45 thoughts on “#WINNING: Michael Knowles wipes the smile right off this smug socialist's face

  • I’m right wing but the left wing kid did unfortunately handle the situation better. The other guy didn’t really disproof the kid’s 10,000 death figure and instead talked about how a person can’t get denied healthcare in a hospital. That’s not a rebuttal.

  • @2:21 The Hospitals now help people apply for Medicaid so they can see a doctor once they leave the hospital. I am disabled in a wheelchair. I get all my medication, catheters, diabetic supplies, wheelchair repair as well as medical transport with a will chair lift to all my appointments. These people are misinformed!

  • These MOW RONZ are currently attending college and will eventually be released into society…
    VERY SAD..

  • Medicare is only for people who paid into it through their jobs, all of their working life, and become eligible for Medicare at the age of 65.
    You can't get MediCare before age 65.
    That is "facts over feelings" bub.

  • What we saw in this video is the cause, and effect of a FAILURE in our Educational systems, built more on Money, than Knowledge. Liberal Colleges are not teaching, they are brainwashing, through the extortion of false promises made, to those who expend large, sometimes…life savings, on Lies, Perpetuated by those who Need Power in order to Rule over everyone else.

  • Wow! the stupid retrograde right peddling yesterday's broken ideas to solve tomorrow's complex problems! How sick is that?

  • Sick that this questioner ("college" student) could be so wrong factually and can still speak with a straight face as if he is right.  The Emergency Medical and Treatment Labor Act (passed in 1986) prohibits the withholding (or even the delay(!!)) of life saving treatment on the basis of lack of ability to pay.

  • Dumb ass socialist!

    Socialism/Communism never lifted anyone out of poverty.
    It has, however, increased poverty because it does NOT create wealth!

  • notice socialist tend to be unsuccessful, inept, shitspawn. When socialist give away their shit first, they might learn how capitalist have felt about carrying the low IQ shitspawn for generations. Let these dumb asses starve. sterilize and segregate these shitspawn. They want to use fascist tactics to get their way. What would happen if the complete humans that pay for everything decided to use fascism to end their lives killing the failed ideologies these shitspawn spew? Make America great again, and audit the high schools, audit the colleges and universities and remove athletics from both. Reform welfare and stop financing Medicaid births for the inept, unsuccessful, shitspawn that is overpopulating this Republic with dumb-as-phuck libtards that will never produce, maintain, or defend anything of value to HUMANS.

  • Standardize healthcare ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS – take the power away from the insurance corporations, pharmaceutical corporations and definitely outlaw LOBBYING!!

  • I can't even hardly believe how poorly-informed and indoctrinated these looney lefty college students are … they don't appear to have any ability to think for themselves … knock knock … nobody home.

  • Anyone in the US can get emergency care, however, it's the follow-up care and treatment that they can't access. There's a huge difference.
    Being told you need a new hip is great. Getting that new hip is better.

  • Damn socialist know nothing of socialism & how it doesn’t actually work. This damn younger millennial snowflake generation. Dumb.

  • But Michael, you apparently don’t know what you are talking about. It’s rather simple, a single PAYER system, linked with the Medicare model of determining what is best for the patient according to the provider and those in the know, that is paid through tax dollars and free at the POINT OF ACCESS. Go ahead and say it isn’t socialism, if that’s what you need to do to be okay with it, but that is what would be the simplest and most complete solution to our messed up privatized healthcare system (not just what the ACA tried to do).

  • Stupid kid. Universal healthcare is GREAT for the working able body who is HEALTHY, but if you are a child or elderly or disabled or very sick….FORGET IT. They will prolong and delay healthcare until you are dead. There are PLENTY of proof of this in those countries that provide universal healthcare.

  • Liberals are great at parroting slogans and prepackaged talking points. They don't comprehend them though.

  • I hate when people put a price tag on government programs. The price is infinite because it will never be paid for and it will always cost more each and every year.

  • ER's are FORBIDDEN from rejecting you due to no insurance. Why do you think illegals keep jumping the border, going to the closest ER, getting treatment and then jumping back across the border without paying a dime leaving taxpayers to fit the bill. Happens everyday.

  • Most bankruptcies are due to poor financial management. Millenniums have a very difficult time prioritizing their spending. The same can be said of Government but unfortunately, Government have an endless source of money from tax payers. Time to go back to setting up proper budgets and live within your means.

  • Anyone with access to history, who still believes that socialism can work or ever has worked, is a certifiable cretin. It's very easy to be a pretend socialist while enjoying the benefits of a free market economy. It's just virtue signalling.

  • I never these american people
    They never live in a communist country how the fuck do they know about communalists

  • Benjamin Franklin said that those who surrender essential Liberty for safety (or…insert your favorite socialist cause here) deserve neither Liberty nor safety. Giving in and/or allowing socialist programs because it is difficult or irksome to oppose them is cowardice and the end result is selling yourself into slavery. When the "State" provides everything to everyone; your education, your healthcare, your home and where you live, what you can and what you can't have, what you read and what you see on television, your defense in matters of law both civil and criminal, EVERYTHING, then you are truly a "ward" (slave) of the state. Democracy and Individual Liberties come at a tremendous cost but a cost worth paying considering the alternatives!

  • I've worked in healthcare as a Respiratory Therapist for over 30 years in multiple hospitals of all sizes and I can say without a doubt that not only do we see and treat patients without insurance in the Emergency Departments but we admit them to the hospital for continued care and when they are ready for discharge, find safe places for them to go and many times, provide the transportation to get them there.

  • We in Australia have the Communist so called Free Health Sytem , it averages out to be 13 visits per person to doctors annually in Australua , Japan does not have a Communist Free Health System , they average out to be 3 visits to doctors per person annually , now why do you think that is and who do you think is paying for the gross amounts of unecesssy doctors and their Rolls Royces .

  • The current system isn’t to blame for the bankruptcies. People take risks, some are very unnecessary. Some people just make bad decisions, or, perhaps, none at all. That is why they fail. The system gave them the opportunity to go after something they wanted. The system doesn’t say the outcomes should all be the same. It says that the opportunities are there for those willing to go after them.

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