Will It Ice Cream Sandwich? Taste Test

will it ice-cream sandwich let's find out good mythical morning as you know we here at good mythical morning tackle the deeper issues of life today is no different today we answer the question will it Ice Cream Sandwich now in the video that we released on the rhettandlink channel last week I'm on vacation our job our day job was working in an Ice Cream Sandwich factory because you know that's a job that exists and we became so enthralled with the process of making ice cream sandwiches that we got interested in experimenting with other things to make ice cream sandwiches out of hence the game that we're about to play the challenge that we're about to do well and Ice Cream Sandwich we've got an assortment of things getting increasingly crazy and well we'll see you know and feel free to play along at home now or later after we go through this you may or may not want to give it a shot alright first we're gonna start with something that I'm pretty excited about this is frozen peanut butter so peanut butter wafers go ahead and grab mine completely oh my goodness there's a lot there's a good jar of peanut butter in each one Wow so the question is frozen peanut butter will it Ice Cream Sandwich I can't I'm not to bite the side cuz I can't get to the ice cream any other way okay here we go mmm shell these buddy well I know yeah yeah I want to eat more of this there's so much left it's Ice Cream Sandwich though oh we should we should get rid of the little messy peanut butter for move on to the next okay so there we go mmm that's good good idea so far so good of course this is an internet we have to bring in bacon we got some woven bacon here mmm alright Rhett t up your your bank in here we got and check that out guys I mean you getting hungry aren't you we know the answer to this one well and Ice Cream Sandwich hahaha he would go mmm-hmm lots of bacon lots of vanilla ice cream lots of goodness sandwich together will it ice cream sandwich many times over save that for later i likey alright let's get going this is so this is the best day of my life alright this one looks a little different oh wow ladies and gentlemen this is just big blocks of cheddar cheese pick one and yeah we could have made him a little smaller but why why would you do that well it ice cream sandwich for those of you who are lactose intolerant I do not recommend the cheese ice cream sandwich but I'm not a large feeder my mouth short better I need some more ice cream to balance out that teeth good there's a lot of dairy in this one whoa hmm the cheese sticks with you the ice cream completely dissolves and then you're left with a hunk of cheese bar closure like I've never had this much cheese in my mouth at once ever when you're complaining a little bit yeah wow there's something special about this I'm not lying to you hmm I'm a fan will it Ice Cream Sandwich nice okay so that's a maybe cuz I think so hmm you can catch me alone late at night where's for one of them you what you ain't a second biting watching late night programming with my cheese ice cream Sam okay I love dairy products ma'am all right so now maybe you maybe you want to go light on the bread products we get it you want to go a little protein style or low carbing it you can do that yeah protein style ice cream sandwich here we go I'm going right for the ice cream ball in there here we go well and ice cream sandwich three two one hmm side note we use cabbage not lettuce so can it get more nutritional value we're fudging the protein shot a little bit but just bear with us there's still protein so it's still low-carb cabbage doesn't have carbs in it I like it it's like heaven that's the twist ice cream and slaw it's not bad I thrown another bike feels like I'm healthy Elden helping myself yeah no help yourself felt ourselves help yourself with a protein style ice cream sandwich will it ice cream sandwich yes do try that at home kids that one that one's good right don't Michelle Obama about that she's trying to do this nutrition kick now we're getting a little now we're getting a little creative here these should be together actually yeah so we're taking the eggs it's like a devil it's like well it's like a boiled eggs call me white it's called white out stuff so there's so there's ice cream it's a deviled egg but instead of yolk it's got ice cream in it and you have to eat this in one bite open it you have to eat the whole thing in one bite it's like I'm dripping a lot can we just eat it well it Ice Cream Sandwich to my body saying no to grow my mine is saying yes though oh gosh I keep wanting to vomit I got nothing but egg in there now oh gosh I'm I'm about to vomit I got a egg salad on my Mac gross I don't want to finish it Oh will it Ice Cream Sandwich all right now we're moving back into well we're moving further into weird territory here now I got high hopes for this one this is seaweed man this is a seaweed this is what they roll sushi in and this is gonna be a big hit at all the sushi restaurants after we get through doing this oh it's you know it's got a nice texture to it let me get a little smush here and you can get it all around there there we go we'll add Ice Cream Sandwich who it stinks let's go for it gosh it snowing by the ocean be part of the ocean 3 2 1 hmm look I just bit an island ooh looks like I've just bit of a decomposing fish with ice cream in the middle who knew decomposer we have that ooh I just don't like seaweed at all oh my goodness I think if you like seaweed that's not bad you know but they don't put a lot of dairy products in Asian food Oh migration there's a reason for that will it Ice Cream Sandwich that's bad you had a good look to it though all right kids gather round it's the dream you've always wanted ice cream sandwich crayons now here at good mythical morning if something is labeled non-toxic you might as well label it eat it on good mythical more inedible so these are melted crayons then molded into ice cream sandwiches I don't know if I'm gonna be able to get this down and be honest with you surprisingly easy to melt in the microwave hardens really good this is for the kids after if they don't finish it all they can draw on the on the placemat okay with the crown here we go well and ice cream sandwich I don't think I'll get my tea through this your poops gonna be that same color so three get used to it here one well the crayon is strong the crab are very strong you know what it's not bad though Oh God question you know the ice cream and it is really good yeah ice cream part but ice cream oh it goes away so quick I just put yourself just swallow a little bit of it Artie Jim really mm-hmm I don't feel good about it here I don't feel good about the portion that I swallowed mm-hmm oh the colors gruff might turn into purple my head watching the puke-green very appropriately yours turning a purple can I see it oh wow you know what artists you give us two different types of bucks on don't we chew them up and then we spit on campuses will it ice-cream sandwich no oh but you know it's a fun art project Oh ma'am okay what do you go after crayons you go back to nature people you rip some bark off of a tree pine bark Ice Cream Sandwich now I will say that these are the hair on this one these are the just squirrel hair whose hair is that it's a squirrel like raccoon here these are the most ice cream sandwich like ice cream sandwiches in terms of our appearance I mean look at that if I didn't know if I didn't look twice I've Nate these were chocolate wafers but it's not as pine bark tell yourself that I think I know the answer to this one well and Ice Cream Sandwich again the ice cream is really good it really holds this on until it's gone and now it's gone okay the bark is really coming through now look a little more ice cream hmm just not that bad it takes like heating the bottom of a hamster cage which it could be worse you could be a crayon it's very dry oh I mean typically I wouldn't recommend eating this it's like eating great nuts without milk oh that don't taste good hmm I've kind of made us like a it's going down though it's like I'm for making paper in my mouth but the first step of making papers chewing up bark this is morally wrong I don't think I'm gonna end up with a little bit of this in my teeth look at that you know what but it's surprisingly easy to swallow I mean mines gone it's down you know I'm gonna have to reverse my hubby eating it all day oh yeah I'm convinced will it ice cream sandwich yes I mean if you're in a survival situation and now you know people thanks for liking and commenting on this video you know what it's been a week since we've released I'm on vacation on the rhettandlink Channel it's a music video go watch it again I'm gonna watch you for the first time click through to good mythical more where we get the crew to eat some of these amazing concoctions it'll be fun for me Rhett is obsessed with using jazz hands [Laughter] that's it after eating all that hello that bark the bark is the best part of the sandwich what are your hands okay wait what are you doing with your hands whatever feels good I do what feels good man that's where everybody should do and that feels good yeah can I give it a shot wait is it my thing I think I can't do it whoo it does feel good that's not that you're not doing it right chew it down before you spit out that way you create a new color it's gonna be red it's just gonna be red

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