Wizard Legacy of Nightmares Star Pact Group Speed GR Season 17 Guide

yo this is Lex and they see a diablo 3 build guide on legacy a nightmare stop act in this video I will be going over the non Archon built variant compared to the bazooka Archon variant this build is easier to gear and easier to play I recommend starting with this version of Star pack first and then adding Archon later be sure to check out my Archon start pack guide when you are ready to transition for group speedruns this barracks I was in the 110 to 120 greater rift range these runs should be completed in six to eight minutes this builder arms around the legacy and nightmare set consisting of litany of the undaunted and wailing hosts season 17 is the season on nightmares so we get this buff without needing to wear these rings outside of season 17 you can only have convention of elements the season of nightmares buff allows us to also have halo of Carini the third ring is flexible the compass rose is a good option for its extra stat other options include oculus ring stone of Jordan or any ring that has good stats death wish at sigil and mentor of channeling our increased damage while channeling the Grand Vizier and no force boss increased meteor damage illusory boots prevent you from getting stuck the shame of Dow Theory fails resource faster swampland Raiders our witch doctor item but can have extra arcane damage Aquila chest provides defense and resources for the amulet I'm using his moonlight ward but a perfect Hellfire is better at before Val red camera our center refers resource faster but you can use any wizard head with good stats st. archers gauge are the best gloves but use the gloves that have the best stats strong arm braces provide more damage when you use black hole you can change the ancient party on defenders if you need more defense the legendary gems used are bane of the trapped say stone of vengeance and esoteric alteration if you can survive without esoteric you can swap it out for bane of the powerful for stat Priorities area damage comes first you should have one hundred and seventy four percent with area damage everywhere except the amulet crit chance crit damage arcane damage and meteor damage are also needed attack speed and cooldown reduction are not needed be sure to check the d3 planner link below for ideal gear and stats moving on to scale is blackhole spell steel increases damage and activate strongarm bracers disintegrate intensify increases arcane damage and activates channeling damage electrocute such a power refills resource meteor star pack for big dumps wave of force Arcana to mean is used to increase meteor damage Strahm armored scramble activates halo of Carini arcane dynamo is stacked with electrocute to increase meteor damage audacity increases damage in close range extra presence increases resource for bigger dumps and a life saver because dying sucks let's practice the Star pack timing in town after casting star packed it takes 1 point 2 5 seconds for the meteor to hit the ground during this time you would need to cast a Ledge acute three times and then hold down disintegrate practice doing this rotation of star packed free electrocutes and disintegrate making sure the channeling is started before the meteor lands you can stop channeling after the meteor hits the ground let's just jump into a level 120 greater rift start by casting electrocute until you have 4 stacks of arcane dynamo one second into the laning phase of convention of elements cast black hole in the middle of the group followed by waiver force start packing me casted one second before lightning phase ends I've casted it here I continue the rotation with free casts of electrocute and horde disintegrate the meteor lands while I'm channeling and during arcane phase I can still execute into resources fallen cast the second meteor I continue the rotation of our starter stepping into you're an oculus ring this meteor lands at the end of arcane phase and that is how you land to arcane fades meteors when you see a kind of a pylon you want to clear trash mobs before it's popped for power pylons you want to wait until after it's been popped before starting arcane based meteors double kill if enemies are still alive after two arcane phase meteors you can continue to rapid-fire more meteors just waiting to ya for resource and five stacks of arcane Dynamo before dumping one shot one kill this group consisted by healing support monk that groups enemies a support bob that posed enemies and shouts in a lance necro for single target damage you can rely on the necro to finish the boss I hope you enjoy the build please like the video of this helps you subscribe and ring the battle for future content and feel free to stop by the livestream to say hi happy saying you

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