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today we ask the age-old question will it deep-fry let's talk about that good mythical morning something wonderful is happening all across the United States of America in little towns and big towns and cities and the plains and the hills near the beaches counties in counties fairs are happening county fairs state fairs now the North Carolina State Fair that's what we are most familiar with and the thing that we do at the North County State Fair and I assume this is replicated throughout the country it is we deep-fry some stuff every year I go to the fair wondering what are they gonna deep-fry this year that they didn't deep-fry last year I mean it's been many years since they started deep-frying candy bars and now I loose since then they've gotten really creative I'm talking deep-fried chocolate-covered bacon deep-fried doughnut bacon cheeseburgers deep-fried butter and deep-fried kool-aid how is that even possible the level of creativity that people are exercising within the context of frying things at state fairs is inspiring it has inspired us to take it to the next level we have an assortment of things over here and we are going to answer the question today on good mythical morning will it be fried yeah I'm excited about the things we're going to try Rhett you're the prepper so go ahead and set up item number one okay now you've heard of refried beans but have you heard of deep-fried refried beans why not fry them again well it's decried how big you want your refried bean ball to be about twice that big I think we're gonna are we gonna share one yeah this is from you wash your hands before this of course I got a nice ball of beans and I'm gonna go for the flour I can already tell you that this is this is this is a no-brainer and then you also have batter yep and this is a special State Fair deep-fry a little batter technique here oh yeah you want you want to cover it give it a nice little home on the batter and then you want to take it out of the home I got the green light so we're ready to go over here okay it's gonna grab it I guess it's kind oh here we go going down dip that baby oh nice it's definitely frying there's no doubt that this is a good idea okay I think that the deep fried refried bean ball is done – that's why we call it bean balls refried bean balls look at that though it's like a mushroom cap yeah I'm gonna put it right here on the paper towel a lot of beans leaking out of the bottom of that bean ball boy smells good he's a hot hmm let me good though take a bite of that last little bean ball it's hot man yeah good just be a man and eat it man come on no but I'm burn I got a lot I got to try I don't want to learn this out here by yourself that huh will it deep-fry it will deep front definitely will deep fry that's a win it we just deep-fried some refried beans which might not be very healthy and there have deep fried butter around the country but what about just straight-up fat well deep fry no this is not human fat don't get alarmed this is beef fat okay I didn't cut it off myself I don't know why I would even say that okay here we go you got to bring it all the way over because of that drip äj– here we go fat went down into the pan going to crispy town over here that could be the name of the place crispy town hey they got deep-fried phat with a pH at crispy town I've always wanted to work the stand here we go fear oh he's a big star the evening look at that right now it smells good there you go hold that in your hand and then hold it in your mouth why don't make me try everything first because I'm really sensitive to heat and for fat you could just say I'm really sensitive period you know how to put it – hey I'm doing all the heavy lifting over here who would have much hot let me bite Ellen I got some batter it still is still rubber yeah oh it's a little oh I couldn't bring my good get through my teeth sunk into it and they were just like retreat so uh will it deep Frank I think so okay being from the south we like to think that we're the ones who came up with deep-frying and we're the ones who do it better than anybody in the world and a big part of southern eating is sweet tea drinking and you put a little lemon on your sweet tea but what if you show up at your next cookout with deep-fried lemons well it D cry just uh you know just I don't have gloves on OOP oh yeah look at that right there step right up get yourself your deep fried lemon available only at crispy town and get yourself an ice cold tea with a piping hot fried limited wedge now it's really starting to sizzle when the lemon juice comes out oh I think that's good that's a good sign that's a pretty looking if you buy a lemon pie does it ya know smell that I don't smell it smells like lemon pie man oh yeah smells like lemon pie fried lemon hi at crispy town Naaman I really want to feel this lemon oh it's hot all right let's do this crispy okay let's let's time it we both kissed it we both independently kissed it part of the sales pitch every every heavy lemon way to literally kissed by the fry daddy all right let's just do this Oh I told you man that's right I like it though it's experience experience Wow I lemon juice tore the pants you got somebody enjoying the sweet tea and they say her take a bite out of it get some sweet tea in there now will this fry yeah I do want to acknowledge the fact that while we are from North Carolina we currently live in Los Angeles and the people out here think a little bit differently about food and there is a little bit of a health kick and just to accommodate those people we thought why not fry something that's genuine generally recognized as healthy genuinely so I got some weaker wheat grass well it D cry fry we grabbed coming right up ooh all right we got there floating there dancing we got some dancing weight grabs over here what's it called crispy crispy crispy dad but with this is only for the West Coast locations in North Carolina dingo need ain't havin no no all right here we go did anybody say fraud word gross there uh there is not there's no smoothie anywhere involved in this process now these are look at that boy mmm there's um it smells kind of good gotta let it kind of cool got a yellow cool down hot she's like she's a little angry with us right now feel healthy tastes healthy it smells like a make your pee smell different now I will say not I will say that it's kind of the grass itself is better it really is it I don't taste like something not asparagus that's not bad guys if your health conscious and you found yourself in crispy town this is this is the ticket for you I'm gonna go out on a limb I'm gonna say will it deep-fry yes it deep fries you've heard of fried chicken very popular dish but which came first the fried chicken to the fried egg boom and I'm not talking about fried eggs in a pot I'm talking about raw eggs well hey D cry hey matter matter matter matter matter matter matter we go here we go oh look at those look at those here we go they're going down happy Easter everybody Easter special Easter came early this year at the fry I keep one we call it fry Street I'm breathing down crispy with a no I was gonna say a K but that's already too crispy with two E's and then a e on the end of town – I think they are done whoa crispy town number one selling item all right now this right here does it feel liquid inside or does it feel a little bit boil may be partly happy you I take great take take a bite oh man no it's the kiss is too hot lips are sensitive man my lips are come on let's take a bite out of it dude what I don't want to happen is I don't want hot boiling egg on my face it's the only one way to find out let's bite into it do a countdown three two one pull that's hot Oh ooh the egg the yolk is still in mine crunchy oh yeah the shell still on it I totally forgot I knew if you took the shell off first and hard-boiled this thing and then fried it that would that be fun time breakfast right there fun time breakfast too crispy town all right but but as is will this deep-fry okay moving on to many food establishments focus on the meal and they ignore the post meal not at crispy town deep fried toothpaste well good deep fried all right just flop those down in there oh oh okay no I want I don't know how much got in there how's that doing it's totally disintegrating oh the toothpaste is going away the toothpaste is gone to nothing I mean we can still put it on toothbrush I think you got to take it out quick because I mean we still want to be able brush our teeth it's the only thing that crispy tail that's not crispy is the toothpaste okay here we go so get um get me a you want to let the tooth pay toothbrush itself like soak up the grease as opposed to using a paper towel okay this is genius you're about crispy town is here they got deep-fried toothpaste and keep you by Gina man can you just press it right to get your teeth smells like fried toothpaste Oh go ha oh go is hot your IQ was checked at the door look we're getting this exercise which is appropriate Oh gross I'm just like regular – vase you don't actually swallow yeah weird will a deep fry yeah now a lot of food establishments just focus on food not crispy town we want you to leave with a something to take home and show the kids sunglasses well hey deep fry how you gonna do this batter um up now uh just a word from the lawyers don't try this at home I don't recommend frying anything that's non edible and then try need it or trying to fry something that's not edible not eating it but then frying something that is edible in the same situation you shouldn't eat that either oh don't don't put her face down there we go fold them up fold them up will unfold them when they're fully fried all right yeah y'all ready for this boom boom do do it some of it melt off oh that's oh yeah that's – sunglasses you don't want to be eating in here oh my god this right here we could sell this you're gonna Don those it's be a great way to go blind okay here we go it has a great sensation right on the bridge of my nose maybe I should you know that's the part of the fun you just you let me help you just peel Ayanna oh yeah oh my goodness that thing is bugged out from as a whore – oh the lens melted a little bit here we go so here you go ahead and pull all this off we get in there I can see a little pit out of that how do I look you look pretty cool man will it deep-fry no okay there you have it what was your favorite item wheatgrass was a big surprise I think that the deep fried lemon wedges or is everyone here i altering the eggs I think could could deep-fry but obviously not the way we did it either way we will see you at a crispy town near you you come to us yeah yeah when we come to you yeah at a fair near you thanks for liking and commenting on this video you know what time it is hi I'm Kayla and I'm at the Champlain Valley Fair in Vermont and it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality if you enjoyed will a deep fry you might enjoy some of our other Willet episodes like will it taco or will it Ice Cream Sandwich click through to good mythical more where we're gonna try a few more deep-fry experiments including the fry phone can you deep-fry an iphone we'll find out chilly willy some other things both in a fight club but neither one can talk about it hey man I uh what's with the goggles I went to law what I wear to the thing that I go to every Thursday oh you got a thing you go to no no nothing I got a thing I go to we wear here – oh yeah what oh no no no we gonna make some quick guess it was a cooking thing well I mean not really it's more like we punch each other but right you punch each other well a little bit but you're not supposed to know that and I need to get you hurt I didn't know that I didn't see you there Oh they'll do that smell to it should we abort no I didn't say it was bad

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