WordPress Tutorial: How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Website

Hi and welcome to WordPress.com. This
video will show you how to add social sharing buttons to your website or blog. These buttons allow your readers to
easily share your content through popular social media channels and other
services. Log in to your site, click on My Sites and Sharing in the side bar. Then,
click on the Sharing Buttons tab. Click on Edit Visible Buttons and select the ones you want to add, and click again on the ones you want to remove. Click on
Edit More Buttons to hide buttons below the more label. Your readers will only
see these buttons if they click on more next to your other buttons. Edit label text to change the words that
appear above your buttons. Now that you've chosen what buttons you
want to display, you can change the look. Choose from icon and text, icons only,
text only, or the official service buttons. Choose whether you want to
display the Like and Reblog buttons and enable or disable comments likes. You can also add a Twitter handle that will be quoted when people share using the
Twitter button. Edit the visibility of your sharing settings for Posts, Pages,
Media, and Search Results. Save your changes and give it a test. You
can also at all times go back to the sharing settings page and change your
buttons for the entire site. You can disable the sharing and like
button on an individual post or page when editing that particular item. And that's it! For all your WordPress.com questions,
visit our support section at en.support.wordpress.com.

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