Why I Love Working At Quicken Loans

Hey, guys! Sylvester Morgan here with SylvesterMorgan.com. For those who don’t know, I am a software
engineer on the business intelligence team at Quicken Loans. My job title is actually Business Intelligence
Engineer. In this video, I want to tell you guys why
I love working at Quicken Loans. Now, you may be wondering what does this have
to do with the theme of this YouTube channel and how is it relevant to my audience. First of all, I think it will help inspire
you guys to see what kind of opportunity is out there. I hope this video inspires you to work for
an awesome company like Quicken Loans. This is also relevant to my channel and my
viewers because the things that I talk about that I like about Quicken Loans, that I love
about the company, the principles that the company tries to live by are things that,
if you apply these to your personal life, you can achieve success regardless of what
path you go down or what company you end up working for. You’ll see what I mean. First of all, let me start off by saying that
this is my own personal opinion. The opinions in this video and on my YouTube
channel and my social media are all my own personal opinions and don’t necessarily reflect
the opinions of Quicken Loans. They did not ask me to make this video and
they are not aware that I’m doing it. This is all my own, personal, honest opinion. These are things that I tell my friends and
family about the company. And I’m just hoping that it will be helpful
to my viewers. All right. So let’s get started. The first reason why I love working at Quicken
Loans is the culture. When one of the recruiters reached out to
me about the position that I have now, he sent a link to something called the Quicken
Loans isms and he told me to check them out. The Quicken Loans isms are the ideas or principles
that we try to live by as a company. Not only are they what we try to live by,
but they are who we are. They define who we are as a company. I was considering the position that the recruiter
reached out about and I checked out this link to the Quicken Loans isms that he shared with
me. Just to back up and tell you a little about
myself: I’m the type of person who has a really strong worldview or a belief system that I
live by personally, even way back when I was still in high school and training to try to
play professional football. I always had quotes on the wall of my bedroom. My brother and sister can tell you this- I
had a lot of quotes all over the wall. And someone could start the quote and I could
finish it. I had these quotes memorized. I reviewed them a lot. These were things to help guide me and keep
me motivated and inspired. I’ve always had a set of principles that I
try to live by. So, when I checked out these Quicken Loans
isms, I said, “Wow!” A lot of the isms align so well with what
I already tried to live by personally in my own life. I was really excited. I told my wife, “I have to check out this
company. It’s like the company as a whole, as a company,
tries to live by the same principles that I already try to live by personally in my
own life. This has to be an awesome company. I have to check them out.” So I said even if I don’t end up at Quicken
Loans, I’m going to take these isms and apply them to my own life, instill them and use
them at whatever company I do end up at. So I ended up memorizing these 19 isms. It actually wasn’t that difficult because
I have a technique for quickly memorizing lists of things. I’ll share that memorization technique in
another video. It’s pretty cool. When I went to the onsite interview with about
7 engineers and a director, they were pretty impressed with the fact that I had memorized
the isms. The director actually said in passing, “When
does this guy start?” And I regret not saying, “I start today!” But it all ended up working out and obviously
I accepted the position. I also watched almost every video on the Quicken
Loans YouTube channel before I started. There were a number of videos about the culture,
about the amazing culture and I was pretty excited about it based on what I saw in those
videos also. So, the first point that you can take from
this is that as a company, I love the company because they have a belief system. They have a set of principles that they try
to live by. They are very aware of those principles and
they actively strive to promote that culture in the company. The thing that you can take from this is you
can ask yourself- what are the principles that you live by? What is your belief system? What is your worldview? Everyone has a lens through which the view
the world, through which they interpret things and through which they live. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you do
already have a belief system. If you’re not every aware of it, it may or
may not be a good one. It may be a really bad one. You want to be more aware of yours and make
sure that it’s a good one. You want to be more purposeful and proactive
about how you’re living your life. In the rest of this video, I won’t cover all
of the 19 isms that we have, but I will share a link. You can Google ‘Quicken Loans isms’ but I’ll
share a link in the description of this video. I highly encourage you to check those out,
to apply those to your own life. These are things that you can cultivate. You can cultivate this kind of culture in
your own personal life, in your family life, in your family. I know my family has a certain culture that
we try to have in our home. If you have a company or work for a company,
you can also promote those things within the company. Everything else that I talk about in this
video in some way falls under one of these isms. I was really impressed by the company from
the start. I remember when I got started and I introduced
myself to the business intelligence team, somewhere around 200 people. One of the senior engineers, I remember his
response to me. He said, “Welcome to IT heaven.” He said, “There’s so much opportunity here. This place is whatever you make of it.” This
was coming from a guy who had worked for a lot of different companies. I think that if you have been at Quicken Loans
for a long time, you may not know it or be as aware of it. But if you’ve worked for other companies,
they have some really poor cultures. This meant a lot more to me coming from someone
who had already been at a lot of different companies. They have a saying here that things are engineered
to amaze. From the start, the very first day, is the
first of 3 huge events that they have as a company for new team members. They have 3 all day events where they just
take really good care of the team members and they really the awareness of all of the
awesome opportunities and resources that there are within the company. One of the particular days that I want to
point out here is Isms Day. Dan Gilbert and Bill Emerson take the whole
day to talk to new team members about the isms. They cover what the isms are, what they mean. They share inspiring stories and inspiring
and motivational videos. I actually remember sitting in the audience
of Isms Day, and my adrenaline was literally pumping. I mean I was getting pumped up like before
a football game in high school. I almost wanted to jump out of my seat and
start leading the chant. So why was I so pumped up? Why was my adrenaline pumping? It was because I was really realizing that
the sky was the limit. There’s just so much opportunity here. You can do whatever you want to do. All you have to do is be willing to work hard
and apply yourself. But they provide so many resources and opportunity
and there’s such a culture in place that you can grow if you have the right mindset. I was just sitting there just thinking of
all the possibility. The only thing I don’t like about Isms Day
is that it’s only for new team members. I kind of wish all team members could go to
Isms Day once a year. All right. With this kind of culture in place where the
focus is on growth and opportunity and success, you have really high level and really passionate
and skilled leadership and team members. This is the next thing that I love about Quicken
Loans- being able to work with really passionate and skilled people. Having the opportunity to work with this kind
of people really inspires greatness. And not only does it inspire greatness, but
the help is also provided by these people. There is mentorship and guidance and help
to achieve that same level of greatness. Iron sharpens iron. If you don’t have the opportunity to work
for a company like this, one of the things you can apply to your personal life is find
ways to surround yourself by people who are at a higher level. Surround yourself by people who are where
you want to be and there’s opportunity for accountability and for you to learn from those
people and grow. So, in addition to having access to so many
highly-skilled people, so many experts in so many different areas, another thing I love
about Quicken Loans is the number of resources they provide. Now, when I say resources, I mean books, training,
conferences. And then there are these communities within
the company. They have a community for everything. There’s a .NET community, and engineering
community, a business analyst community, a software craftsmanship community. They have groups for public speaking- Toastmasters. There are a bunch of book clubs. There are people who are so passionate about
a certain topic, that they read books on that topic and then get together to discuss. So, not only do they have really good culture,
really good people, really good resources so you can really grow, but you’re also empowered. There’s a big focus on empowerment here. It’s not about who you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re an intern or in
a senior position. If you have an idea, you’re empowered to execute
on it. One of our isms is ‘Yes before no.’ We don’t just go with any idea, but we have
a culture of considering things first, consider the idea, give it a try before just saying
no. We also have a culture of what we say, ‘Go,
not slow.’ So if someone has a good idea, if you have
a good idea, you don’t have to go through some bureaucracy, some committee. You don’t have to established a committee
and get all kind of approval from every different level. You have an idea; execute on it. And closely related to that- another thing
that I love about the company is that we don’t fear failure. There’s a focus on not fearing failure and
this is really important for a company, but also very important for your personal life-
not fearing failure. We realize that if we’re going to innovate,
if we’re going to be innovative and come up with new ideas and new things, you can’t do
those things if you fear failure. So what we say is, ‘Fail fast.’ Don’t be afraid to try something, but if it
fails, then it give you the opportunity to start again more intelligently, to learn something
from that failure, or to come up with some big idea and innovate something. Another things I love about working here is
the focus on taking ownership of your career, taking ownership of where you are currently
and where you want to be. We’re a large company and there are a lot
of different positions. They do a good job of making team members
aware of all of the opportunities. There’s just a lot of opportunity. If you want to move around, if you’re not
happy in your current position, you can strive for some other position that you are interested
in. They have things in place that make it very
easy for you to understand where you stand in your current position, how well you’re
doing at fulfilling your responsibilities. If you are interested in another position,
you know the steps, you’re aware of the steps it would take to get you there. Another thing that I really like about the
company is that there’s opportunity to do things outside of what your role does. I’m a business intelligence engineer, but
there are a lot of other positions within technology that do things outside of my position. But if I’m interested in those things, I am
empowered to get involved in those things. I’m personally interested in a lot of different
technologies. I have opportunity within my team to work
on things that are not necessarily my role or my job description. Another thing that I almost forgot to mention-
how could I possibly forget this?- is bullet time. Every Monday, the second half of the day on
Monday, everyone in technology, gets to spend the second half of the day either innovating
something or learning something new, whatever you’re passionate about. You get to set aside your normal work and
whatever you’re passionate about, whether it’s learning some new technology or building
some cool new app, you get to spend the day working on those things, as long as it’s something
that can potentially help the company. And this is every single Monday. Another awesome resource that I want to mention
is The Journey. If you’re interested in taking the journey
into a leadership position, they provide all kinds of resources. You have motivational videos, podcasts, recommended
books, articles to train you and equip you and help you become an effective leader. I like to read these articles and watch these
videos that come through in our emails. I’m not interested in having a leadership
title. I’m not interested in being in an actual leadership
position. But I realize that there are a lot of ways
that I’m a leader without being in the actual position. Leadership by example. Leadership by inspiring others to do great
things, to become better versions of themselves. I’m a leader in my family. I’m a leader in my church. I’m also a leader with this YouTube channel,
trying to lead and guide and inspire my audience. These leadership resources are helpful even
to me, someone who is not looking to get into an actual leadership position. Another thing that I really love about the
company- this is something that if you are familiar with Quicken Loans at all, you probably
may have heard about this, but we have some pretty cool work spaces. We pay a lot of attention to detail and we
realize that the small things matter. So we try to create a work environment, workspace
that inspires innovation and creativity and collaboration. It’s a very fun and relaxing environment also. There’s also focus on fun. If you’re having fun, if team members are
having fun- you know, work hard, play hard- then team members are more refreshed and more
productive when they’re working. At any given time, you may get hit in the
head with a ping pong ball or shot by a nerf gun. There is focus on that work/life balance. The point is that Quicken Loans does a really
good job of taking care of the team members. When you take care of the team members, when
you kind of cultivate this culture within the company that really allows people to thrive
and to grow, then that translates to the team members taking really good care of the clients. In technology, our clients are the business. So we try to take really good care of them
and drive the business and really give them the tools that they need to really serve our
clients. This translates to the business just providing
really good service to our clients. How we treat our clients is really important
and it goes back to how the company treats the team members. So we say, ‘Every client, every time. No excuses. No exceptions.’ We take that very seriously. I’ll just mention a few of our other isms. One of them is always raising your level of
awareness. Every second counts. This is another one that you can definitely
apply to your life. How are you using your time? Are you making the best use of your time? Are you spending time doing the things that
are really important to you? And another one is we are the they. Really taking ownership and pride and realizing
that we are all one company. One of the biggest problems with a lot of
companies is- this is talked about in the book ‘Question Behind the Question’- one of
the biggest at many companies is each department being in a separate silo and, “That’s not
my job. That department did such and such wrong. It’s their fault. I can’t do my job because of what they’re
doing. That department needs to do such and such
before I can do this and that.” No! Just have the mindset- what can I do? Focus on- what can I do to help that team
be more successful? How can I better serve this other team? How can I communicate more effectively so
that they understand us and what we need and what they need and whatever. So, we are the they. There is no they. We don’t say, “They didn’t do it…they, they,
they.” No! We take pride in taking ownership. This is definitely something you should apply
to your own life. Don’t focus on the things that you can’t control. Focus on the things that you can do better. Focus on the things that you can control and
you’ll realize that you really do have the power to change the directions of the things,
to change the shape of things. So again, I won’t go over all of the isms
here but I will leave a link in the description and I encourage you to check them out. And of course we are not perfect. The culture here is not perfect. But the awesome thing is that, this is one
of our isms, we are obsessed with finding a better way. We’re always growing, we’re always trying
to do things better, we’re always open to feedback. So if you see something that is not good,
you are empowered and encouraged to say something, to do something that can make a difference
and make a change. This is why Quicken Loans is an awesome company
and this is why I love working here. I hope it inspires you. I hope that you read these isms, that you
apply them to your own life. And hey, if you’re interested in working here,
we are always looking for the best talent out there. Please feel free to reach out to me about
opportunities. Thank you guys for watching. I hope you have an awesome day. If you like this video, please click the thumbs
up. Please subscribe to the channel. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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  • Thanks for this video. Good luck at Quicken. I remember reading the ISM's – especially #10 " You have to take the Roast out of the oven". Making the wrong decision can be just as valuable, whereas no decion = no growth. I think your on to something here Sylvester, i have subscibed and look forward to your videos and blogs.

  • i hear QL isn't the best place to work when you are a mortgage banker 🙁 Not sure how they get away with paying $4 an hour for OVERTIME!

  • Thanks for another great video Sylvester. In which state or states are most of these positions available at Quicken Loans?

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