Why You Should Have Regular Medical Check-ups

Why You Should Have Regular Medical Check-ups On a daily basis, men and women fall into
critical health conditions that are difficult to manage, which could lead to a lifetime
debilitation and worse still, death. Unfortunately, those health challenges could
have been averted if only the men and women affected availed themselves the opportunity
to regularly visit the hospital for health examinations. Regular check-ups do not hold that a doctor
should be visited every day of the week; it could be a quarterly visit, a twice-in-a-year
visit or done once every year. As life become busier and ageing more real
than imagined, the importance of health exams increasingly become incontestable. According to the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, going for regular health exams and tests is beneficial indiscovering problems
before they start. Health problems can be detected early when
one’s chances for treatment and cure are better. More so, being checked medically by a health
professional very often, provides one with a good chance of living longer and in health. That goes a long way to suggest that people
who are healthy and full of strength are very much qualified to be checked in a health facility. The following are the common benefits of getting
one’s health status checked regularly: Check-ups makes it easy for any health challenge
that is life-threatening, to be detected, and treated on time. Regular check-ups are more cost-effective,
in that any anomaly in health can be corrected early enough with little amounts of money,
which would have not been so if the health condition deteriorated over time. Risks of going through high-paying surgical
procedures are reduced minimally when one frequents the hospital for health checks. A doctor can offer pieces of advice to a patient
who is concerned about certain health states, or who is at risk of suffering from an illness,
on the best ways to stay healthy for the future. For cancer, detecting it early during a regular
health check is crucial to its speedy treatment. Regular health check ups can encompass the
following: Blood pressure check
BMI (body mass index) test Cholesterol level check
Colorectal Cancer Screening Oral Health for Adults
Immunization Schedules Skin Cancer
Prostate Cancer Screening Viral Hepatitis
HIV/AIDS Cervical smear (Pap smear) test
Vision test. Everyone is expected to regularly visit an
eye doctor or an optometrist who is a specialist in eye care. Babies, with or without any observable eye
defectare eligible for routine visits for eye tests. It is recommended that people aged 50 to 65
have their eyes examined at least once ever two years. On the other hand, men and women over 65 years
of age should be vision-tested at least once yearly. During the visit to the eye specialist’s,
eye glasses or contact lens can be prescribed for one, if need be. Reports on the state of the eyes are documented,
and in the elderly, glaucoma and cataract are checked for. Blood glucose level test
Dental care especially for patients who are at a risk of suffering from periodontal diseases. Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases screening
tests. Top of Form
Bottom of Form Again, how important is a regular health check-up? Firstly, Check-ups is as important as the
air we breathe. The only difference is that it is a conscious
effort toward wellness whereas breathing is as involuntary as sneezing. Persons whose lifestyles such as drinking,
smoking, long work hours, etc. put them at a risk of severe health conditions should
make health checks a common happening in their lives. Furthermore, individuals who have a family
history of health problems involving cancer, heart diseases, and other life-endangering
conditions are required to outleap others who are in no such risks, in scheduling for
regular health visits. In fact, every wellness-conscious human being
should never look down on the value of getting checked comprehensively. Sexually active men and women must be able
to get screened. Also, regular health checks are vital in creating
solid relationships between a doctor and the patient. A considerable level of trust is attained
where a patient is able to pour out his concerns to his caregiver who calmly listens, guides
in decision-making and makes it a point of duty to keep the pieces of information confidential. The third reason regular health screening
is important is in managing costs that could be incurred following a problematic body breakdown
by disease. The money is saved for other gainful ventures. In the place of paying heavily to combat Pelvic
Inflammatory Diseases, a regular health test forestalls such expenditure by detecting the
microorganisms that could result to PID in the female reproductive system, and treating
with the right medicine for them. If taken religiously, the microbes would be
successfully destroyed without causing any surgery-requiring damages to the patient. Diseases are kept at bay in the life of a
person who is getting regular medical check-ups. Screening and tests aid in the detection of
diseases at their earliest stages, for speedy treatment. Factors to consider in testing an individual
include his age, sex and sexual orientation; his lifestyle choices and family history. Until they are reduced to health detectors
through routine blood level checks, cholesterol level checks, liver function test checks,
diabetic checks, thyroid checks, HIV/AIDS status, etc., some persons do not give up
on regular health exams. Fourthly, the ever-engaging lifestyle habits
of people put them at a tangible spot to be hit by poor health conditions. Malnutrition, obesity, little sleep time,
anxiety, and alcoholism play a huge role in the onset of debilitating illnesses in a person. When left unattended to for a very long time,
the impact of the neglect could be felt by the brain, heart, kidneys, the gastrointestinal
tract, and liver, a situation capable of being avoided in the face of routine health checks. Coupled with counselling, a person who is
very much likely to break down from depression due to pressure from his workplace or family,
can survive to tell the story: through frequent health checks. It is powerful, and gives a sense of worth,
to beequipped with the knowledge of one’s health status, which influences one’s lifestyle
changes.That is where the fifth reason why regular health check-up is important. It is not enough to be told to eat healthy;
ascertaining your body’s general wellness gives the right push toward maintaining it
or making amends by eating healthy. Likewise the informed decisions one makes
concerning a treatment plan. Without building a rapport with your doctor,
it is somewhat difficult to yield to the directives from him on drug intake and its techniques. In a weakened health condition, it becomes
increasingly insurmountable to have the patient’s consent beyond what is crucial to do at a
given moment. It would have not been if there were medical
examinations that were regularly done on the patient. The more it is examined, the more interesting
and compelling the need for regular health check-ups to be done on individual of all
ages, colour and social status. The economic burden of non communicable diseases,
and also that from sexually transmitted diseases are significantly reduced with the help of
screening tests carried out more specifically on at-risk persons, with respect to their
lifestyles, sexual orientation, age, and family history. People are losing their jobs to deaths and
incapacitation, due to having little or no time for medical examinations when they were
healthy. Eventually, the job they claimed to afford
them no time was taken away from them compulsorily, as a result of sudden health breakdowns that
lead to congestive heart failure, cancer, kidney failure, paralysis, and even death. Prevention is better than cure; saving costs
while keeping life bubbling, has never been more lucrative as regular health check-ups
offer. In summary, make regular Check-ups a significant
part of your life. It only takes an appointment with the doctor,
a holistic assessment of health not limited by screening results of years ago, and the
freedom to air concerns about your health to your health provider. Life, really, has no duplicate. If you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe
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