not in any elated or distressed state of mind. The state of awareness you are in—the emotional state you return to and have returned to all your life—can exist in a future life. That calm state is who you are from a point of view of awareness. I refer to this as baseline awareness.

    Don’t confuse this with an object. If I throw a bowling ball into a volcano it’s gone for good. I can make one just like it but I won’t have the same one ever again. This is the way it is with objects, but processes are different. I can sing the same song again and again, because a song is a process. Awareness is also a patterned process in the brain. But it is probably not unique. The same parts of the brain light up for anger or sadness in everyone. Your baseline awareness—the awareness you return to after a heated moment—is probably something that is common to many other people. Who’s to say it can’t exist again?

    So, if a baby born today has the same baseline awareness as a baby from 1,000 years ago the baby born today is a reincarnation of the baby from 1,000 years ago. No matter how much a person changes he can only become himself.

    About baseline awareness, there are three and only three possibilities: 1.) it is unique to each person 2.) It is possessed by different groups (meaning each group possesses it’s own baseline awareness ). 3.) It is common to everyone. The reason I strongly doubt the first option is that different emotions (anger, sadness, etc.) are activated by the same parts of the brain for everyone. Anger is one pattern of brain activity, sadness another, etc. Also, people act like me when they are relaxing. This simply means that you can tell when someone is relaxing or tense. So, since either option 2 or 3 is more likely, reincarnation probably occurs, because baseline awareness is the part of me that feels, and the self arises from awareness.

  • The history of the 'culture war' on the internet goes much further back than most think. Back in the mid to late 90s, it was on Usenet mostly. It would be very interesting to go back and research that era

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