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the Covenant was a conglomeration of multiple species all who believe it in a single unified religion the various races either recognised as full-fledged members of the Covenant or as part of the Covenant fringe were often converted by means of force today we'll examine why the Covenant Empire chose to wage full-scale war against humanity rather than trying to add them to their ranks so to answer this question I think it's important first to understand the origins of humanity in the Halo universe humans were created alongside the forerunners by the ancient precursors after their creation the precursors deemed the forerunner unworthy of the mantle of responsibility which is the guardianship over life in the galaxy and instead deemed humanity to be the next in line for testing in response the forerunners waged war against their creators claiming the mantle for themself fast forward millions of years later and humanity and the forerunners would end up in their own war which saw humanity defeated and devolved fast-forward some time and the forerunners are losing their war against the flood parasite they activated the galaxy cleansing halo array and recognizing their failure agreed that humanity would be the reclaimers of the mantle of responsibility well they did imprint them with what they would need to fulfill their journey the forerunners decided that it would be best if they did not directly interfere in the growth of humanity and thus let them evolve on their own but a hundred thousand years later humanity would discover slipspace by themselves and settle over 800 colonies across the galaxy the Covenant who had also founded an interstellar Empire had developed a religion focused on finding a way to reach the great journey the Covenant believed that the forerunners utilized the halo rings to undertake this great journey which transformed them into gods they searched across the galaxy for forerunner artifacts using a device known as the Maneri during their first contact with humanity on the planet harvest the luminary revealed an incredible amount of glyphs planetside indicating the presence of some forerunner artifact while this first interaction was initially peaceful it quickly turned sour as fighting broke out between the two factions still at this point it's likely that war could have been averted nonetheless the covenant belief that humanity was in possession of forerunner relics and sought to recover them of course violently if need be but let's back up a bit and look at the structure of the Covenant itself the Covenant divided time into different eras known as Ages upon first contact with humanity it was the 23rd age of doubt an age marked by loss of faith and internal dissent partially because of various scandals involving the ruling hierarchs of that age on high charity the covenant holy city to san shyuum the minister of fortitude and the vice minister of tranquillity saw the potential to use the discovery of new forerunner artifacts to stage a political coup however to do so they would need the blessing of the oracle or more specifically the Falla gist another san shyuum who purported to represent the oracle the oracle which in reality was a dormant 4runner AI on the dread-nots which powered high charity reactivated from its dormancy upon receiving data from the glyphs on harvest the oracle was not just any forerunner AI it was meant to convey as' the forerunner and Scylla who defected to the flood only to be recaptured and set on a path of atonement been deqin by is revealed to the three covenant that they had been misunderstanding the symbols the relics that were observed were not something buried on the planet or hidden rather they were actually humans themselves the Oracle referred to these humans as reclaimers the three prophets incorrectly believed that this meant humanity was actually forerunners themselves a discovery of this magnitude was an existential threat to the Covenant hegemony itself into the core tenets of its religion if there was still forerunners in the galaxy that meant that not everyone had ascended to godhood the great journey and that some who had walked the holy path had been left behind the three san shyuum would subsequently ascend to become the new higher arcs of the Covenant the prophets of truth regrets and mercy who would declare holy war upon humanity branding them as heretics and trying to exterminate them to the very last again all to hide what they considered to be a major threat to their religion and thus the stability of the Empire and this is why no human was ever allowed to join the Covenant during the war as the years went by even some sang-hee lee would come to ask themselves the very question we answered today why was humanity who was fighting back nobly not even considered for membership for this the prophet of truth sought out to replace the elites with the unquestioning and less intelligent brutes an act which would help in fracturing the Covenant Empire in ending the human covenant war itself and that's the story which leads me to asking you guys had humanity been allowed to join the covenant Empire what do you think their response would have been let me know all of that and more down in the comments today's question of the day comes from Zachary who asks how I imagine the New Republic Starhawk and he's right we really don't know much about it other than that it's vaguely shaped like a hatchet and largely made from parts recycled from Star Destroyers good news is once we're finished with our vs. short film EC Henry and I plan to take a closer look at the star hawk and design our own fan made model so until then I'll just tell you hold on and see anyway guys you can ask your own questions with the hashtag ask AK as I said yesterday sometimes if you lead the question with the hashtag YouTube catches it in the spam filter so I encourage you to put the hash tag at the end anyway until next time guys this has been a kart slaughter may the force be with you

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  • Humans would have said no anyway, think about it, those still clinging to religion wouldn't abandon their faith to join an alien religion, and those that were atheist or agnostic would probably view the covenant theocracy as backwards and stupid. There would be outliers and probably joiners, but they'd have largely sought to remain independent, possibly on the fringe but more likely a neutral state.

  • Is late to the Party

    I'd think Humanity would have denied Membership, as it is simply not possible, Humanity in the Halo-Universe is not United, the Outer Colonies fight for Independence. Same goes with Bonkertana and her Guardians now, she "offered" Membership in an Alliance and even If the Goverment on Earth would have agreed to it, the Colonies definitly would have not.

  • Wow that was a really good tidbit about the reasoning behind the schism that resulted in the Elites being cast out in favor of the Brutes. I did not know that, and I’ve read most of the novels in the Halo Series lol

  • It depends. If covenant invited humanity to join, AND humanity could force the science into the covenants religion, than maybe all would be happy and together. If not, everything would die because of halo activation. In case humanity did not find out and did not use a shield world (or more of them) to hide through the halo effect and afterwards repopulate the space with full scientific knowladge.

  • Reasons why the God Emperor of Makind from 40k had the right idea about f'n xenos… I'd love for the Covies to goof in slip space and pop out in the 40k universe and get a bit of their own medicine from the humans they so wanted to exterminate. If they thought Master Cheif was a demon I'd love to see what they'd think of a Space Marine. xD

  • Humans don’t do well with others … we literally kill everything .. I don’t ever see us being peaceful with any other race It would always lead to war and how we do it we would destroy all of there military anything of the sort ships planes sea craft so they have no way of defend or attacking us then we can start talking about being friends

  • Not all of humanity would've joined the covenant due to various reasons and the one's who didn't join would still declare all out war when they found out what they were trying to do and I am sure that once humanity that did join find out the true nature of the Halo array some would want to stage a civil was inside the covenant at the opportune time and during the waiting period try to exploit the lower ranking species and convince them to join humanity because well the grunts and the fringe weren't necessarily taken seriously enough to where if they report something the higher ranking species would dismiss it as just being jealousy or mistrust of the newly brought in species who were put up just behind the elites

  • I thought we were too aggressive based off of the lore coming from halo 4, so we had to be weakened through genetics, and that is why John "Sierra 117" was the answer… Just a provocative thought… #GlassThis

  • If we join the convent every time a human went by a “ Oracle “ and that kept on calling is reclaimers it get so annoying we’d leave and kick 343 guilty sparks eye out or kick the profits ass instead for leaving the great what ever the hell

  • i think the idea of humans being allowed to join and saying yes to joining could be a great spin off game of a alternate journey. cause of the humans having many planets under their belt they would be monitor by the covey, i can human ODST being sent in with some AI to spy on them to get more information on them. what their real goal is and uncovering the truth about the forerunners. maybe we get the elites to join them by talking too them cause i can see them getting the sense they will not like the brutes no matter what. or maybe they will cause the brutes did nuke their whole planet a few times for war and lived in it.

  • If humanity joined to the covenant they would be looked down upon like the grunts. but in time they would gain the respect of the elites and most likely the humans would begin to respect the elites as well.

  • Even if humanity joined the covenant, we would still be a threat to them. Because humans are innovative and would have found out the truth about the forerunners at some point after joining the covenant would still fall apart.

  • There is a high chance that Humanity wouldn’t have join anyways, because of their free will and lack of knowledge with anything related to the Forerunners in fact the first Halo finding Installation 04 was still not enough to show Humanity that there was something bigger than themselves as well as losing their own history when the Forerunners devolved Humanity after their loss.

  • this is actually extremely fascinating lore. wish there was a world of warcraft tier exploration of the lore of this franchise in one sort of mega game or something idk

  • I believe in the long term, even if Humanity was accepted into the Covenant fold, the Covenant Empire would fracture either way.

    In short term, the Covenant would be able to have MUCH more access to Forerunner technology and installations than prior as more relic would be discovered, so too would be the truth regarding the Forerunner-Flood War and Humanity's destined role as caretakers would come to light.

    My theory us that upon splitting, the Covenant would break between those who would:

    A.) Help Humanity and aid in fulfilling the Forerunner's wishes to have Humans ascended to the duty of taking the Mantle of Responsibility.

    B.) Continue to believe that the Forerunners had ascended into god-hood via "The Great Journey" through the Halo Array.

  • Because power and control.

    The Prophets knew that Humanity, not the Covenant, were destined to take up the Mantle. They knew that there was no moment of Reclimation. Instead, it was really the transition of the Reclaimer.

    Had they invited the humans into the Covenant, even though there was a sect in the Covenant that wanted to include them as they were impressed with Humanities ability to fight and their courage under fire, but had that happened, the Prophets would have lost all control they had in the Covenant as their religion would have been proven to be a lie.

    So in other words…..the Catholic church

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