Will People Actually Storm Area 51?

tonight 1.3 million people have signed up to storm area 51 in Nevada what could go wrong we told you about this on the edge before a group called created a Facebook event called storm area 51 they can't stop us all organizers say to meet on September 20th and rush on to the secret military base to quote see them aliens organizers admit up front that this is all a joke but local police they're taking it seriously they say they are ready to arrest anyone who tries to trespass on the base and will use non-lethal force they say including tear gas and pepper spray meanwhile the Air Force issued a statement saying it is aware of the Facebook post a military spokesman issued this warning the Nevada test and training range is an area where the Air Force tests combat aircraft we do not discuss specific security measures but any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous and now celebrities are getting in on the joke today lil nas ex just dropped an area 51 theme theme music video for his latest old town road remix thank goodness for that Kevin Jonas tweeted that the Jonas Brothers happiness begins tour will include a post raid rave and singer Liz oh and actor Danny Trejo also have shared their own area 51 memes though none have actually said they plan to be in Nevada on September 20th so our question of the night do you think people are really gonna storm area 51 here's your panel box work Charlotte radio host and comedian qcv Natalie Stewart she and her husband retired NFL running back Jonathan Stewart own and operate Charlotte lately and Ryan Pitkin editor-in-chief of Queen City nerve Charlotte's cultural pulse I love boobs you smile every time you say that I love that that's your slogan do you think this is real I think it's actually gonna happen I think people are some people are crazy enough to try to do this well crazy is a good word I'm thinking more rise of idiotic there's some fools out there we're really looking forward to don't need our panic trip to go out there oh we still got the movie Independence Day when it was on top of the roof and they all got blown up to smithereens they're rightfully so I just wish to the police force the Air Force mm-hmm oh she would be lethal yes surely you so bezel-less local police say non-lethal Navy says we do not people who can't wait to think of van and the Greyhound bus that that's not here tonight because he's already out there you're getting ready gearing up Natalie that the hotel bookings in the area have gone up people had time for which is crazy to me it's like the it's like Coachella and everyone just gearing up but that's the sad thing I think people really are that dumb that even if the people made the group as a joke that is the power and influence of social media which is insane and the fact people don't understand like the thought that you actually think you could go and and raid a a military base is insane if you like Burning Man them Coachella cuz there we burn fire what do you think Ryan are people gonna actually do this and are you either right with Queen City nerve no because we're at hyperlocal what's going on Charlotte but no I think absolutely but the thing is the organizers this is like the world's best role because you can tell they're funny people and like see them alien right I just wanted to get some tummy uppies or something like that they were I'm a post but other people are gonna go and then the folks who made that poster that's gonna be sitting back there have got us all talking about it like is there gonna be blood on their hands and if legitimately but we'll do storm this base because as you said even though it's clearly a joke there are people out there who we know are unwell who are motivated by stuff that they see online who are maybe they have some sort of mental illness issues that maybe they're gonna go try this and they qualified it though with this is a joke this is to be funny I know but some people have that whole Facebook thing show you to them yeah they need to shut that group down because there are people that believe in conspiracy theories and are crazy and will well show up and think about this someone's gonna make money out for this I wish I got enough time I try to plan a trip out there and have people who want to go and I go uncle rip mall bus and make t-shirts yeah going out there and you live in the Charlotte area and you're watching this please contact me because I do want to interview you seriously you can do a Charlotte lately takeover yes and you could be on Queen City nerve as well right and you can be on Fox Sports Charlotte radio qcb that's right name to give samples for date of you please hang with Thomas freight and JJ could give me an interview about you even if you're not planning to storm the area 51 if you're just going out and sort of for the tourist attraction part of it I'd love to interview you and yeah go to Zion National Park go somewhere else there are other places Oh Clearwater Florida someone nice like that like TripAdvisor is there something else you like anywhere but that spot in Arizona anyway anyway [Laughter]

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