Woman Living in a Tiny House to Achieve Financial Freedom – Interview & Tour

hey everyone in this video we're gonna meet up with Natasha and check out her beach themed tiny house she's been living in it for over a year now and she decided to move from an apartment into a tiny house with the goal of eventually having some more financial freedom she had it built by a local builder and they did a beautiful job and she also found a convenient and legal place to park it so let's go check it out we want to thank Skillshare for sponsoring this video we'll give you more information about them at the end plus a link to a free two-month trial growing up you know we all have instilled in us that we're supposed to leave the family home and then buy a house but I never wanted to do that for two reasons one I never knew where I wanted to permanently be and two I didn't want to be broke for 25 plus years so when the tiny house movement kind of started several years ago I was watching them on YouTube and I thought they were the cutest little things watching one of these videos the man mentioned how much the tiny house costs and I thought well wow one its movable so I can move it and not be set in a certain spot if I didn't like it and two I can completely afford it and not be cash-strapped for the next 25 years so after watching pretty much every single YouTube video there is on tiny houses I put together my ideal tiny house in 2016 I went to the tiny house festival in Quebec and I ended up deciding to work with one of the builders there and they built me my dream tiny house I've been living in this house now for over a year and it is approximately 275 square feet inside with the tube off since I designed it myself it's exactly the layout that I was hoping for it's big and spacious and I love that it's white because it makes it feel bigger my absolute favorite part of the entire house is my loft I just find it so cozy and snuggly up there so this is my bedroom this is a 16 inch mattress and you can see that sitting on it I still have lots of head space so no issues there this is Igor I am cat sitting for a friend and he loves it up here just as much as I do a lot of people who know me know that I love animals and I will always have animals and they often ask me about having an animal in the tiny house and it's completely doable there are so many nooks and crannies for a cat to get into and I have a really great way of kind of hiding the litter box so it's not out in the open but having pets in a tiny house works great I knew that I wanted to make this a closet or at least have storage space up here so I've got these wonderful IKEA cubbies that holds towels and bed sheets and whatnot I have a little portable air conditioner if I need it I haven't really yet I've got a great little window fan that I put in the windows that flows in a lot of the cool night air for electricity I have your typical 30 amp service here at the park for heat I use propane I have a 100% propane heater which is really great and for water I have town water during the warmer months and then during the winter when they shut off the water I have a holding tank that I can fill up it will last me a week and a half maybe two weeks but I do shower at work so that definitely helps if I was to shower at home would probably last me about a week or less I have a bathtub which is only five inches shorter than your traditional bathtub but I have a bathtub in here under here is where the washing machine would go but I have my litter box and my dirty laundry her laundry I do visit my brother once a week and I get it done there while I take care of his kids and I've got my closet over here on this side which fits everything including vacuum cleaner I knew that I did not need a very big kitchen because I am NOT a very big chef to be honest so I designed a very small kitchen and I have enough counter space for me right up here I have my cooktop it is induction cooktop I just here plug it in when I need to and I cook and I'm good to go and then when I'm not using it it fits perfectly right up here and then if I want to cook or bake anything I have an induction oven in there and I just use it in there it works perfectly I have an apartment size fridge which is all I need it fits everything in here and then I have a kitchen island that I got that adds a little more counter space should I need it also a lot of extra storage and it's on wheels so I can move it out of the way if I want to do some yoga here or if I want to bring it closer to the kitchen and do some prep work I have a tiny little kitchen table they also works as a desk it flips down as well it's an Ikea table then I can lay it flat if I want to get it out of the way and that leads right to my six-foot couch which can be an actual spare bed if I wanted it to be lots of storage underneath you just lift up here we get the stuff to buy wood and there's storage underneath so I've always been interested in the tiny house movement and I knew I wanted to do it but there was really no point getting started with finding a builder and getting it built without knowing where I was going to put it I didn't want to do the illegal route so I waited until I found somewhere where I knew I could put it to put it legally so I parked my house in a year-round trailer park where I rent the land and that includes the water but it doesn't include the hydro for the last year I would say the hardest part was the winter and not because of the house itself but just getting used to having propane heat I've never had propane heat before so getting used to that I did run out of propane a couple times the first time was my own fault I wanted to see how long a tank would last me so that I could prepare for the future the second time and the third time that happened I was having a problem with one of my tanks and my backup tank was empty when it switched over so I came home when my house was 8 degrees not fun so that was a little bit of a learning curve I also had a little bit of learning curve with my toilet I do have a separate toilet and the liquid line goes out to the septic tank and the solids are collected and emptied via me but I did not know that I had to protect the liquid line and so the first cold snap that we had it did freeze and back up and overflow so what I learned with the toilet is that I should put a heat tape on it so I got a heat tape and I wrapped it around not only the liquid line for the toilet but the gray water for the house I hadn't had an issue with that one but I'm pretty sure it was just a matter of time I was also the impression that in the winter tiny houses have an issue with moisture and mold but I actually found I had the exact opposite issue my house was extremely dry to the point where I actually went out and got a little device that reads the temperature and humidity to find out what was going on I actually had my wood because I'm all wood I had my wood shrink and cause gaps in between it because it was so dry I ended up getting a humidifier to help correct the issue but that wasn't it all the impression I was under that I would have for my first winter there's just a few little things like that to get used to that I'm not used to coming from apartment renting my entire life I was told when I bought the house that I should really skirt it for the winter because if you don't skirt it you'll get a lot of wind and a lot of snow underneath your house and it will keep your house colder than it should be so I skirted it but then I was also told that in the warmer months you want to remove the skirting so that it doesn't get moldy and wet under there so what I did is I just removed a portion of the skirting and I put in this little screen and I have one at the other end as well so it allows the air to go through no animals to get in but it keeps it nice and dry and also helps keep the house cooler in the summer as well because then you don't have that moisture and that dampness coming up and all that funky stuff I recommend that if you're going to go with the shirt that you save a lot of money before buying a tiny house because if you don't then you're going to be in debt no different than a traditional house just a lot less obviously so I did not save my money before buying this house and I am in debt but I have a much much shorter period of time before paying it off and that is exciting because then once the house is paid off I can travel I can do whatever I want I would like to retire in this house which is why I got stairs and not a ladder was to make this long term I don't plan on leaving it I love that it forces me not to have a lot of stuff I know that I've been places with friends and you know I've seen something really interesting but I have literally have nowhere to put it so I don't and I didn't need it it also forces me to realize what I truly do need and what I want and that there's a big difference between the two so I really like that I also love the fact that it's mine I own it I love that I can move it that you know if I don't like the neighbors I don't like the location I can literally pick it up and drive it somewhere else and park it there I hope you enjoyed checking out Natasha's tiny house if you're interested you can follow her tiny house journey on Instagram at my tiny beach house we also want to thank Skillshare again for sponsoring this video they're an online learning community with thousands of classes about all kinds of different subjects and we love them because they seem to have a really good focus on courses that will help you become a social-media influencer or start your own business whether that's online or any other kind of business so they have classes about how to make your own logo how to be a freelancer and even how to edit videos and there's a lot of other subjects too I recently took one of their classes about how to become a better storyteller because we're meeting people every single week and we're always looking for ways to improve 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38 thoughts on “Woman Living in a Tiny House to Achieve Financial Freedom – Interview & Tour

  • I love Igor the cat, he's adorable.
    When it comes to the house is nice but I couldn't do the shower at work and laundry at someone else's place. Not practical at all.

  • Love the idea of retiring in a tiny house on wheels…parking and moving it to wherever you want…wonderful.

  • I so want to do this . I'm tired of renting & don't need much room. I'd like to buy an Acre in the country to put it on.

  • You can do laundry in water by hand. When I lived in Quebec City I didn't pay for laundry ever. Washed them in water and hung them up. Had one pair ready for the next day, lol.

  • You say that you can easily changing location by moving it. How do you do that? Do you rent a truck or a pick up is sufficient? If you rent a truck, how expensive it is?

  • I am at that stage where I am watching every single YouTube videos about tiny house. Hopefully within the next two years I will have my own tiny house. Also I love IGOR 😻😻😻😻

  • I like her house too! My only question after watching serveral times, is HOW does she get up to her 2nd loft, over the kitchen? I can see she has some storage there and a great diamond window! I don't see a ladder like many have. But she never shares how she gets up there?!

  • Of course it depends on what country & where you live, but I would be interested in knowing how much the rent for staying in the park is?

  • Loved her tiny house and she has a lovely voice too and she does not take most of the video on one topic watched the whole video, she made it informative and pleasant x

  • I really appreciate the design of the house especially how the kitchen and the bedroom are on opposite ends.  In many of the designs, they have the loft above the kitchen w/the stairwell to the loft over the kitchen counters.  I don't like that; it makes think that if the feet are dirty, then dirt particles could drop to the counter. Ick!  Nice vid.  🙂

  • LOVE this! I'm curious how much did the house cost and how did the paperwork go. Here in Holland they are being very difficult about living in a park whole year. Same with living permanently on a yacht.

  • Las tiny house son Una alternativa muy buena para alguien que quiere ser propietario de su primer hogar ; especialmente cuando no se dispone del dinero para comprar una propiedad más grande. Las tiny 🏠 son más accesible en cuanto a precio se refiere aunque, vivir en una, requiere ciertos tipos de sacrificios por la falta de espacio, almacenamiento, altura en el ático y un inodoro que funcione normal pero, todo es cuestión de costumbre y lo único que no me gusta para nada, es la posibilidad de un toilette ecológico o compose o como les llamen. Eso si, no me gusta.

    Me hace sentir como era en los tiempos de antes.

    Lo bueno es que ahora son más modernas y si uno dispone del capital, puedes diseñar un plano que se ajuste a tu necesidad y eso, es buenísimo.

    Gracias por mostrarnos tu tiny house!

    Buenas noches!

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