Will he Pass?? Hail Mary NHRA Drag License Test in the Chase vs Finnegan Saga!

tiny bit more what do you think well here we are accelerated racing
solutions in Rancho Cucamonga not too far from my house actually and we’re
here to get the tri 5 by fire dynoed and get one step closer to racing mike
finnegan goals for today get the car on the dyno
make sure the rims great no leaks put up a respectable number we’re looking for
the four digit number so that’s what we need to be competitive so that’s what
we’re gonna do so no matter what it puts out on the supercharger we’re gonna
spray on top to make sure we get that number I think this is bad
we can’t go wrong one step forward maybe one back somewhat behind half step boys
over at Haltech staying up late yeah Back east checking all the settings to
make sure they have everything set up they’re gonna change the input for the
map that’s under the hood and we’ll see figure it out I’m texting him right now so this
is all the stuff that’s unique to each individual stand alone and just set up
some a control the sensors or career it properly stuff like though look at you
getting all sciency yeah I like how you’re texting him and he’s
are loading into your computer this up so he go you through so started the game all of a sudden it
makes this weird sound yeah nope now that’s that’s all bad that’s all bad nasty nasty nasty
we’re just trying to get the car to get ready to go on the dyno everybody seemed
to be going okay Haltech wasn’t in on the computer they
remoted in no so it was running fine sound good we’re getting ready to get
ready to move to the dyno and it started knocking for no apparent reason
like really bad like a knock not like rod possibly there’s oil in it we
checked and yeah this is not good so let’s investigate some more the stories are true this whole race is
one big to show cuz everything I’ve heard is that John doesn’t have a
license yet John has never made a pass in the car with whatever horsepower it
has these are big deals because I’ve been through all this I’ve tried to get
an NHRA license a week before a race and a that’s not easy especially if you’re
doing it near untested race car and B that’s a lot of stress because you don’t
just throw let’s say he needs a thousand horsepower let’s be honest about this
that dude needs a thousand horsepower in a car that weighs similar to mine if
he’s gonna win right it’s not easy to go throw a thousand horsepower in a
straight axle gasser and then make it a hook and make it handle and go down a
drag strip these are not normal things you know so I blew up my car last
September at hot rod Drag Week on the very last pass trying to win my class
and I had just run my first eight second pass ever
it went 897 at 151 miles an hour fastest it’s ever gone normal people
would have been like let’s throw a party me I decided to throw the party pulley
on the blower and try to go quicker because I was only two thousandth of a
second out of first place and when I did that
the car ran really great through first gear in second gear and when I tried to
put it in third gear I found first gear which is never good especially in a Hemi
because next thing I know the motor revving 9,500 rpm went right past the
rev limiter that should have stopped it and broke a valve spring retainer
dropped the valve in the piston number one and destroyed the motor so uh motor
was junk car needed to go to the SEMA show in Vegas so we had to immediately
hurry up and rebuilt the motor it came back home and I just started changing
things trying to make it faster but because I live in Georgia there’s no
testing it’s 30 degrees in Georgia right now so I’ve changed the suspension the
motor combo some stuff on the trans all these things and I’m gonna hit the road
next week for California and I’ll have maybe one day to test all this stuff
before I light up a John what’s up Matt not much how are you
that’s vigorous Pacific Division Tech director I’m here to certify the chassis
on the car it’s not really official I guess I am brief overview of what you’re
going to be doing what I’ll do is I’ll use a sonic tester don’t check the wall
thickness of the to be it sends a sonic wave through and it sends a signal back
that tells me how thick it is that way we don’t have to drill holes to see how
thick it is make sure you have all the bars you’re supposed to the welds look
good and if everything checks okay we’ll put a chassis tag on it it’ll be good to
go as quick as 850 on what we require for 850 and slower is the main hoop the
two rear braces a crossbar for seat support and shoulder harness mount the
halo a pillar bars and a dash bar our upper windshield bar the dash bars is
lower that’s required when there’s modification to the fly firewall or
floor on a car like this that’s a full frame car it has to be attached to the
frame either bolted or welded now this one’s done is they’ve ran it down to the
floor with a plate and then under the floor there’s another plate with an
outrigger that goes to the frame so technically it is attached to the floor
per our rules with this type of cage at concert’ for 850 and slower in the
quarter mile for quickly obviously I need more stuff a minimum wall thickness
for this particular material which is chromoly is point zero eight three which
it all came up that okay and and and the welds look good so with that we can
certify it 50/50 no it is Thursday there’s one week
before our big race between John and I my friends and I are on the road in the
new to me ramp truck bobbing through Oklahoma we’re on our way to Arizona cuz
my buddy’s got a dyno shop there we’re gonna finish putting my car together cuz
it’s in the back of this truck and it is not all together fuel systems incomplete
ignition system isn’t connected new shifter needs to go in I haven’t driven
it since Drag Week basically last September when I broke it
so it’s untested it’s incomplete it needs a bunch of work we’re gonna try to
chassis dyno and find one drag strip that’s open and at least make one pass
before next Thursday and then John chase probably loosing that beer to his I’ve
heard he’s struggling to don’t know exactly what’s going on with him but I
hope he gets his car at least to the starting line
so you can get a great view of me wheeling my way my quickest past I’ve
ever been blessed so we’re here in Irwindale it is
literally d-day this is the very last chance we’re gonna have for you to get a
license right this is it because it’s gonna rain tomorrow and then all through
the weekend – yes so this is my last chance to get my passes to give my NHRA
license this is it this is ridiculous I can’t believe it’s come down to this
tight but par for the course really yeah anagen yeah our good friends
we celebrate it brought down a variety of automobiles yeah if need be so this
one you guys have actually seen on bill bio that buddy myself okay this is the
one if we want jaundiced himself you know so we’ll turn this one up for them
this is the last case scenario if we need to this car is ready to go it’s
proven on this track LME 427 twin precision 76 is makes about 1,800
horsepower on thirty thirty-five pounds of boost nice and what’s it run here 480
and 152 all right and what do we got here
Oh 440 LT one dang and then this is an all motor with
possibly some nitrous setup okay okay what do we got going on here it’s a 416
late-model engine Magnuson supercharger LT one runs on C 16 eight-second car
this one’s a little bit more aggressive though actually out of the three this
one’s this one’s the ride this one might suit its rear end out there nice I like
that so these all street cars basically get out of here it’s here I’ve got one
trailer what we’re gonna do is go for my license runs today and we’re gonna start
in the 2018 Camaro the accelerator has provided for us today and that’s we’re
gonna do first okay what is this car normally run I believe it runs a 639
have you ever driven a car this fast now put it in the drive or I get shifted to the third
okay knocking right hey real quick so we got 260 foot passes
and then then what happens from there two half passes and then we’re gonna go
all out on the last two oh yeah yeah that was sick whoo yeah damn what
they move at high you think that was beautiful
and hook that’s what we were worried about and put the power down and just
keep doing that back to back nice now you made me run the first four right now
it looked really good okay oh wow laughing it’s good that’s what I was
meant for streetcars love these guys he’s getting it oh okay 260-foot passes are in the bag
John’s looking good he’s looking clean now we’re gonna run for a half past
just keep high laughing it here we got a little time so everything’s looking good
so far he’s gonna have two half passes and then
two full big-boy passes here it’s game time baby yeah buddy all right John let’s make a break time
you ready yes I’m talking about get you some ah yes one down want to go let’s get it finally we have a win God man that’s one
good thing we got going for us right now got a license so right now I got a
license I got a car with a cage sort of have a running car we have eight days all right out slowly slowly

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