Wintour’s Leap Trad Climbing – Finding Freedom

well welcome back to another vlog!
morning! we are here at winters leap and we’re gonna go head over to fly wall as we’ve
not been over there before so we’re gonna check out a couple of routes over
there see what they’re like so we have tried, well we’ve tried to do a
vlog twice before this, is the third time lucky. third time lucky in Wintour’s Leap so
we did we came here and we were on a route on halfway the route and then you
hurt your arm so we had to bail on that (I bumped my elbow) it’s the one-armed bandit. she couldn’t move her arm so we bailed on that and then we came
back, had another go and we did we did angel Eye – really good route but we got so
absorbed in the climbing that we forgot to film that
yeah not during or after! there wasn’t much of a vlog so
we’re hoping third time lucky we might get a blog out of today but we’ve …well go on
we finally found freedom so we found we found a route called Freedom which goes goes up this sort of a pillar, corner it’s given what top end vs let’s get
climbing we made up pitch one. now we’re going to
go up here – this corner crack thing and then up and there it looks okay gear
looks okay I think it’s gonna be one of these ones that’s quite awkward that’s the hardest bit done so we made it to the top it’s quite physical climbing, which you found it quite hard for your shoulder it wasn’t enjoying that, but we’re up here so the last climb was on the limit of Sophie’s shoulder’s ability so we won’t push the grades too much
today but we found another vs, so we’ll give that
a go. butterfly VS, and that goes up there somewhere. we’ll
give that a go see what that’s like and see how Soph’s shoulder gets on with it Brett’s just finished climbing butterfly the first bit was okay it wasn’t that
good on the shoulder, the second part was much better
bit more face climbing and crack climbing but I don’t want to push the shoulder too
much today so i think we’re going to call it a day and head back to the van I haven’t reached my step goal yet those have not registered why’s it not registering these last 9 steps? my watch is broken. i only need 9 to go over the 10,000! o, it’s caught up now right, dinner’s ready! so you’ve reached your step goal? well i’ve reached 10,000 I reset my step goal to
15,000 because I’m a bit more competitive than the average person so we’ve parked up for the night we looked out of the window and there’s an amazing sunset happening, so we’re going to see if we can get somewhere see whether we can get some shots of it. It’s all bright red but just got to find somewhere where we might be able to see it so the good news is we are upping our step
count the bad news is we still can’t get to this sunset we keep seeing glimpses
through the trees, but we can’t find somewhere where we can get a clear view well, we went running off and we sort of kind of
found something we’ve got a few seconds of time lapse anyway we’ll show it to
you now yeah we didn’t couldn’t get a shot we
wanted we can get a really good view and we were a bit late we missed most of it
too busy eating! you don’t know unless you try, it was
worth a go. hit the like button if you liked the video if you don’t already,
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