World Forum for Democracy

democracy is ruled by the people the demos but this is in theory representative democracy does not enable citizens to fully participate in the decision-making process globalization the influence of economic interests and self-perpetuating elites reduce the influence of ordinary citizens on political decision-making as a result conventional political parties are losing support voters that are motivated and there is a feeling of disconnect between the people and the governing institutions however citizens are self-organizing more than ever in history around grassroots movements and initiatives with the use of digital media individuals are able to interact efficiently and build alternative democratic processes all around the world we need to find ways to connect these movements and initiatives with the political institutions and bring Democratic innovation straight into the government that's the aim of the world forum for democracy an event hosted by the Council of Europe that is open and free for anyone who wants to share ideas on how to make democracy real since 2012 thousands of citizens political leaders representatives of business media and academia from all over the world gather once a year in the French city of Strasbourg to debate crucial issues how can young people revitalize democracy what is the influence of new technologies do we have to choose between freedom and control how can educate improve democracy at the Forum we present groundbreaking initiatives that are contributing to solving these challenges in labs where they are critically assessed and voted upon by participants to select each year's best initiative finally the democratic innovators are put in direct contact with policy makers to make sure that ideas translate into real change at the world forum for democracy we believe that 21st century democracy can be improved through collaborative action networked communication and bottom-up initiatives through empower citizens and strengthen the foundations of democratic societies be part of it

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