World of Warcraft. Vashj'ir intro : Alliance.

why must we ride to battle on a mercenary ship used to be that we kill pirates or our troops get no reinforcements that makes sense I suppose just doesn't feel right welcome to the military recruit tearing up the world what's next put all that out of your head recruit I've been fighting horde for 10 years now and I've never seen it worse than this just stay focused on the battle in front of us or you won't live to worry about the rest yes sir I stopped by the Park District on my way here there's nothing left of it I I was here when the dragon attacked he could have destroyed the entire city if he willed it we were powerless to stop him what drove him off then no idea it made no sense he flew in torched the park then just flew off if he asked me the Beast is insane I think I can just make it out from here right on the edge of the horizon make out what exactly the new island just surfaced after the last earthquakes it's what we're fighting for on this front at least have you been there hmm this will be my third time now toughest fighting I've seen we lose that Island to the Horde and storm winds as good as gone and they know it that's enough now get your minds right we'll be killing orcs within the hour yeah listen up our transport should be here momentarily all in all right he's come aboard now step right up captain smears navigating this here ship not stop to that there Ocean over yonder where will commence to assist in the Alliance in their little skirmish with Tim horde fellers easy money Commission's to be dispersed evenly among any and all survivors oh don't pay bud no never mind for feathers got a few screws missing out on a boat way far away from the top into the wind with the sky and everything ooh shiny civilians all in men that islands on the horizon is our destination it's where we will do our duty for our king or storm wind and bore hurt people every or you slay today we'll bring honor to them and to every soldier who has come before you he'll screen has sent his best to take this pilot we shall see to it that none returned home today he'll scream shall learn the lesson that throw failed to teach it now we quit the scene will be a song captain shipwreck off the starboard bow there appear to be survivors blew it with water

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