Will It Cereal? Taste Test

Today, we ask the question, (Rhett & Link) "Will it cereal?" Let's find out about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– I am fond of cereal. This has been established.
I eat it multiple times a day, even when no one offers it.
I seek it out. Maybe… That's not unusual, by the way.
You're an adult man, getting the cereal on your own,
just so you know. Just because your mom doesn't ask you
if you want any more, – that's not an unusual thing.
– That's not what I meant. I don't know what I meant,
but that wasn't it. I seek it out!
I love it so much. But what we don't know,
though, is all the things that you typically like to eat are things
that are typically sold as cereals. – (Rhett) When you open up your cabinet,
– (Link) Right, in boxes. – it says cereal on it.
– Right. But there are so many things out there
that seem to be so close to being cereal that
it just begs the question, "Will it cereal?" So today we not only ask the question,
but we answer the question definitively. We do this so you won't have to, unless you want to, after seeing
what happens when we do. Let's get started with (Rhett & Link) Will it cereal? My kids love Goldfish. I've never been
a huge fan, but I've never added milk. (Rhett & Link) Goldfish!
Will It cereal? This is waiting to be cereal. – They're Goldfish. They need to swim…
– Cerealized. ..and they're crackly and crunchy
like cereal should be. They respond well to the milk… – …I kind of see that happening.
– Well, they're fish! – They should be swimming.
– I already said that. – Is that what you said earlier?
– Yeah, I did. – I said they should be swimming, but…
– You know what I was doing – when I wasn't listening to you?
– You were thinking about, – "I gotta open this milk."
– I was thinking about – how good this was gonna be.
– "I don't wanna lose my grip on this milk." – Cheesy, milky.
– Join me! (crunching) It's not immediately awesome. It's a little cheesier
than cereal typically is. Boy, this is right down
the middle for me. Yeah, it's difficult to decide, really. I think because of the way that it looks,
and the fact that they look like they're at home in the water or the milk,
I'm gonna say… – Yes, it cereals.
– Yeah, I feel like yes, it does cereal. (approved ding) Here's another one:
Skittles! (Rhett & Link) Skittles!
Will it cereal? Now, again, Skittles.
They're waiting to be spooned. (both laughing) (Rhett) "Skittles: Waiting to Be Spooned." – I think that was their working–
– Will you volunteer? That was their slogan for a while. So lots of cereals are
fruit-flavored, but they stop short because they stay crispy.
Why can't they just be chewy candy? (Skittles rattling as they're stirred) – (Rhett) It's pretty…
– (Link) I'm not tasting the rainbow yet, – but I'm seeing it float.
– Yeah, it's changing. – (Link) Look at that right there.
– (Rhett) It's leaking. The rainbow is leaking. – I'm leaking rainbow.
– (Rhett) Here we go. – (crunching) Oh!
– (Link) Whoo! (Rhett) When you bite into cereal,
you expect to break through, but you don't with Skittles. – Yeah, you really gotta…
– Especially when they've been chilled in cold milk. …you've gotta bear down
on them Skittles. The only way we can test if this cereals
is we have to drink the Skittle milk. – Skilk… Skittle milk.
– I'm all about that. (slurping) – Guys…
– Oh! Whoa! It'll cereal! Skittle milk! Forget Skittle cereal. (Rhett & Link) Skittle milk! Call someone right now! (approved ding) I have milk every morning with my cereal,
but I have milk in my coffee, but I don't have my coffee
in my cereal, until today. (Rhett & Link) Coffee beans!
Will it cereal? These are roasted coffee beans,
Fair Trade, of course. Oh, it looks so good. I think this is gonna make
good coffee milk, too. (crunching) Oh yeah. (Link) I think this might milk,
but I don't know if it will cereal. Okay, so here we go. -It's like I need to go easy
with a spoonful. (crunching) Oh! (crunching) I haven't had anything
this crunchy since the scorpion. – (Link whining)
– (Rhett) Don't play around, man. (Rhett) Just (grunts) eat it!
Eat that scorpion! (crunching) Oh, it's bitter. Oh my. That is a strong cup of coffee. Boy. (Link) I would recommend adding a handful or less of coffee beans
to any cereal you want… Guh! …but I would not recommend
trying to down a whole bowl of this. I can't swallow these, man.
I gotta spit 'em. (spitting) Will it cereal? – (rejected buzzer)
– (Rhett & Link) No. Okay, lots of cereals are made from corn. You've got Corn Flakes,
you've got Corn Pops. Why do you gotta process the corn? Why can't you just
make it straight-up corn? (Rhett & Link) Corn!
Will it cereal? – Cut out the middleman!
– Whole kernel corn. Just gimme…
get my corn on! Just let me get my corn on. (Link) Corn and milk.
It's like I'm in the… it's like I'm in the
breadbasket of America. (Rhett) Mm. Mm!
Oh my goodness, that is good! – What?
– I like creamed corn though. I'm American. "I'm American. I like creamed corn." It's not sitting right in my brain. You don't like creamed corn though, right? (Link) Corn: good. Milk: good.
As cereal: not good to me. And I gotta say, I would
recommend it as a hot dish… So you just go with creamed corn.
You know what, don't even do this. I'm gonna say, will it cereal? (rejected buzzer)
(Rhett & Link) No. I mean, we gotta get into some meat. And what's the first thing you think of
when you think of meat? – (Rhett in a manly voice) Bacon.
– (Link) If you're smart? Bacon. (Rhett & Link) Bacon bits!
Will it cereal? I will say, you used to come
to my house as a child and the first thing you would do is go to my cabinet
and grab my bacon bits. And it was as if you were from some place
where they didn't have bacon bits. I've never had this until right now. – (Rhett) Mm.
– Got a little dribble-dribble. Mm. Very strong bacon flavor. – (Link) It's like a pig…
– (Rhett) A cow and a pig together. …it's like a pig dove into
a swimming pool full of dairy product. When you eat a number of bacon bits,
the bit part really kind of loses all meaning and it just
becomes bacon again. Mm-hmm. A spoonful of bacon bits
is just a spoonful of bacon. Will it cereal? – Yes.
– Yes, definitely. (approved ding) All right, when you eat something
that's high in cholesterol, you wanna follow it up with
something healthy, like salad. (Rhett & Link) Salad!
Will it cereal? And you know what? It's hard to
get the kids to eat salad these days, but what if you made it salad cereal? Or just hide it under milk. Bobby, it's not salad. It's cereal!
(nasally voice) Okay, mom! Sa… I'm trying to combine the words
"salad" and "cereal"… (silly voice) Salay-alay-arul-ed. (gibberish sounding like
"salad" and "cereal") Salareal. Salareal. Salareal, with your favorite
baseball player on the package! – (Rhett) Ugh.
– (squishing) That does not meet
any expectation of goodness. I like milk a lot though. Once the milk goes away,
and you're left with salad, things get back to normal. This is like a really creamy ranch. It's just like somebody
watered down the ranch. – They're stretchin' the ranch tonight.
– (both laughing) Stretchin' the ranch! (Rhett) I gotta say. I think it does cereal. It does not cereal. Will it cereal? – Yes!
– No. – (approved ding)
– (rejected buzzer) Okay, back to beef.
Or back to meat. In loaf form. (Rhett & Link) Meatloaf!
Will it cereal? So we've taken some meatloaf… – Well, some people are intimidated…
– (Link) …and we've nuggeted it. …some people are intimidated by "loafs." I know that my wife, for instance,
does not like anything in a loaf pattern. Except bread. Now… I'm not…
hungry for this. "Now, lemme tell ya,
I'm not hungry for this." (Rhett) So if it hits the spot,
then it says a lot. (Link) If it hits the spot,
it says a lot. – (Rhett) Guh!
– (Link) Ugh. (through laughter) I can't get it down. It is so bad. Hold on, hold on.
Hey, think about it. It's two parts cow. Two parts cow, no part
anything else. Yeah! This is all cow! All cow, all the time.
– (both laughing) Will it cereal? – Yeah!
– No! What? – (approved ding)
– (rejected buzzer) If you're a college student, you probably have spent
a lot of time eating this. This is ramen. (Rhett & Link) Ramen!
Will it cereal? You wanna put the beef flavor in
so when you put milk… Ooh, no. Oh yes! Look at that. It's brown powder,
and it's got… – It's beef!
– Beef FLAVOR. (Rhett) And more beef.
Well, beef liquid. (laughing) Liquid of the beef. – (Rhett laughing)
– (Link) Powdered essence of cow and liquid essence of cow,
mixing on hardened essence of noodle. I think this is gonna be difficult. – (scraping)
– (Rhett) It's still pretty powdery… Now, I think this is like
a "Frosted Maxi-Wheat." (both laughing) (Rhett) Oh, gosh. Here we go. (crunching) Did you just fall out of your chair? (muffled) Salty. Very salty. Do I have ramen in my hair or something? Mm. Take yourself back
to college for a second. It's really not bad. We found something that
you like and I don't like. I've been making this stuff
with milk my whole life. …What? You don't boil ramen in milk?
(laughing) No, I do what the package says. – I could be wrong, but…
– "I could be wrong." I like it. Will it cereal? – No!
– Yes! A little bit. – (approved ding)
– (rejected buzzer) All right, guys. Now it's time
to take it up a notch. We're going to a place that
I can pretty much guarantee is not… You've still got ramen in your hair.
It's kinda… Well, just get it out. (flicking noise) I'll eat that later.
We're going to a place… I almost did it with the
spoon side, so I'm sorry. That's fine. We're going to a place
that we pretty much know isn't gonna cereal,
but we have to go too far to know when we need to
back up a little bit. Unless you're a dog, and then
you're probably in a good place. (Rhett & Link) Dog food!
Will it cereal? This isn't any dog food. Kibbles 'n Bits looks like children's cereal. But it smells like (sniffs) dog food. (offscreen laughter) – It's got…
– Maybe we can cover up that dog food smell with milk. (Link) Hey, kids. Don't ask any questions. (Rhett) How many Bits and
how may Kibbles, and which one's a Kibble
and which one's a Bit? (Link) There's a Kibble and a Bit,
and then there's a dark thing, and then there's a long brown thing. And they didn't wanna call it, "Kibbles 'n Bits 'n a Brown Thing
'n a Long Dark Thing." (both laughing) – Okay.
– Okay, here we go. Three, two… (chewing) Milk takes the edge off. Milk takes the edge off of the fact
that they scraped whatever this is off the floor of something where
they were making something else. – For humans.
– For humans. And they said, "Oh, we'll just
give it to the dogs." Do you follow this with dog water? As a young child, I would
smell the dog food at my babysitter's house
and secretly think about eating it… Dogs got it rough, man. …and today my fantasies
have been made reality. (Rhett) Dogs got it rough. Did you just eat more? It's not bad.
I love cereal. – (Rhett exhales)
– (Link) I love cereal, man. I think I have a vitamin deficiency
that my body's telling me it needs this. Well, I'm not a doctor, but… (Link laughing) (both laughing) …I can assure you that
you do not need that. (Link) If you're a dog,
this definitely cereals. – Ooh.
– I found a Kibble in there. – You just Kibble 'n Bitted.
– That was a Kibble, – spit it back out.
– Kibble 'n Spitted. (rejected buzzer) Again, we went somewhere
you didn't have to go, unless you decide that
now you wanna go there. Educated. You've been educated. You've been informed.
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a stylist or something? You're not gonna charge me
for this later, are you? I'm making…
I'm checking… You used to…
You used to do this. – What?
– Ah! Yeah! Pete! Pete! Pete! Pete! Where ya been, Pete? – Pete?
– That's you, I can tell by the profile. What are you getting at, here?
Pete who? Who's Pete? (both laughing) [Captioned by Kevin:
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