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ah says the Church of God University student volunteer group Asus is from the sentence save the earth from A to Z Anna means university students changed the world as of 2014 the number of college students around the world is 207 million the number is doubled within 15 years but their sense of volunteer service remains low the US Bureau of Labor Statistics says in its report that among all those who participate in the volunteer service programs the age group of 18 to 24 which the majority of college students belong show the lowest participation rate college students can play a key role in changing the future as they have intelligence and acting power assess is made up of college students today's protagonist to deliver hope to every place of the earth and to make the world a happy place ozs volunteer services are designed to deliver mother's love to the world beginning from the campuses they belong to social service is to support underprivileged neighbors awareness-raising is to hold campaigns educational programs and forums victim relief is to make disaster relief and recovery efforts and to carry out the mother school project environmental protection is to carry out campus cleanups and mother Street project UNSC DGSE you'll be an asset to cook tempura made some circus in Yoda would have Samira Brandis division as a country third sustainable development goal which is verse two points it is really chilling [Applause] [Applause] with I will be on project [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] a city home again I would exceed natural activities being the most passionate most driven ecological disasters in the file region which is located issues nothing natural disasters they study in common be home nos vemos this is not my terms we've carried out Green Campus cleanups actively in 81 campuses around the world wherever we went the campuses became cleaner and brighter ah says his green campus cleanup has spread out to be mother's Street one kilometer project so more people can participate in it people who live on and near 8th Street plus volunteers from a local church they spent today on a special cleanup mission their goal was to clean up one kilometer of the H Street corridor the participants picked up empty bottles and cans even a few use needles in an effort to make that neighborhood more beautiful and more safe they say clean streets is the first step wasting time to get started on doing good work in the community today marks their first cleanup campaign which starts right here at the University of Johannesburg they've also recently won a prestigious honorary award for volunteer work namely the queen elizabeth ii award which was presented to them out in england the cleanup campaign actionable sshd mini consists of university students as well as college students actually who are very very eager to contribute to humankind societies entering our antonio true bio sutra for that quick stroll Darren sohara uten parents were too high or not yet born is cemented his simultaneous ins are in a game against Amara I says that if he never turns over the hotel room all those touch me I'm just a with that seriously except Morgan soon that same church time these volunteers from the service group saving the earth from A to Z with the World Mission Society Church of God are walking this two-mile stretch of Cimarron Boulevard in Winter Park picking up litter along the highway everything from cardboard plastic water bottles and pieces of garbage just let it on the side of the road these future leaders are part of us says or saving the earth from A to Z a university volunteer program they started outside their college on JFK Boulevard and then made their way to nearby Audubon Park picking up trash and debris the local cleanup event is part of a larger worldwide movement called reduced together research and they've shown how even through reducing our graffiti on the walls can really reduce crime so if that small act can make a change and imagine how the clean up come out to the world change can do small steps on a local level to help make a global change [Applause] mother Street project is to clean one kilometer of streets once a month to improve environmental conditions and make the streets friendly where everybody wants to walk and to make them sustainable streets by raising awareness on environmental protection the Himalayas the brilliant snow mountains many people around the world come to Nepal to see it's beautiful scenery however Nepal is suffering from serious environmental issues due to overflowing garbage the Church of God in Nepal is carried out environmental cleanups for more than a decade benelli citizens kept throwing away garbage as they were not aware of environmental issues to raise awareness about the environment in Nepal assess the Church of God University student volunteers in Nepal had a launching ceremony of mothers street at the Nepal city hall school [Applause] mother Street one kilometer is designed to collect trash in the streets for a clean environment and the movement is gone to primary middle and high schools in Nepal ah says students prepared environmental seminars for young students our environmental seminars change the students viewpoint on environmental protection the first way to protect the environment in Nepal is to pick up trash once they realize that they practiced it right away cleanup campaigns became a very good educational opportunity the UN suggested 17 goals of SDGs to achieve these goals volunteering is very important in accordance with the SDGs idea that no one should be left behind Isis is making efforts to work together with many nations and to make the earth a happy place beyond nationality and culture whoa a sec revered asses yopu persevere deformed Clara not objetivo es evolve amento de voluntario hado es ahora en todas solidaridad a cruising vessel times de Gredos f/8 en todo porque vas a spasm shaman trauma gracias de sola da da da de de voluntario voluntary ah dou mu G fo Jambo [Applause] and to achieve the advantages the way Isis is playing an important role in leading the future [Applause] in ski great interest fire and you can turn around as easily the best way to take care of [Applause] thank you so much for that Aurora our next presentation it would be a PowerPoint presentation by Cody Mary and marshmallow Peace Club is affiliated between focus on harmony of people in hiding today so we're very grateful what I understand from us so this is about fostering communication very important the Church of God University student volunteers you reassure the world that the future is going to be brighter and better in your hands it is inspiring that student volunteers like you continue to support these efforts and persistently explore ideas on how to contribute to making a difference and changing the world CDF es una RTD ah muy importante en la cara listen los jovenes estudiantes universitarios de san Remos la tierra desde la hasta la cita yo felicito a los hombres de estudiantes que hace un trabajo voluntario en los diferente lugar es de nuestro finita para salvar a mr. planet at the university students will be part of the creative energy of the future so i wish every success to your attempts to develop approaches to achieving that is these students have to take apart and an active role is to stay in support in the sustainable development group goal agenda and your role is important this in this perspective so keep on and with the shared action of every actors assesses future orientated activities have drawn attention and participation of high-ranking officials and we've received supporting signatures to achieve the UN's SDGs from around the world Isis keeps making efforts with heartwarming love and pure passion that resembles a mother's mind regarding the happiness of mankind as their happiness their efforts are recognized with praises classes college students are running toward the hopeful future with untiring fervor and youthful energy until all seven billion people in the world become happy beyond nationality language culture and race ah says the Church of God University student volunteers will not stop working for it

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