Wisdom Wednesday: Contentment, What is it and Where is it?

hey you guys happy Wednesday it's wisdom Wednesday and today we're going to talk about contentment which is such a big topic but it's something that I I don't got the words struggle but I work to experience more of in my life and that it's something having sort of a tendency toward anxious thoughts or anxious feelings that I have to work to practice every day as contentment and I'll explain more of what that means but I'm going to be teaching contentment from the viewpoint of yoga psychology today right out of the yoga Sutra one of the foundational texts of yoga so contentment is defined as connection with our higher self it's a deep deep happiness it's independent of the stuff we have or any of that sort of status it's just this inner ease and it's not something that we have to attain it's actually something that we already are it's just that in our life sometimes we forget and we get disconnected from that feeling of contentment so um they actually wrote down its supreme happiness its extreme satisfaction so wouldn't it be nice to feel that every day extreme happiness and just complete satisfaction and yet yoga reminds us that we live in this world of opposites so sometimes when we don't have that feeling of complete satisfaction or of extreme happiness we appreciate it even more when we do and so it's the contrast of our life that helped us experience life so don't beat yourself up if you're having a day where you don't feel content or this extreme happiness sometimes that's part of our journey and so without it we wouldn't be able to appreciate it when we do as much so that's what contentment what is how it's defined and in the yoga Sutra it says that the word for contentment is santosha and it's it's something we need to practice so we just this and because we already have it it's already part of our nature so how do we do that so the yoga Sutra gives us this beautiful path and it's these these practices for living so first is I'm gonna use a Sanskrit word here it's ahimsa and it means non-violence or non-harming so it says that to reach contentment this experience of connecting with really feeling this contentment within us we have to begin to practice ahimsa this non-violence this non harming and what that means is we have to give up we have to surrender we have to release things like blame or criticism and in in in psychology or in consciousness studies we might call this a victim mindset we actually have to release that so by doing that we begin to experience the next phase which is called sascha and this is a purity of mind and heart and then through that period of mind and heart we begin to experience more contentment so a one way that you'll know that you're practicing ahimsa this feeling of or this practice of giving up blame criticism complaining judging is that you'll feel more comfortable in your own presence you'll feel happier you'll feel more connected but others will as well so you'll know that you've mastered ahimsa when you walk in a room and people feel like they can be exactly who they are there they can be authentically themselves they're not in fear of being judged or criticized or blamed by you and you feel that same way back toward you your being that same way towards yourself so we give up all this and one way to do that is to start to take personal responsibility in our life so how do we do this well we have to create a life where we make space to examine our life we make space to decide and commit who we want to be and how we want to live so ahimsa is a is a beautiful high practice and most of us are living a life where we are so darn busy and we let life run us that we don't create the space in our life for this type of practice and without it yoga says we're not going to really experience Sauza we're not going to experience this purity of mind and heart which leads us to experiencing what's already ours which is this deep happiness and immense satisfaction so I ask you how is your life set up are you making space in your day are you deciding through taking responsibility for yourself and your day on your time to make the time to sit and maybe journal or have a vision board or have a daily vision board I've started this is very new to me I've always had vision boards I have four years but a daily vision board where I'm writing down you know what I'm grateful for what are my top priorities today what do I want to pay attention to today what do I want to put my heart into today you know there's when we end up with this like endless to-do list we get increasingly stressed and resentful and overwhelmed but when we start to really laser focus our attention we get more we actually experience more ease so the discipline of laser focusing our attention creates more ease in our life so are you making space in your day for a daily practice there's so many tools out there you guys so I just start out with journaling and ask yourself as you go through your day so you have your daily practice but as you go through your day when you catch yourself in any sort of blame or criticizing or judging or any negative talk which is really the opposite of ahimsa ask yourself what else could you be telling yourself here what other story could you be telling yourself because really that's a story that you're telling yourself there when we start to start to complain and judge and criticize and blame it's just a viewpoint it's a story it's a it's a perspective what other perspective could you take here and how could you take more responsibility for what you want to experience in what you want to feel the other thing is really to begin a meditation practice if you don't already have just a moment of being still in your day of just connecting breathing meditating slowing down the thoughts so that you can begin to observe them if you don't already have that practice I highly encourage you to begin that practice start small start with one or two minutes but do it okay do it and the other thing that I do I just want to share cuz I happen to have this here with me is I use things in my life throughout my day that can help anchor me back to what's important to me so I happen to love Magnolia oil this is one of my favorite oils ever and I love the roller bottle because it's really easy for me to take in my bag or take to work or take wherever I'm going and I just rub it on my arm on my neck on my heart center and I just remind myself of my intention just you know it may be it's to be at peace today maybe it's to believe in myself whatever the daily message is it's to repeat that so one time one message that I tell myself a lot to practice more contentment is I am enough and I'm doing enough I am enough and I'm doing enough and just rolling that on or you can do that with a breath just take a deep breath and remind yourself of your intention so the idea here is to without him set is to release the negativity the negative self-talk the blame the judgment the criticizing that's going to help you experience more purity in your mind more clarity in your mind more peace in your mind which leads to that's called Sasha which leads to santosha which is more of that experience of the truth of who you are this deep deep deep contentment and the results of that you guys is incredible because we start to realize we start to actually experience that more than circumstances in our life we get to decide how we feel we don't have to always look out at circumstances in our life and conditions we get to decide we get to look at life from the inside out and say this is what I'm choosing today okay and then amazingly life out there begins to change so I hope this is helpful contentment so practice it sit quietly meditate have an anchor thought throughout the day release judgment be kind to yourself in your words and your actions and make it a great day all right you guys if you have any questions on this let me know these are just short little words of wisdom for bringing you to you every Wednesday all right I'd love to hear from you namaste

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