World Peace behind the scenes, mostly unedited (long video)

a brother on a roll you hold this it's really we only do that for [Laughter] I don't even have it yeah really good it's good to hear oh-oh-oh Oh so she questioned real quick should he hit her or she fall into the bottle [Applause] quiet [Applause] okay can I get one big long hold it for like ten seconds ten seconds of it hold it hold it okay well I was pretty like take a half step to your right oh no you got it all right coffee tables gonna be more in like this very yeah right yeah all right so I'll keep this hole I'll keep this board see on the light plays I looks fucking awesome I tell you what let's try out this one first you bring a sweater around [Applause] yeah take him all the way to one Chris want to get some gentle it's gonna slain a little bit just watch it watch it watch your brain all right just like eyes the window keeping our arms up all right yeah we time it was what guys look like we headed to a party her she came to the wrong place I'm the city inspector but I talk to you right now – it ain't gonna freak out about time for me I script God I'm the city inspector this is my car and we go wherever we want now what you can do is open your little game right now and you look just like a dumpster monster listen in good town we're what get your call listen bill care about your level one city I'm a farmer bitch this is the never again okay it sucks dude but but this kid is worse than the time that David forgot the movie power and we were stuck look at me we were stuck in the skyscraper by our hey you guys you guys are all right you guys are all set why people die so you gonna feel girly on my team he said so please hold the work and back Oh want this person with us okay reset can we work out on follow Charles in please okay that was worth yeah I was gonna have a mentor in Clinton so we had a variation but we can not it's falling now cuz he's doing some gags all right and actually I don't yeah let him walk in the crowd a little bit more a little bit more come come come there you go right there all right and Charles reset go max there we go all right and action we really don't have time to talk right now we're not talking to a fight right now it's the poopoo don't you know the name of our party put the casino party Jake enough time for me I swear to god I'm the city inspector this is my car it's out of operation my gorgeous beat the garbage we're lovin we know every once now open the gate any man carpets look at dumpster monster okay nothing okay okay [Applause] that's good hey lay on that pedal you guys are all set listen yeah cut rolling and action oh when that person with us he's still vacant oh whoa you guys look like you're head to a body aren't you place from the city inspector well we don't have time to talk to you peasant man shell circle party bubbly freak down you go good enough time for me I'm the city inspectors by car this is my car swear of God I drove into a ditch I have two drinks one up and I'm here on the city inspector we're level deaths as we go just like it don't snow my stuff you're nothing like that job you little pansy where would my father would turn you into a little like a father listen we don't care about your level one city your boring little bitch look this is the never again okay it kind of sucks dude but I'm kinda gonna you know this is worse than the time that David forgot the made of power and we were stuck at the top of that skyscraper for three hours that was such a boy hey let me interrupt you guys okay a bunch of night guys we find there were people yeah I need like a woman's brush they have nice palm brush I gotta get you guys that can I use one of your brushes like a license yeah no literally I'll use that that's fine I'll use that you have a horse brush number two before it's fine $3,000 to pay three fucking thousand I can swim with it Oh dat f o our team it's taking forever like $80 just totally scam from me almost a little upset what do you expect business and they well I think I talked to you about six months ago and you you know you kind of like brushed it off and you didn't really want to deal with it and now come to eight months later and now I'm blowing my accompany he's like where's the dollar some errands you have good credit my credit school is like a 740 my secretary Joyce you have good credit to mean you don't need a person ko that's not even close and I've spelled my name for time so I don't know what you expect me to ready Oh our tea you see this.2 you a desk I spoke to you at that star and in fact one of the girls that assisted me gave me your phone number because she thought I was funny that's the truth but listen what should we sit consoled Leena I say it just and your ovaries will heal themselves lay off the birth control just like your hormones might rebalance themselves probably maybe not though I think you're done I think you've done four is that because of your 15 abortions that she said well that's from aids purpose from HPV oh is it yeah she doesn't she done did it she done been doing it you get HPV you know you can get HPV from sitting on a New York subway or going to a bar in Brooklyn in Assyria sorry no I'm serious but yes you could get from the woman very easily can she can she be cared of it was a woman like Alina know HPV is a virus you don't you don't ever lose it so it just constantly the HPV virus isn't it the planters wart virus or something like that I think she's got she's got planters warts in her pussy and that's what the probably issue is they feel that that barren machine she has in her body believe it call dr. Scholl's Oh dr. Scholl dr. Scholl's he's gonna let you know that [Laughter] goodness well goodness anyway Lena we feel for you here at MD yeah we don't want you to be hurt in that bad just stopped making just stop doing things publicly okay just be quieter take it from deep sorry bitch sorry bitch heard you hit some rough breaks they're making a video – Lena oh you should pronounce it Tony and eat your teeth blue all right what are you been eating nothing what's wrong with him let me see come again hi so rolling guys reset keep going you nice we got people in yet use the breeding tanks hose in your mouth hurt my hip I need money this is my home now this is where I live Fredo oh no holy shit probably yeah trying to have plot and dialogue along with that this is where your American dream takes you man empty capitalism meaningless she's just meaningless capitalism man get your hair cut getting a slice of pizza from sparrows get yourself some Aeropostale clothes cuz you're a cow Moo Moo sheeple bad Cheers running like this facing this way funny tapping just taking the concrete like this you look just like full concrete drill with jackhammers Oh jack here would me like that yes I told you I asked people they stepped in gum and then I put my nutsack out oh shit yeah mm-hmm hey buddy ready to smell shit anybody anybody want to smell shit hey buddy I got something for you this dog he's not your mom did Nick roll through here he did did he go over through there that one did someone come through here on rollerblades now hey what's up ready to smell shit I think we're gonna get future sounds [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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