Will It Burger? Taste Test

today we ask the age-old question will it burger let's talk about that good mythical morning as you know we like to see if things will on this show and you know it's that time of year again where you guys are firing up your grills you're willing them out you're scraping them off you getting that smoke going well you're gonna lay on her face nice all-american hamburger patty that's right you know a lot of you have been asking us to do this one and we you're going to be making lots of typical burgers this summer you're going to be making what we're gonna be making we do this so you don't have to it's time to answer the question well it burger okay so the way we're gonna do this is we are putting most of our focus onto the patty itself got it you got to make it into a patty so it can then be grill right and then we are adding the appropriate toppings to that burger right so for starters uh we thought why can't a burger be tropical so we said let's get a taste of the islands Monde banana good burger bring it in look at this right off the bat we've got some exquisite bundage going on here so what we got here is we have mashed up bananas that have been mixed with oats and then grilled that is the patty but there's quite a few toppings including star fruit we've got pineapple coconut banana peel mustard which is a mustard that is made that involves grinding up some banana peels and putting it in there also there's a thing called Filipino banana ketchup and that is also on there and then they're actual banana peel yeah like that right there I'm not a lover of bananas uh but this is gonna change my mind little spike I believe it I we definitely should call this a banner gir burger burger bite drink go big strong banana flavor mm-hmm I say it's banana forward okay yeah it is banana forward if you don't like bananas don't order this it's refreshing its fruity do you get some of the peel the peel just kind of stayed with the burger it doesn't cooperate did it it didn't come with me so I'm just gonna go just peel this time and I'd like to isolate some of those just patty I mean look at that it looks like ground beef Oh it's not there's a reason that we don't eat banana peel I just learned the reason by eating it and something makes me think this is good for me I like bananas I don't know if I want a burger though but you don't even like bananas I like it better like this sober Goering a banana made a better a better banana yeah made a better banana experiencing a blogger form boy boy made a better manner banana boy better banana experience your burger it up an animated a better banana boy yeah boy yeah boy yeah Berkeley so with bananas burger yeah what's better than a steak a gravy covered chicken fried steak what's better than a burger how about a gravy covered chicken fried burger chicken fried will the burger chicken fried time mmm look at that oh I know the answer to this then you got they got the granite hmm oh okay now underneath this huge shell of chicken fried goodness is just a whole burger just in times burger I'm talking mustard ketchup cheese onions pickles buns you name it oh do you want to give a note you want to give a cross-section you want to go ahead create the cross-section with my mouth yeah it smells so good I'm gonna have to put a little paper plate out for myself because I think this might get messy it might get a little messy do you want to take it over there oh gosh mmm just gonna I mean call this a country bumpkin burger and get AG lot of gravy right there on me no shame in net you gravy in every edge every edge I'm gonna gravy the leading edge I'm gonna go big on this I'm going all the way to the middle go big it goes so excited dink like I need to write somebody a letter think I want to sit down and write a letter to every person that I've ever loved yeah tell me how much they meant to me this is life-changing back up the truck cuz I'm hopping in I don't know what that means that man I'm getting in the same truck and I don't even know where we're going it could be a garbage truck I don't care I want to eat this whole thing right now I have to stop myself mm-hmm look at that it's just talking to you it's like it's got its own mouth right now say hey don't ruin it for me it was good until you started making to have a mouth you know you want me to back my truck up so you can come climb inside burgers not driving the truck you ruined a perfect analogy that made no sense and now you're trying to explain it by saying the burgers the driver I don't like it anymore but I still like the burger mm-hmm this is in the top four burgers of all time I've ever put in my mouth yeah yeah hmm top four man with a burger yes now typically when I order a burger I order it in a combo with fries and a drink but what if the burger had a combo in it combo meal will it burger bring it now at first glance you're thinking it's just big bucks I mean they just got two big bucks on play I mean that's ghetto me how they all talk can't fool me I know what I make mac looks like but you just just go with this for a sec let them have it right this burger patty is a combo meal burger fries coke taken and patta fight and then put back into Big Mac form this is burger ception and you're here to witness it and we're going to eat it I don't know if we're gonna be okay after we do but you saw our last moments that's a great warning yeah they are shaking in there but we might die that's all I'm saying this my friend is a calm bugger it smells like smelling into a bag it's like I got the whole bag I sometimes sniff other people's bags when they're not looking I sniff my own bags man open wide stay away from everybody else's let it fly little musty mushroom they expect oh I taste a soft drink in there I'm not complaining about it because I don't have to get one we just oozes out of the patty itself me try that again yeah I don't know the mush factor is uh I'm just going to take just some of the deciding bit disappointing but yeah it tastes like somebody tried to recreate meat using potato and soft drink it's like you know I can probably take potatoes in soft drink and make a burger well you keep going in again though I feel like it was very hopeful but I'm actually leaning a little towards the note you'd rather just have a regular burger maybe yes I'm sad to say will it burger know sometimes when I'm eating a burger I think myself you know this thing's a little too moist okay-y a little too hydrated not anymore beef jerky little burger all right now look at that that's pretty beautiful right uh but it's a desert in there this patty it is ground up beef jerky that's been rehydrated and then pata fide over top of that it's like a fruit roll-up made out of ketchup not made out of tomatoes ketchup leather they call ketchup leather and then on top of that we've got dried versions of our favorite ingredients dried kale we've got sun-dried tomatoes and we've got dried up cheese powder like you would get at the popcorn station at the movie theater this is like a burger you take camping with you you know you take it on like a three-week Trek and you're in you're like mm-hmm I brought a burger you bought a burger out here yeah well let me show it to you now this thing I'm gonna say I'm gonna I like to smush down my burger well I want to get my mouth all the way around it yeah this is I expected to be Oona crispy what do you want to call it jerk wad jerk wad burger all right jerk wad oh wow crunchy if I've been on like a 18-month voyage to Mars and like some sort of induced coma and I woke up and they handed me this because it would stay good the whole time I probably really loved it but I haven't been in a medically induced coma I've just been here hey I'm I beg to differ man I haven't been in a coma even better different you really seem like you're in a coma sometimes just look at that thing though what I'm saying is is I think it would serve his purpose well if I'd been camping if I was going to Mars if I was trapped somewhere so tell us Martian man little saga yeah okay now we're interested in creating a burger that is future-proof one that we can eat once we've gone through all the cow on earth grasshopper will in a burger here's grasshopper in here yeah that one approximately fifty grasshoppers ground up for each one of these patties it's not grasshopper blood is it no that's actually chocolate because this is a little bit of a slam on the grasshopper cookie which is like a thin mint so there's actually grasshopper cookies in here mixed up with the actual grasshoppers Thanks so we've got chocolate topping I can see them like back floating in the paddy that one there's looking at me that one's looking at me hey why don't they they're doing anything at this point now I like a thin mint I'm at in you choose just had a little trouble with that I'm really having trouble with the concept but what if we call it patience young grasshopper burger yeah all right I'm gonna try to exercise some patience with it I'm going in all right going in deep oh really yeah okay you look like I'm gonna commit there's like I just went to a part of a pet store and just like open my mouth and douve I mean the chocolate part is not bad but then there's like all this prickly grasshopper stuff the cookie part is really nice the bread part is pretty nice the bread in the cookie part I'm really enjoying doing the minty part I just hit a skull do they have skulls they do have heads I don't know if they're just all in there well it's an exoskeleton Actos little skull mmm yeah I had well but the cookina is saving me the cooking is the saving name mom it could be worse I think that these grasshoppers better than just if I were to just find a grasshopper yeah anything like cup him in my hands and eat him and then like just kind of guide him into mouth that would be worse than this but I don't think that that's what I'm supposed to be testing I think what we're testing is does grasshopper make a good burger will it burger no burgers have meat meat comes from animals animals have skin typically burgers don't have skin but what if they did skin will it burger look at that stack of skin hook oh gosh okay this is gonna be quite an adventure this is trout salmon turkey pork chicken that's how I remember was I came up with a song you could just read it the trout salmon turkey part chick out there good that's a good a good song it's a good good tune and it's all just the skin of them that's what the patties made out of and then on top of the patty actually consists of potato skins there actually are some non animal skins but they were fried in animal skin fat then there's some poached chicken skin I still have some feather followed yeah and some crispy pork skin mmm let's smell first it smells really fried that gives me hope I think the real problem with this is this floppy floppy stuff let's just call it a veggie burger just to change the way we feel about it I was gonna be like hey man give me some skin burger floppy floppy gets going in first going for the go for the skin and go deep roof just rolling out and back into your burger job all the consistency oh you're gagging lover Big Agnes this is wrong the weird thing is it tastes great no I doubt that the taste is good it just this is like grease yeah oh I got it I'm checking it right now I know man it's just like once you bit and then you kind of encountered that resistance that's not the type of resistance you want to encounter on a burger I'll save on my mustard for you want to be welcomed by a burger you don't know encounter resistance I mean drinking straight and mustard that helped a little bit mmm that's why I've had it this whole time now as a decoration but as a I guess boom flow sugar welcome what's this one what's this red one what's this red substance next to the yellow substance Oh your apron you want the other one do unto rebel yeah okay it does help all right I think I'm ready to send it to the basement close the door and lock it my bite was too big no you're gonna hurt you're gonna give yourself a hernia doing now you want somebody yellow the rib I got both I can make orange I can mix them I can make arms I can save you thank you are you down is it in the basement send it to the basement slam the door send it to the basement slam the door send it to the basement Sam two-door turkey pork chicken trout yeah all right Wow oh all right second bite yeah okay Wow oh that was tough will it burger thanks for liking commenting and subscribing you know what time it is my name is David and I'm about to do a show that after but first it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality make sure you check out a brand new episode of good mythical food tomorrow morning and every Saturday morning on this channel and thanks to Josh Shearer who made all these burgers you get to meet him and more when the crew also gets to taste some of those check out his Twitter that's culinary bro down he's associate food editor at lasse just making a show here a show she at food Rhett is burger blind and lick helps him eat his burger oh do I have to do this when I go oh what what what is here oh your food mind I can't see yet cuz my name is Rhett oh my name is red and I'm burger blind everyday what is your name the hair it is my name is Lacey everything doesn't wait I see the plate you want to play no no no no no no no no no no no no no hard I want you to plate it hard to grab in front of the plate I feel nothing oh it's just just trust trust me and grab trust me I grab and bring it up to your mouth and then it's like getting a massage that's a little too you know what I mean you're like I like I kinda like know but I don't really is coming up if really like me I came out in my brain you just can't it's like a massage you just can't like

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