Will It Taco? Taste Test (REHEATED)

– Today we ask the age-old question. Again.
– Will it taco? – Let's taco 'bout that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) – Good Mythical Morning. – Come see us live in concert
across the United States, this June 21st through 30th. Tickets go on sale this Friday and Mythical Society members
get early access as always. – Yes.
– Starting tomorrow morning, go to RhettAndLinkLive.com for more info. – Yes, now according to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 1500 goat
testicles to master a skill and today, we become masters because it's our 1500th episode! – 1500th episode!
(crew cheering) Woo! And what he's saying, fun fact is that we do eat a goat testicle before every single episode.
– Yeah still chewing it– – Just to prep.
– Out of my teeth right now. Okay 1500 episodes, that's a milestone while we're talking about it. We could not have done this without you, the Mythical Beasts and
our amazing Mythical Team. We thank you so much,
specifically you, intern Derek. You work your butt off and
you do it with a smile. I'm assuming you do that
because I only met you briefly. – Okay in honor of number
one five zero zero, we are traveling back
in time 10 seasons ago to the beginning of what
was then a new chapter in GMM story to the very
first Will It, Will It Taco. – And since that episode, we've gone from a tiny little operation to a full-fledged crew and
we now have our very own Mythical Chef Josh.
– Mm-hmm, and we thought with all
these expanding capabilities, we should revisit our very first Will It and bring you a whole new set of totally twisted taco transmutations. It's time for– – [Rhett and Link] Will It Taco? Reheated. – For the original Will It Taco, we just basically tossed a
bunch of stuff into taco shells and called it a day but this time around, Mythical Chef Josh is
stretching his culinary legs and crafting tacos from tortilla to salsa. – And we're gonna be doing all-new tacos, so none of the ones that we
did the first time around, with one notable
exception, we're gonna see if Josh can take a taco that
definitely did not will, and make it will this time. – Yeah, still pretty much totally afraid. But let's get started in a happy place with Girl Scout Cookies, can
we make that into a taco? We're calling this the tacolong. And the tortilla is made out of Thin Mint, and then inside there's
flash-fried Do-si-dos or Dosidos as I will call them. – Yeah today they're Dosidos. – Also Trefoils AKA Treefois, AKA Trefois. And Tagalongs are in this, all topped with a spicy Samoas salsa. – So this is all Girl
Scout Cookies, there's no– – Anything else anywhere. – Nothing real savory in
there except a little bit of the spicy salsa. – Dink it. I don't even think there
was a dink it and sink it when we did the first–
– Oh definitely not. – Will It Taco, and sink it. – Oh, oh, oh. It's a little hard to navigate. It completely busted
apart but I'm not gonna hold that against you Josh, I'll hold that against the Girl Scouts. – I'm holding mine together pretty well. – It's very tasty though.
– It's a bit dry. – Nothing a sip of water won't help. – Mm-hmm, mm. – Oh, Josh just passed you
a little more taco sauce. Just put it right in your mouth. – Oh sorry, got a little on
your beard, your mustache. Save a little for later, mm. As you might expect–
– This is a little spicy. – This is really good. Yeah the spice and the
chocolate is interesting, but it's just a little more pizzazz, nothing to complain about. – [Rhett] Girl Scout
Cookies, will it taco? – [Rhett and Link] Yes. – Now fusion tacos are very in right now but that's typically just marinated meat from somewhere around the
world tossed into a tortilla and we're gonna take taco
fusion to new heights with pho in a taco, we call it the phoco. – It's pho. – Yeah but I can't say (bleep). – Oh, no you can't. All right. Okay here it is. It looks fabulous. – [Rhett] Now here's what
we got going on here. – Colorful.
– We got a tortilla made from crispy rice noodles, we got braised brisket meatballs inside, it's all garnished with
bean sprouts, mint, ba-sil, jalapenos, lime, and hoisin,
and then we got some pho broth on the side for dippin'. You wanna dip, dink and
sink or you wanna dip, dink, dip and sink?
– I wanna dink. Dink, dip, sink. (clears throat) Still got Girl Scout Cookie. – Dink, dip, sink? Dink, dip, sink? – Dink dim sum.
– Dink dim hmm. – Nope.
– Don't get confused. – [Link] That's another taco. Okay. And sink, whoa. Mm! – You could make body
armor out of that shell. (laughs) You need to sell that
in a Halliburton, Josh. – I would say the crunch in the shell though required a little more
movement to get it loose, it's got a satisfying crunch. – [Josh] Let it soak like
an Oreo in the broth, you know, let it soften. – Get some soak time.
– Oh that's a good idea. But it tastes amazing and it's a–
– It's becomes pho in your mouth.
– Experience. – And pho has got a lot of noodles. I mean sometimes I'm like
man, there's so many noodles. – Mm-hmm.
– And so that same kinda frustration that I approach pho with I'm approaching your taco
with so I think we're par for the course. – Pho is something that
Lando absolutely loves. He always asks to go get some. So I will say that this is
an authentic pho experience in a taco form, it's pretty magical.
– Would you say that Lando thinks that it's (bleep) great? (crew laughing) – You gotta stop. – [Rhett] Pho. Will it taco?
– Yes! – Next up, we wanted to make
a taco out of side dishes and some of the most famous
side dishes in America are Olive Garden's unlimited
soup, salad and breadsticks. We call this ♪ That's a taco ♪ – Mm. You might get a little
side gig at Olive Garden. You could do that table-side. ♪ Yes I can ♪ All right so, this thing has an olive– – Oh come on, it's from the Olive Garden! If you're gonna eat something
from the Olive Garden, you've gotta keep the olive on. That's part of the experience, man. – I'm ignoring him.
– You can take the tomato off but you have to keep the olive on. – The tortilla is made
from smashed breadsticks and Parmesan, it's filled
with strained solids from all the soups. – Mm, nothing get my motor
running like strained solids. (Link giggles) – Topped with chopped
salad and a salsa made from reduced soup liquid. – Oh except reduced
soup liquid. (chuckles) Which are my two favorite things. Dink her.
– Dink it. And sink it. – [Rhett] Mm, wow. The shell–
– Is very good. Parmesany.
– Easier to penetrate. – Again, you have to stop. Woo, this is salty, man. – Just like the Olive Garden. – Woo, yeah, I wake up at 3 a.m. drinking from a water bottle at my bedside
which I always keep there. – I always wear a
camelback to Olive Garden. – I should wear a camelback to sleep as much as like to drink water at 3 a.m. – I gotta be honest with you though, something about it is not
completely coming together for me. I feel like I'm just getting
a lot of strained solids. – Yeah, strange solids too. – Like I think it might
be less trouble to just go to the Olive Garden.
– Yeah. Olive Garden, will it taco? – [Rhett and Link] No. – Nothing goes better
with a plate of tacos and some really nice tequila
and you know that good tequila got that worm at the bottom. – Put a worm in the bottom. – So today we're making the
taco out of the tequila worm. It's the larvae asada taco. Not the larva because there's
definitely more than one. – Oh my gosh.
– Okay we've got a tortilla made from crispy meal worms. We've got tequila-marinated wax worms and then we've got some
fresh horn worms with that. It's all topped with a splash
of tequila for good measure. Link, what happened? – I don't have any worms, ope. – [Josh] They're in the tortilla too. – Yeah I can tell that. Oh my goodness. – It smells like tequila. – Remember that Brooks and
Dunn concert in high school where in the parking lot, the guy dared me to eat the worm out of
the bottom of the bottle. – Yeah I turned away. – [Link] That was the
beginning of this madness the more I think about it.
– I couldn't watch you. – I ate that worm just
'cause a stranger told me to do it 'cause he had a cowboy hat on. – Well that's kinda what
this has become, strangers– – If you wouldn't wear
so many cowboy hats, we wouldn't be doing this. – Strangers are telling you to eat worms and so we keep doing it. – Exactly.
– I don't think we're gonna be able to dink this
without losing some worms but oh. – Might I suggest.
– You might. Oh wow. – Usually don't even like
sriracha that much but. – Dink it.
– And. – Oh gosh. Boy that is not pleasant. Very worm-forward. Which was my nickname in high school. (crew laughing) – Tell me some more jokes
so I can get through this. – It doesn't get better. (groans) It's exactly what it was
when I put it in my mouth. ♪ Got the worm scootin' boogie ♪ Sing me some Brooks and
Dunn, we'll get it down. I just got a big bite. Why? – You can get some down if you do this. (exhales sharply) Congratulations, Link. – That was two big swallers. I dedicate the first swallow to Brooks. Second swallow to Dunn. – It's gonna take me
awhile to finish this. But in the meantime I don't think we need to deliberate any more. Tequila worm, will it taco? – [Rhett and Link] No! – And finally, we're revisiting
the awful Will It item that started it all, the pork blood taco. (gagging)
(crew laughs) It didn't take long at all to
realize how different I look. (Rhett laughs) – Oh man
– It's like, is that the same guy? – It was always your decision.
– Nothing need to be said. – It was always your head. – It went in the mouth and
went right into the can. – But now Josh has done his best to reclaim the pork blood taco. – Now we're calling this
taco, God, it's made of blood! I Mexi-can't eat it! (Rhett chuckles)
But we're gonna try. Is your assertion that we
are going to will this? – [Josh] I think you're
going to will that. – You think?
– I think you will like it. Well I don't know what's
in your heart and minds. I know that whatever you don't eat, I'm gonna eat on the side.
– Blood? – [Josh] I love that taco. I stand by my dish. – All right, what he has done
is pork blood corn tortillas. – [Rhett] Check. – [Link] Filled with stewed blood curd. – Check.
– Topped with blood salsa. – Check.
– And blood pickled onions. – Check! – At least the onions
themselves aren't made of blood. – [Rhett] Look how juicy this thing is. – I wouldn't call it juice. I'd probably–
– Oh! – Just call it blood. It does look greasy
though, maybe that'll help. – It's definitely better
than just a long slab of pork blood in a hard shell taco. – It looks better.
– I'll give you that. Dink it, might wanna
keep your plate under it. – Who knew back then we'd be here now? – Oh I knew, Link.
– You didn't. – I always knew. Dink it. And stink it. (gags) Nothing bad has happened yet. (gags) – I'm having more difficult
than you just 'cause the thought that… – I know it's just like
curdled blood from pork. Oh gosh. – Does that help? – That crazy unbelievably
irony taste is completely gone. (gags)
What is wrong? It's just the thought? – Ah, got it down. But you know what–
– Not only did I get it down– – It doesn't actually taste bad. I'm just having a mental problem. – I'm taking another bite. – What?
– Yes. Do it, Rhett, do it. – Josh.
– Well you know what, I'll take another bite.
– Josh, it's good. You made pork blood taste good. – [Josh] This is literally
the proudest moment of my life, I can't express that enough. – Kinda crazy. I'm not crying 'cause I'm proud. – I'm a little scared of you right now. – I'm crying 'cause I was gagging but it's really miraculous. – Is this some sort of sorcery? I don't know how you did
it, but it tastes good. I want to finish it, but I
feel like it would be wise to stop, you know, just two bites. That's all I'm gonna do right now. I don't know what happened to you. – Well I just don't wanna look at it or think about it but
tasting it wasn't bad at all. Way to go, Josh! Your job here continues! – I cannot believe it. I cannot believe it, but pork blood– – Will it taco–
– Now? – [Rhett and Link] Yes! – It did!
– That is a great way to ring in 1500 episodes,
I kinda feel like it feels wrong to like
something like that. I feel like I'm supposed
to vomit something up in order to call it a day but. – Well again, thank you
so much for enabling 1500 of these and hopefully many more. So tell us in the comments
what classic Will It you'd like to see us reheat next. – And thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing for all this time.
– Yes! You know what time it is. – Hey this is Mark and Liam. – From Santa Barbara, California. – And we're at Lilly's Tacos. – And we got eyeball
taco, cow eyeball tacos. – And it's–
– Time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – Woo, he's excited about them cow eyeballs.
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