Will the Yankees Put the Red Sox Away for Good in London? | MLB

baseball from this afternoon as we're gonna chat about the Yankees and the Red Sox each in action today as they get ready to play Friday and Saturday in Lund a London bill Peto and Fernando Perez here we go with the Yanks and the Jays today Yankees the offense continues to amaze me we're done five nothing Toronto Fernando didi Gregorius went deep they now have at least one home run in a major league record 29 straight games DJ LeMahieu went deep they ended up winning this game 8 – 7 they've won 11 of the last 12 games another record is a hundred and sixty two games a calendar year of baseball without being shut out it's unbelievable then so they win and that means that their lead over boss and going into the series in London is now nine games just a Red Sox lost today Chris Sale on the hill against the White Sox and Sale has struggled White Sox win this game 8 7 Boston was going for a sweep but a Fernando the White Sox score eight runs and win at 87 the White Sox nobody is so interested in them wondering if they're gonna have some pieces to sell that man probably not going anywhere although a lot of people want them mr. Abreu that's not mr. Abreu but folks wanna sail getting roughed up he won't be pitching in London the first one we're gonna see Tanaka Porcello in London okay and that's gonna be you know pitcher's duel vibes potentially but we're wondering how this stadium is going to play there's no stadium that plays smaller than Yankee Stadium and then Eduardo Rodriguez is gonna be starting against this juggernaut Yankee offense probably a ton of runs that's probably what people want to see but what's interesting about this crew of folks that like baseball over in London this is a nice thing remember nothing looms bigger than soccer in big people gonna be interested in this series you know overseas better than anybody what do you think well yeah well that's what I'm saying that it's really it's a niche culture you have a bunch of folks that are you know like expats or you know having a father or mother that lived in the States for a while and having some exposure to the game but really what has grown the game to this point now is social media and also stats you know all of the interest in stats has made this a more accessible to lots of people so if you are in some faraway country you actually have a connection to the sport via this even though you don't get to see it the games are late you know it's very very difficult it's quite a commitment to follow a sport in another country and its really been the stats and of course social media holding it all together so the games are Saturday and Sunday in London Stadium that's where the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics were held that's where they're gonna be playing house the NFL we know the NFL plays in London every year is there a lot of interest in the NFL how about the NBA vs. baseball it's just that soccer is so big you know and then second banana cricket I mean what's interesting with baseball I would say that London or the UK in general is maybe the third or fourth best market you know for players or for fans for baseball top would be Germany there's this amazing Academy in Regensburg Germany I mean we're talking they're great players that have come out of Germany in the last few years Italy maybe second the Netherlands possibly third because of curse ow which is just a weird little unicorn there I mean maybe England is fourth there but you know there's interest but its niche interest you know nothing will ever death Road and soccer and then you've got cricket which is also quite large basketball not that big the NFL it's just more it's a thing people like so of course people like it anywhere but not that huge if you're on the Red Sox right now you're concerned nine games out a high the Yankees going to this series I mean I think it's a long season and you can't say it enough but it's just true you know a roster can be infused the shot in the arm you know say and then we're not even at the break yet so so much could happen I mean Stanton came back Stanton's gonna be going out I mean we could be on this show in a week and a couple injuries could totally change the complexion of everything so but the Yankees injuries haven't changed a complexion at all well when you've got a ton of money and both of these clubs do but when you've got a ton of money band-aids are easier to dole out you know when somebody goes down you can make a move and supplement that right the Rays fantastic team when somebody goes down it's a huge huge problem the cannot recover from three injuries like the Yankees can and stay competitive but right now the big thing I mean Yankees need some pitching over on the West it can come back from five nothing down why do they need pitching maybe they score eight runs ogres say I don't play in Yankee Stadium all that's a good point no they don't play in Yankee Stadium all the time but they need some pitching there are some names out there strowman the strowman shield exciting guy right not exactly a game-changing once-in-a-lifetime talent there's been talk about Bumgarner but Bumgarner is not having the greatest season Bumgarner's you know he wants to tell you that I'm the same etc can you trust that we don't know Max Scherzer he's not out there but in this way in this world everything's for sale now for the Yankees and the Dodgers the team that manages to get Scherzer if he's even available but let's just talk about it because it's interesting the team that gets him wins the World Series it's a near-perfect roster the Dodgers roster the Yankees roster is incredible offensive juggernaut right the team that lands Scherzer I think wins the World Series no you heard it here first and the all-star break it's it's not really not that exotic it's just around the corner there's a baseball it's going very fast for more great videos from the MSG 150 check out or right there remember our show is on Monday through Thursday 8:00 to 10:30 p.m. on MSG Network and MSG go

6 thoughts on “Will the Yankees Put the Red Sox Away for Good in London? | MLB

  • I live in the UK. I used to be in the NYC area. The people here sometimes will know some of the players. Some of the Stats. Who won. Who should have won. They sometimes know as much as a rotisserie player, or a Stratomatic coach. If you want to Globalize the game. The people will have to be educated on different strategies. The whys, and why nots of the game.

    If I single up the middle. And there is a runner on first. If he is fast I am thinking that he will go to third. I am also thinking that the Centerfielder will throw to third. I am looking to take second base. So I am paying attention big on where the Centerfielder is going. ~ That is a tactic that you will only learn from years and years of playing / watching the game. You cant teach that. You have to be there.

    If you want to Globalize the game. education is key. But the education has to be about the strategies. I know if it is 3rd down and 5. I will occasionally run the ball. It might work. It might not. But it keeps the D honest. It keeps them from over shifting for the short passes. That is an obvious short throw to the Tight End play. A screen pass looks good, if the D is rushing in. If you know I am doing that ; it won't work. The D is looking to shift slightly towards the open side of the field and look for a quick pass. That is not something that can be taught. You either know it; or you don't. 50 years of watching the game has taught me that.

    Don't teach the rules. Teach the strategy. Close game, late innings. Leadoff double. Im thinking bunt him to third. I may not do it, but it keeps the defense honest. That is something you learn with experience. The UK public does not know this. If nobody shows them, they never will. Down 3 points with 3 seconds to go. They are thinking " They will pass to Klay Thompson " I am thinking . set a screen for Klay. Get him open.

  • Hell no we can't feel comfortable. Same thing happened last year around this time we were up big and then blew it to the dead sox. We need a damn ace. Get Max

  • I just want to know why they called up Tauchman instead of Frazier?! Am I missing something here?? Still confused as to why they traded for Encarnacion when you had a young kid who was doing great. Brought lots of energy to a team that had many injuries and helped keep them in contention. I think he deserved better. Cause of a few errors? Rant over.

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