Wolfenstein 2 BJ and The Freedom Fighters

I am B.J. Blazkowicz Resistance member, defender of freedom, and the Third Reich’s worst nightmare! I HAVE THE POWER Lets kick some Nazi ass! ♫ B.J. and the Freedom Fighters ♫ *the sound of freedom* Now, from the hijacked U-boat; Evas Hammer I fight For freedom For justice And the american way. Ready the Nazi nihilator fascist finder Mark…. Awesome! Are you crazy?! Can it, Spesh! We’re ready when you are, commander. Lets give these Nazis a fisting they won’t enjoy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Mmmhmm NEIN But I don’t fight alone… Mighty mamma to B.J. jr. and B.J. jr. : Anya Loveable lunkhead, Max Conspiracy crackpot and mean milkshake maker Ahhh, strawberry milkshake. The perks of invasion *slurp* BOOM! ded Super Spesh P.O.C S.O.B Bombate 24/7 hero tech support Set Sigrun She umm… likes… cake. And who could forget Shoshana the catmonkey! She’s killed more Nazis then any of us. Bless this mechanised canine oh lord, guide it’s fangs to the soft buttox of our enemy And drive them from this once great nation- America will never be free until we defeat my arch nemesis, Obergrupenführer Frau Engel A ruthless and evil monster, who will not stop until she destroys the resistance 🙀 forever OOH! Shiver me whiskers, we better get outta here B.J. – I’m not feline so good! How could you ever dream of defeating us? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAaaaa. WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS For love ❤️ 👊 For kindness 😿 For uh… body confidence 💃 For, banana nip? 😸 but most of all For America! ♫ B.J. and the Freedom Fighters ♫ NEIIIINNNN 💀 OOH! 🙀

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