World Egg Day – Liberty Mutual Insurance

Happy world egg day buddy. Someone will love you soon. What is this? Liberty Mutual is spreading the good word about World
Egg Day. Big old eggs, you know what I mean? …Emu eggs? Yeah that’s right. I just found out that emus laid eggs.
I thought they had like, uh, one of those pouches like a kangaroo… Have you ever
smelled an emu egg? No… I have a cold. Well… it won’t get sick. You’re gonna need
a bigger pan. I would think so. Uh, I cook them fried, you know? In a… in a hubcap. Don’t make a frittata with these. Frittatas are gross. Hey, can you gimme, gimme an egg pound? I don’t need anyone to pound me. I can pound myself. [Bleep] Ooooh [Laughs] My record is 15 in one day. In one
sitting! When I say sitting, I mean I ate them and
then I sort of sat there for a really long time afterwards. How does it feel? Cold…
Well they’ve been refrigerated. [Crack] Um… Could you get somebody at the register
to charge you for that? I don’t think it’ll fit! Yeah, I think it’ll fit if you just force it… Look me in the egg whites in my eyes Okay… No frittatas. Scout’s honor. Thank you. [Spits] Happy World Egg Day.

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