Why Socialism Can't Work

for a while I thought it was pretty common knowledge by this point that socialism doesn't work mean the Soviet Union's gone for a reason Europe tried to do a watered-down half-assed version of it their economy got fucked as a result same deal with Obama who got elected telling everybody he's gonna spread the wealth and that he did the military and big businesses but when it comes to actual straight-up socialism that everybody pretty much give up on that shit 30 years ago but apparently some people still think they can make it work not gonna say it's pretty impressive that they stick to their beliefs no matter how much they've been proven wrong over and over again and weird wait I kind of admire that I mean they might have fucked-up convictions but at least they actually believe in something actually the other day I got into an argument with one of these clowns on a page I'm subscribed to and I beat his ass red white and blue with the truth pre started reporting my comments as spam favorite tactic of the Socialists just so many of these arguments were so laughably stupid that it hurts to know that there are people out there who think like this so I'm gonna take him down one by one first up that means sentenced to work why is anybody gonna get a job well I should even try to make a good product they don't get anything from it now here's where this guy was arguing with started talking about how other people should be generous and help the greater good well yeah that's a nice fantasy but that's not how real life works you can't just rewire human nature to fit your conformist fairyland where everybody wants to help everybody else and wants the same thing for all of humanity that's just not realistic so then you starts talking about how people's interests and passions will make it work okay two problems with that first not too many people have a passion to do shit jobs like working McDonald's for cleaning public bathrooms but somebody has to if people only have their passions nobody's gonna be left to do the dirty work of society next and you know people are passionate enough to produce things for everybody that they can meet the need or demand or the public or that they even want to what if they just keep it all of themselves what do people have different perspectives on what's good in bed which they do that brings me to my next point who gets to decide what the greater good is the government yeah that's been working out great hasn't it I mean the greater good is definitely attacking other countries for no legit reason the illegal spying and sucking some Wall Street and GM dick right or how about those real socialist paradise is like the Soviet Union at North Korea where everybody was either starving or getting killed so the government could spend all this money on the middle government can't be trusted for shit even if we vote him in why cuz they lie every time their lips are moving you're one dumb piece of shit if you haven't noticed that yet so the new do we trust the popular vote sort of the whole problem with the tyranny of the majority comes in look what if the majority thought bringing back slavery or child abuse was the best thing for the common good that's way we have checks and balances in the Constitution and on that note here comes the biggest problem people have different values and want different things out of life so you can't create this conformist little world where everyone is exactly the same and as exactly the same once and desires and goals and needs just like the rest of the socialist bullshit it's just not realistic that's what the free markets therefore the popular demand can decide what products are made and what succeeds and what fails otherwise there's no way to know what's gonna satisfy people so I think I've hit all the main points and I think history makes it pretty clear which system actually works you know for all the shit they get wrong have to give them credit for actually thinking outside the mainstream and being consistent they don't want anybody to be oppressed they just have the wrong way of solving it they're not like the Liberals who pretend to be socialists for conservatives who only want small government as long as it doesn't get in the way of the right to discriminate against people or start stupid Wars my point is that I respect people who think for themselves a lot more than sheep who follow one of the major parties on everything even if I disagree with their perspective subscribe

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  • If socialism doesn't work, explain how your entire childhood was using socialistic practices from birth. You couldn't survive having to pay for your diapers, mother's milk and clothing. They were all given to you for free. That's pure socialism. All of nature is socialistic too. Now explain that away. Money is why capitalism doesn't work, and not forcing people to use money is why socialism does work. Read The 7C Constitution @ bit.ly/7C31PDF

  • Socialism doesn't work because people are inherently different and there is a natural competition in each individual of the human species to be the best. Wrong system for humans. Survival of the fittest, truth hurts uh?

  • This guy has had his head up his as all throughout his little life. He needs to wipe the shit off his face.

  • Note how every anti socialist video is an American talking. Hmm. Why is that. Oh yeah America is scared of socialism. Oh and you're describing communism not socialism.

  • What and capitalism does? Socialism works well for Scandanavia. The Russian example is flawed due to it's Capatalist adversery and massive comittment to WMD's. If Kruschev would have been listened to and followed small/light industries then things would have been different.
    Fact is American capitalism has failed, built on greed, war and oppresive politics/economics. Viva Socialism.

  • Government sucks at everything and the only entity that has my best interest is me. That is why I'm pro small government

  • I seem to get told that our government is already socialist. But capitalism brought us iPhones, Internet, android, computers, etc. and not just one type but 100s of different types and capitalism drives innovation. I then got blocked. So I think I won.

  • Firstly, when people say "works on paper but not in practice" argument, they've already made an error. A theory is only as good as it works in practice, so if it doesn't work at all in practice, then it's not good on paper either. Theories are meant to be based on current scientific knowledge, if not, then it's not a good theory. A good theory needs to be based on the latest scientific knowledge, and then needs to be put into practice, if it works it's all good, if not, then you need to analyse what went wrong and how and why it went wrong, then you adjust the theory accordingly and put it into practice again until it works, then you have your conclusion. This also requires you to base your theory on the scientific methodology.

    A more accurate description of why Karl Marx (Marxism) was wrong would go like this – "His critique of Capitalism and they way it functions was very accurate and correct (same going for his analysis of history in general), but his solutions were not practical nor well revised". However, this does not prove that socialism doesn't work, it only disproves that Marx's method (or means) to achieving socialism doesn't work. If you look at the works of Peter Kropotkin, Mikhail Bakunin and Proudhon, you'll find that they have more practical and better revised solutions as to how best achieve socialism, and this was tried out in Anarchist Spain during the late 30's and actually worked very well in practice until they were betrayed by the USSR and then conquered by the Fascists.

    Also just to note, the idea that greed, laziness, selfishness, slavishness is somehow human nature and that any sort of goodness or virtue of ANY kind is void in all humans is not only unscientific but also quite insulting.

  • "…and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them."
    – The Right Honourable Lady Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England, Feb. 5, 1976

  • by 2.24 you just sound angry and misinformed. Read marx and understand that socialism is the route to communism and that the soviet union and north Korea are neither, but dictatorships; come about by military strife and not what form of politic people choose. For example, both pol pot, idi amin, franco and hitler were all dictators all once more through military coups and struggles, not socialism. So… socialism doesn't lead to unreliable economies or dictatorships. Take Norway and Sweden who adapt a quasi-socialist approach based on a foundation limiting free markets and using socialism to ensure the health and welfare of its citizens are far better than most on the face of the earth. My point is… its not as black and white as you lay on; it takes generations for people to match a political spectrum to their cultural ideal and when that happens, it works. Its when the nature of capitalism  encourages corruption, then the state haemorrhages finances into the wealthy elite, creating a negative spiral of more taxation, less trust in socialist ideals and eventually the abandonment of socialist style democracy for a plutonomy and corrupt government. i'm a little bit saddened that you feel people wont work together without financial incentive. Its happening a lot where i am and its really working very well alongside day to day jobs and a welfare state (despite what rupert murdochs media says). I have a state pension, military pension, free healthcare, i distribute surplus food to the poor and i share food with friends. I have no bills so i have no need for money unless for luxuries. Socialism isnt perfect, it has its teething problems, but that takes time and people do live it without being in the dark ages. im on my mac now, in my country home, in a lovely mountain landscape and dont have to work so long as i pay a few national taxes on whatever it is i choose to do for money. hybrid the system, open your eyes and travel! The world is much more resilent and diverse than you think

  • Yup, I agree with you. Imagine our economy without all these Fabian socialists chocking the life out of ours…..

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