Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Official Story Trailer

It’s so much worse than I thought. We’ll drive the Nazis out of Paris. Just like Daddy did back home. No phone calls, no letters… he just vanished. My agents inform me that he left the country under a false identity about four weeks ago. What the hell is this place? Codename Blackbird, Paris Catacombs… That’s your lead. He’s in Paris. Y’know, if we say something, they aren’t going to do jack shit. Well, I guess it’s just up to us then. Let me show you something. Woah. It’s do or die. Just like Daddy told us. Fuck yeah! You guys are weird. If BJ fuckin’ Blazkowicz doesn’t want to be found no one on God’s green earth is going to find his ass. We got this shit, sis. Fuckin’ a. Have you ever killed Nazis before? We were born to kill Nazis. Jump! Can we make it? How the fuck should I know?

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