Window Lickers & Firearms Don’t Mix

oh hey Shitheads, you know the gun and tactical industry has been very very good to me when I’m not driving my Lamborghini or gracing the cover of Time magazine I like to donate my home and my time to taking care of retards even my dog’s retarded but I’ll tell you it’s very rewarding although it does come with its own set of unique challenges no you stay down as you can see keeping a dangerous firearm like this unsecured in an environment with toddlers retards let’s face it teenagers can be very dangerous that’s why I choose and trust soar gun locks to keep my firearms safe but immediately ready for violence of action before I discovered Zargon lock I tried several other solutions including building a custom gun room [Music] still there Oh
01:58 [Music]
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fat fuck robbed me that didn’t work out so well then I tried a biometric safe fuck don’t eat my pie dog bite him shit god dammit that didn’t work out so then I found ZORE Gunlocks the ability to keep my gun on my nightstand whether I’m with my gun or not and keep it ready and immediately accessible for fast violence of action even while keeping it secure and safe around my retards the Cobra Commander I didn’t know she was a hooker as you can see don’t waste time with imitations or gimmicks Zoar really saved the day just remember clap on Zoar off and it’s time to do work my chocolate milk motherfucker

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