Why I Buy A House Every Day

Why do I buy houses every single day?
First of all, like is that real? Is that like a thingy that gets said or am I
literally buying house every single day? In today’s video, I thought I’d share the
answer to that and also share the motivation as well as how I do it.
Because it started with like buying a house a year and then a house a month.
And then many houses a month. And then it got to a house a day. I’m sure in the
future it’s going to be a lot more than that. I’m going to share with you how I do
it, why I do it and how you can do it too. So, why buy a house every single day? Like
for just a moment, think about that. How cool would it be if one house you’ve
heard how much money you can make on a single deal. A lot of people think if I
just had 10, it would change my stars. For me, 25 homes meant a six-figure residual
income. So, why buy a house every single day? Well, I want to break that all down
for you and I want to help you understand that in fact, probably of the
most influential things that I can say to you right now is that if you do
something and it works, then you should do it how often. All the time! You should
do it again and again and again. It is amazing that I will actually meet people
who figure out how to have tremendous success and then guess what? Then they
try to find a new way to have success. Man, if something is working, it’s working.
And so, do the thing that’s working. Let me share with you what works for me and
what I love about buying real estate on a frequent basis. I had to develop a
system. And the system meant I can’t be out there to find the deals, I’m not a
realtor combing through the MLS. I’m not lining up all of the people
that are going to actually repair the thing and then get it rented out. Like,
there’s so many hats to be worn in real estate. And here’s what I’ve learned in
life: If you do anything over and over again on repeat, then there is a way to
do that with someone else’s help. The question is do you have enough abundance
and prosperity in your mind that you’re willing to let go of some of the profits, letting go of all the work. In most situations, I will give up 10% of the
profit to let go of a 100% of the work. Would you be willing to make
that trade? You’d be surprised how many people aren’t. Well, the reason why I buy
real estate every single day is I learned that buying real estate is an
incredibly profitable game and a lot of people don’t know how to play it. So, I
have 3 predominant reasons that I want to share with you on why I do it.
And by the way, if this resonates with you, I’m going to actually show you next to
video coming up in this top corner that will
actually walk you through the things that I did, the 5 things that I did
that allowed me to retire in a 4 and a half year period of time. As in I was
so financially free that if I never wanted to work again, I wouldn’t have to.
Of course, I decided after 6 months of, “Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe that I’m not
doing anything with my life.” I found myself in Jamaica on some little tiny
island called Kokomo with my wife. And she’s like, “Dude, what are you going to do
with your life now that you don’t have to work?” And tell you what I started kind
of asking deeper questions in life and some of it has led me back to what is my
passion. And my passion is I love making these videos.
Transmitting value because right now, these videos are being consumed every
day. There’s over 10,000 days worth of video watched here other people around
the world. And many of you are going to go out and actually do this and crush it.
But I want you to understand my reasons for doing it today. I have learned number
one: Double money every 5 years. So by the way, when you make money, are you just
spending it and consuming it on yourself? Is it for fancy cars and nice houses? I’m
not going to tell you how to spend your money but I do want to tell you about a
snowball effect. The snowball effect basically says that I worked so hard to
save a little bit of money but if I can invest it, then that snowball is like
rolling down the mountain and it gets a little bigger. I want every dollar that I
don’t have to put towards my lifestyle, I want it out there doubling every 5
years. So, that’s number 1 is that most people’s 401ks and IRAs they will double
like every 20 years. I’m doubling my money every 5 years. So what does that
mean for my financial future when most people only have 40 working years? It
means that it doubling every 5 years I can double it eight times. Well, 100 grand doubles in 5 years to 200 grand. And then 5 years
doubles to 400 grand. And then 800 grand. And then by the
fourth turn, we’re already in the millions. You do that 8 times and
you’re sitting on millions of dollars. That’s pretty cool. So, I want my money to
double. This is important to me. A lot of you don’t have the filter of like why
people do what they do. Here’s one of mine. You need your money to work
responsibly for you. I’m multiplying my talents. The second reason why I buy a
house every single day is because I love how my cash flow adds up. When you buy
your first 4 or 5 properties, they don’t kick off a ton of cash flow. But
when you double the portfolio to 10 homes, where you double the portfolio to
20 homes or you double the portfolio to 40 homes or 80 homes, guess what?
The cash flow becomes insanely meaningful. And it means you don’t have
to work and the money keeps coming in. So, I love building up this cash flow. The
third reason is taxes. When you make more money, you owe
more taxes. But in the game of real estate, real estate changes this actually
quite a bit. You know, if I were to make $100,000 from a job and then after all
on my write offs, if I have $70,000 left and that puts me in a tax bracket where
I got to pay 20% of that, that’s like me flushing 15-18
thousand dollars to the government. Which by the way, I love paying the goose that
lays the golden egg. I have no problem with that. But real estate allows you to
depreciate an asset which means divided its its value by 28 years,
28 figure and then that’ll give you an amount that you can write
off every year. It means that I get to be really profitable but on paper, I’m
losing money. And you know what that means,
I am not paying taxes. I do like reducing that tax liability. The more money you
make, the more concerning it is of is making sure that I actually have a good
competent strategy. Now, I’m going to share a couple things with you that I don’t
share with most people. Dale Carnegie is an individual who I’ve got many mentors.
Many of them are real human beings flesh and blood that I actually meet with a
mentor with I do break through with. Some of them are people I’ve never met
because they’re dead. But they’re the author of books and programs. And I love
I love doing both of those. And you know one of the things that Dale Carnegie
said is he said, “I’m going to take the first half of my life to make a billion
dollars.” And then I’m going to take the second half of my life and I’m going to
spend it. And you know what? That resonated in that connected with me. I’ve
been living my dream lifestyle for over a decade. And when I make more money, it
doesn’t change my lifestyle. I don’t drive nicer cars, I don’t buy more houses
that I personally going live in because my wife and I actually don’t believe
very much in ownership. We believe in control and we believe in access. So,
we’re going to travel around the world like on Friday I leave for Maui. I was just in
Hawaii 2 weeks ago. And after that, I’m taking my kids to Miami. You know, so
we’re always traveling somewhere in the world and creating amazing memories. My
lifestyle doesn’t shift with making more money. Right now, what I’m really
motivated by? That really means something to me is I want to make a billion
dollars and I want to give a billion dollars. Now, I’m not going to be
President United States that dictates how that money gets allocated. I get to
actually choose. I get to decide who I can help and doing you know Christian
things frankly and doing things that just bring joy to me and and light me up
and how it can help youth just live their life. You know this YouTube
so much about a giveback. It’s all this extra time that I put into making these
videos is about helping you figure out information that you don’t have access
to so that you can be mentoring with someone who has made a lot of money and that
can teach you how to do the exact same thing. So, right now, the secret to living
is giving is something that I picked up from Tony Robbins. It’s had a huge
influence on me. And I’m spending more of my time than
ever before giving back serving people helping people making dreams a reality.
And you know what? That is way more fulfilling than any success or
achievement ever has. So, I keep win-win winning at the game so that I have more
options and choices and how I can serve people. My needs are covered. Now, it’s all
about everyone else’s needs. It’s like how can we help more people get where
they want to go. Check it out. That’s why I buy a house literally every single day.
And I’m only buying more and more because the snowball gets bigger. And
bigger and I wanted to share those reasons with you so that instead of
looking at your first house or your tenth house like, “Oh, the banks are giving
me trouble or it’s so hard to do this deal right now. Or I don’t know how I’m
gonna manifest it.” It’s like, slow down. Figure out how to get just one deal. It
took me 14 months to get my first house. It took me 12 months to get my second. It
took me 6 months to get my third. And then shortly after I got my fourth. And
it sped up. You just have to focus on the next house in front of you. Just know
that once you get to ten or twenty, you don’t have to stop. You can automate or
for those of you that don’t want to automate or you want to partner with me
or learn how you can work smarter rather than harder, there’s links below so that
you can learn about that. And I think that’s something that’s really going to
help you. For those of you that are saying “Okay, Kris. I don’t have the
ability to buy a house every day. Not even one a month. Let alone maybe even
one a year. So, how did you do it?” I did a little mini documentary a short video
explaining how I became financially free at the age of 26. And it’s in this video
right over here. I recommend that that you watch it. Watch
that video. Join me over there as I kind of walk you through it so that you can
figure out that if you can find a way in the next few years to get a handful of
properties, it can change your financial destiny forever. Last thing, last wish
that I have: Smash the like button. It tells YouTube
my video with other people and that’s something that you can do because I want
to help as many people as I possibly can. Share that, like it. Join me on this other
video and let’s help you get cranking in real estate so you can buy a house every
single day.

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