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Cadaver dogs haven’t been able to do their jobst It’s so thick looking like a nuclear winter after this devastating strike and audacious strike involving the hijacking are four separate airliners in one single day for the Cases that we know about those hijackers, we’re using knives or cardboard cutters utility knives So it’s actually a razor blade perhaps an plastic Replica, that’s the way they’d they got them through the security checks at airports But an incredible day And actually you know One of the things we’ve been hearing later this evening is that there’s even maybe cellphone calls coming from that area? So still lots to sort out in New York But right now we want to go to CNN Phil hammer who’s got a look at the day’s terrible event 8:45 a.m. East Coast time an airliner smashes into the North Tower of the World Trade Center Minutes later 9:03 a.m. A second jet slams into the South Tower Officials in New York closed airports around the city tunnels and bridges shut down The world the US has been hit by an apparent terrorist attack Within 10 minutes the FAA shuts down every airport in the country. The first time this has ever happened 9:45 an explosion at the Pentagon after another plane slams into the headquarters and the symbol of the US military 10 o’clock New York City the South Tower the World Trade Center collapses it’s raining debris onto the street less than 30 minutes later as evacuations continue the North Tower Falls In that same half-hour back in Washington part of the Pentagon collapses further west outside Pittsburgh Pennsylvania a plane crash reported in Somerset County Plans going with them to protect the government much of Washington is shut down Federal buildings and the White House are evacuated members of Congress point to the possibility The attacks are the responsibility of Osama Bin, Laden a Saudi millionaire blamed for other terrorist attacks as part of emergency measures the president cut short his trip in, Florida First making a stop in Louisiana declaring the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible He’s later found in Nebraska where he convenes with security officials 144 p.m. A state of emergency declared in Washington DC to u.s Navy aircraft carriers and five other warships leave, Norfolk, Virginia headed to the New York City area The FBI says it believes the four missing planes were hijacked and is working on the assumption The morning’s events were a coordinated terrorist attack then about six o’clock Eastern Time explosions rocked Kabul capital city of Afghanistan the White House denies This was any sort of retaliatory strike, but rather part of the ongoing civil war in that country Bill Hemmer CNN reporting We have all witnessed over and over again In person or even on television in the United States or around the world the incredible images of the tragedy that unfolded in Washington and New York City this day some of us are better than others at expressing the emotions that those images draw out of us One of those who is good at it indeed is Garrett Utley. He joins us now from his City, New York Today even though both of you have been watching this for what found only 16 hours what can words really say the practice even watch? most images those pictures and Perhaps we forget that behind each camera and each emotion is a camera person A woman who was there near the Pentagon or here in lower Manhattan? They was standing there there on the front line today, and they didn’t flinch But we want to do now is share again some of these villagers but also Whitley words their thoughts and the experiences of that person We took those pictures this camera operator found material and they didn’t salt and he lived to today When they started filming the Trade Center towers this morning, I thought I had woken up in a nightmare the flames all these people running Trying to get out of Manhattan already In the collapse In daytime tonight a Man turned up covered in soot still carrying his briefcase People were crying some just stood not knowing where to go I kept thinking about my fan or my colleagues whether they were all right, whether I would see them again Second tower collapse it was gone It looked like an exodus people were coming out of nowhere covered in taos Obama and closed his bar in front of us today. There would be no business as usual Although somebody started to clean this fire escape around Wall Street After we saw this woman call her family. We called us to let them know we were okay People stopped to tell us what they saw people running their hair on fire people were jumping out of the World Trade Center Jumping out because they don’t know what to do. So I mean they’re dead by doing This man was taking this boy away from the scene This couple was reunited and fun, we were invited into a hotel on Wall Street, which was serving food in a makeshift room We met the lucky ones to this man old asleep And he didn’t get to work on time to work on the set before the World Trade Center When we got the Wall Street, the stock exchange was closed The police were blocking our way We found the policeman two blocks away from the World Trade Center who was guarding a piece of one of the plants He was waiting for a forensic team to come and pick it up. I Thought the nightmare was just carrying on When we got closer to the World Trade Center Policemen were getting more and more nervous when we finally saw it through the smoke Grenades for the World Trade Center looked like a broken fence But felt like covering a volcano eruption dust everywhere inches thick pieces of paper covering the ground from the buildings Again, it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Broadway It felt like a very bad horror movie On the way back to the office on the empty highway uptown. I Thought about all the senselessness about these terrible acts and about the freedom to do evil The pictures the fox experiences this day of camera operator tom is really One of the real reporters on the front line of this tragedy back to you Jimmy Howard Harry pebbel. Thank you for that. Well, we want to show you once again some of the video in case you’ve just tuned in Video that is coming to life as the day wears on Angle of the second flame as if plowed into the World Trade Center that videotape perhaps because the cameraman was trapped down there and lower Manhattan and couldn’t Make his way out just coming to us now Terrifying Often so much pain In a picture of what happened this day in New York City and indeed the pictures have been non-stop at the United Airlines flight 175 Sixty-five people on board that plane team deserve it what some things in Washington for us tonight. Let’s go to for the very latest gene Calling President Bush started his day in Florida But returned to the White House just as the Sun was setting the arrivals are going to show that the United States Leadership will not be cast a short while later. Mr. Berg address the American people and the world from the Oval Office Let’s listen to his full address Good evening today our fellow citizens Our way of life. Our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts The victims were in airplanes or in their offices secretaries businessmen women military and federal workers moms and dads friends and neighbors Thousands of lives were suddenly ended by evil despicable acts of terror the pictures of airplanes flying into buildings fires burning huge structures collapsing Have filled us with disbelief Terrible sadness and a quiet unyielding anger These acts of mass murder were intended to frighten our nation into chaos and retreat But they have failed our country is strong a great people has been moved to defend a great nation Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America These act shatters feel but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve America was targeted for attack because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world and No one will keep that light from shining Today our nation saw evil the very worst of human nature and We responded with the best of America with the daring of our rescue workers with the caring for strangers and neighbors who came to give blood and help in any way they could Immediately following the first attack I implemented our government’s emergency response plans our Military is powerful and it’s prepared Our emergency teams are working in New York City and Washington DC to help with local rescue efforts our first priority is to get help to those who have been injured and To take every precaution to protect our citizens at home and around the world from further attacks the functions of our government continue without interruption Federal agencies in Washington Which had to be evacuated today are reopening for essential personnel tonight and will be open for business tomorrow Our financial institutions remain strong and the American economy will be open for business as well The search is underway for those who are behind these evil acts I’ve directed the full resources of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those responsible and To bring them to justice We will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them. I Appreciate so very much the members of Congress who have joined me in strongly condemning these attacks And on behalf of the American people. I thank the many world leaders who have called offer their condolences and assistance America and our friends and allies join with all those who want peace and security in the world and We stand together to win the war against terrorism Tonight I ask for your prayers for all those who grieve For the children whose worlds have been shattered For all this sense of safety and security has been threatened And I pray they will be comforted by a Power greater than any of us spoken through the ages in Psalm 23 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for you are with me This is a day when all Americans from every walk of life unite in our resolve for justice and peace America has stood down any enemies before and we will do so this time None of us will ever forget this day yet we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world Thank you. Good night, and God bless america Following his address. Mr. Bush attended a national security meeting CNN senior White House correspondent John King is perched on a building near the one has deceiving John what happened at that meeting and what happens? It’s quite an extraordinary meeting the president not only meeting with his national security Military and defense team but also bringing into that meeting the Transportation Secretary the Secretary of Health and Human Services the Federal Emergency Management Director All that because so meant so much of the South was meeting on parallel tracks on the one hand the federal government taking extraordinary steps to make medical personnel portable more than others available both in New York and at that scene over to pentagon the Investigation is also underway. We are told at that meeting by senior sources that it was discussed that the Administration is building evidence that it believes points to people and groups associated with Osama bin Laden administration declining to take so publicly We are told by sources that was discussed at that meeting with the president and also has been discussed in private briefing Senior administration officials have given members of Congress now priority one for the president is to send restoring signals to the American people that their government is ignoring this investigation and during the recovery operations underway in New York and at the Pentagon and Savannah and we are told the president will bring bipartisan leadership of Congress to the White House tomorrow for a public event the rest of the president’s schedule tomorrow and for the rest of the week on hold that the president obviously will be on hand at The White House to meet again with his national security team And assess anything he needs to do both to respond to what has happened here in the United States and we know there are troop Deployments and other security productive clean taking overseas as well John any word about the prospect that we’re telling it for his drugs You obviously heard the president in his remarks saying if and when there are retaliatory strikes They would not just be limited to the suspected terrorists But also to anyone who harbors them that’s taken a court in whose signal to some but even the president is leaning at this port Which is in logic connection, but I spoke to a senior official immediately after that section tonight He said don’t expect anything on an imminent basis This official said we’re going to get this right we’re going to take a little time. He said to sort this out John will life be different tomorrow for the President and also for average Americans In terms of security for companies life will be different for the president and the entire country We have seen around the grounds of the White House behind me is dark and the complex down but extraordinary service security Circumstances throughout the day indeed as the president flew back to Washington today If you looked out the window of Air Force One, you can see military fighters them in very close proximity to Air Force One And the president was brought back hours later than they had hoped at one point Wanted to bring the president directly back in Florida that he made a stop in Louisiana for a military base They decided not to do anything before that last time we are told not all of the aircraft in the skies over the United States had been accounted for The White House is not willing to bring the president back into Washington And so all those aircraft has been accounted for and until other security steps were taken Now as for average Americans we are told the plan is for real Beneath an air traffic control system and therefore the nation’s domestic air travel at noon tomorrow Barring any new public information overnight any American though going through an airport or in a defense station in the days ahead We are told with the extraordinary new trends in security method the city White House correspondent John Kane Daniel back to Jim Clancy in Edina. All right. Thank you for that Well earlier we heard what it is like for a professor cameraman on the scene at the World Trade Center disabled What was it like to really witness the attack as an amateur as someone who was there for another reason entirely? That’s what happened with dr. Mark in to this day He went to the scene to see if he did about the victims of the first attack and wound up being caught in a second We Okay And there we have one man’s journey an Incredible journey through a day of disaster that was amateur video from dr. Mark All right Jim of disaster relief agency say they’re Rushing blood surprise to New York City and to Washington as well peepers and jamming donation centers To help the untold number of victims of this attack the American Red Cross says it has 60,000 units of blood and several East Coast cities that it can ship to hospitals in New York City and Washington even people on the other side of the country in Los Angeles have been lining up at blood donation centers authorities say they will continue Donation so over the next two weeks even longer we’re hearing now perhaps even a couple of months to replenish their supplies efficiently the most native blood type O+ o negative they are the universal blood type that can be transfused into anyone in an Emergency now at hospitals throughout the New York area medical thoughts are going on Mike Rose who is standing by at? Saint Vincent’s Hospital Medical Center, which is one of the trauma centers closest to the World Trade Center Michael go ahead Colly make all this the city that never sleeps and I’m sure that tonight in, New York No one is doing that and yet despite that There’s a very eerie silence that’s broken across the city tonight as you can well Imagine only a cave already broken by the sound but emergency medical vehicles I’m standing in lower Manhattan, just south of 14th Street And if you can look just north of me you can see that police have set up barricades so that No one can come below this part of New York City that Limits traffic to this part of New York City to just the occasional emergency medical vehicle and two police vehicles I’m standing just about two blocks west of st Vincent’s Hospital Which has been set up at the main trauma and triage center here in New York as of 10:30 last night Which was the time of the last? hospital press conference officials at Saint Vincent’s Hospital said that there were 327 patients who have been admitted 52 55 of them were in critical condition and they also reported of course that there were three deaths Most of the victims they say that suffered from significant Variances were sustained in the faith and there were occasional cases in which patients suffered from cardiac arrest Some from existing conditions, which will of course Triggered by this trauma now governor Pataki was here earlier at st Vincent’s and he reported that he met with victims as well as some of the doctors Who worked on some of the patients here? He said that every story seemed to be an unusual one You can imagine there are no usual stories tonight For the most part the scene outside the hospital makes like this dozens of men and women in scrubs under portable lights Waited basically burdens that have been set up Wheelchairs officers off I should say office furniture covered in shoes as they rank more victims more people Who knows why they are hoping to save? That’s what the scene looks like outside came Vincent’s Hospital tonight and what I Have some importance probably one of the most scary nights and I’ve spent in the city the hospital says that they will have another briefing Later this morning at 6:30 back to you. All right, Michael. Okay. Thanks very much Jim as America came under attack soon did its financial Sector all three virtually shut down this day because of the attacks In New York City as well as the Cross has gone through an all Airlines air shutdown President Bush going on television To reassure not only Americans but others who have an interest who share in the globalization That it’s taking place within the financial world and its market are reacting to the events in the United States Yesterday, let’s go to Richard Quest. He joins us from London Richard Many thanks. Jim of course was no trading in at the United States. So the initial financial reaction has had to come from overseas Europe saw very sharp old as the news came in from New York and Washington That’s been followed up overnight in the Far East Asian markets are down between around six to ten percent ten percent in the Hong Kong market And they’re worried reporter tell you what this will mean for those wider if you have big economy a clearly business will be seriously affected as Wall Street is paralyzed and Simply those who can’t even get to their offices to do business Let alone those who have actually been affected by the body by their crashes Even it nobody can really say at this point the extent to the economic effect We do know that the Fed is planning to pump money into the economy that’s designed not only to prevent a cash shortage Ordinary consumers and majors for taking large sums out of the bank, but also to prevent any form of credit crunch Jim All right when you look at the market Is there any way of playing how long live this might be this this steep drop if you see in Asia right now? I think the one has to put us into two different categories on the one hand there is the with the markets the reaction that can unwind itself in a matter of pain that is simple panic and we’ve seen markets react before Two weeks later you wonder what what had happened and much more serious is the effect through business confidence bearing in mind the World Trade Center had over 435 tenants in those two buildings alone They come from more than 26 countries Around the globe there were major financial institutions Morgan Stanley in through the woods the Credit Suisse first, Boston Just some of those who are actually in the buildings now taking away from that the moving slightly further afield You’ve got of course the collapse of number 7 World Trade Center You’ve then got all the other buildings nearby where people simply won’t be able to get to work The ripple effects will start to be felt and that’s why it’s my book that people like Paul O’Neill the US Treasury secretary There is now leaving Japan and heading back to the United States Alan Greenspan the chairman of the Fed that the bankers meeting in Basel in Switzerland And the SEC are in coordinating at the moment not only to send a message that they will provide the money necessary for corporate America to continue But but also to restore confidence in the market system Alright Richard Quest before influence there from London coming All right, of course as we’ve been telling you all along some of the rescue efforts still going on tonight Especially in New York City and we’ve actually got some Tape in just now that we want to show you of those night rescue operations in and around The area of the World Trade Center just backing it up there a little bit less sleeping get it rolling again You can see some of the areas that have been lit. We heard earlier from reports from CNN’s Deborah Ferris He was down in that area that they do have dogs. And is that cadaver dog? searching even that is being made difficult because there’s so much dust on the ground who was saying that that even if you the Dog can’t really be there work to do a lot to fit through There have been reports this evening of a telephone call cell phone calls being made Possibly from the basement area of that Complex. None of that to have been confirmed that of course rescue officials Hoping and trying to see if there are people still alive They want to be able to get them out with heard later from or earlier from the New York mayor That more than 300 fires on anything They believe are missing and presumed dead and dozens of police officers as well who were surrounding that building When the two towers essentially crumbled is coming in to dust when you’re looking at some pictures very then around the World Trade Center the nice rescue operation still underway at the time and incredible pictures because really that’s our best and we really did the destruction and we’ve seen that far because we’ve been it was an envelop and clouds of dust for so long during the daylight hours very unacceptable that you can see the way the Buildings are simply gone or you see the shell when you see a few floors there. Tim disappear. Obviously sadly turns out But having worked there and you know CNN had a New York bureau In the World Trade Center when the network first started on the air 20 years as there was more than 20 years ago And when I look at those pictures, I you know It’s hard to believe and as many people have noted on this day there’s a sense among the people in the United States that There has to be recognition for this the death toll alone is going to be staggering we’ve been warned about that No one even knows. No one can even estimate Although the United States officials say there have been no credible claims of responsibility For Tuesday’s attacks in New York City in Washington, and they remind everyone it’s still too early to speculate about Exactly who may be involved still some US intelligence officials are telling CNN. There are good indications That’s their words their people willing to Saudi exile. Osama. Bin Laden might be responsible As the World Trade Center burned furiously smoke billowed above the Pentagon and the White House was Evacuated one security expert declared. This isn’t an act of terrorism. This is an act of war Noting there was no direct evidence several experts pointed out between terrorist organizations around the world Were capable of mounting such an audacious attack They mentioned only one man by man a name repeated by US officials for years There is not the slightest doubt that in sama bin Laden his worldwide allies and his sympathizers are planning further attacks against us Despite progress against his networks The Marden’s organization has contact virtually worldwide including in the united states and he has stated unequivocally That all americans are target’s For mr Decade Osama bin Laden has been a terrorist or suspected of coordinating attacks on the United States on US troops in Saudi Arabia on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania In a suicide mission against the USS Cole at the World Trade Center in 1993 and the list goes on Terrorism experts Pete a picture of bin Laden as a Saudi born revolutionary determined to end u.s involvement in Saudi Arabia in interviews Bin, Laden has renamed his vow to bring jihad or holy war against the United States Specifically, he said Washington had failed to get the message from bombings aimed at US forces in Saudi Arabia We declared a jihad a holy war against the United States government because there’s unjust criminal and heretic Terrorism analysts warned earlier this year. Sama bin Laden II was turning his attention to the israeli-palestinian conflict Looking to win armed converts and gain global political momentum out of the chaos of the collapse peace process Bin Laden’s wealth estimated by summit around two hundred million dollars his scene is key to not only recruiting militant followers But funding careful and planned and coordinated attacks u.s officials blame Osama bin Laden in the attacks of the US embassies in Nairobi Kenya and Daraa, Salaam Tanzania Which they say were carefully timed to increase the dramatic effects of a simultaneous onslaught against US interests It is precisely the same strategy that appears to be at work in the financial and political centers of America in the latest attacks US officials assert that bin Laden initiated his terrorist network during the war in Afghanistan later moved to training bases in Sudan and is currently being sheltered by Afghanistan’s ruling Paula bond the Taliban say they have been warned the US will hold Afghanistan responsible for any attack on US interests linked to bin Laden and Tara governments like Afghanistan which are engaged in the smuggling of heroin And the hard-wearing of terrorists and Governments such as Afghanistan I think have to be considered criminal organization Sanctions against Afghanistan are already in place u.s Missile strikes chip bin Laden’s training facilities there in 1998, but Nets the 44 year-old leader of an organization He simply calls the base earlier this year reporters who visited bin Laden in Afghanistan? Said he appeared to be in a race against time a race to see who could strike first the United States For a summit bin Laden it may be weeks or months before those behind What is apparently the worst terrorist strikes in the history of the u.s Are known what is certain is that a sama bin Laden is already high on the list of suspects When an Arab journalist says the sama bin Laden warned three weeks ago that he has followers We carry out an unprecedented act against the United States. His journey is now akbari, aswan editor of the london-based falsehoods newspaper Joining us from London. Tell us a little bit more about this warning there have been many others haven’t Lastly you know, I believe this could be a work of consortium of many organization listening organisation Which say declared war against United States? you know down to how many containing the very high now in the Middle East and the Muslim world because what’s happening on the occupied territories and many people accuse United States of actually helping their Israeli and protecting them so servants like bin Laden and other Fundamentalist. Actually, they would like to Come out and say look, you know We are targeting United States units in supporting their Muslim and Arab enemies with scissors railey and we are taking retained you what’s happening? so we will learn from Susan that you know, they are really in a network to hit American Republic But nobody expected that this target would be me of itself on the Pentagon So at the place of the offense was surprising to everybody Hibari-sama bin Laden has been said to be really trying to turn Afghanistan not only into a What he would term a pure Islamic state but into a base Base where there are people who would support exporting if you will his brand of Islamic Revolution Well, honestly, you know I interviewed them at 11:00 on Afghanistan in November 1996 And I did see his hands Underfoot was there, you know, the man is ruthless and you know We believe that we should declare war against United States and this kind of asked me where this kind of goal actually appealed to many young Muslims all over the world and Recently me and many three fruits a lot of those highly educated Arabs. Who were Even indicated in your state itself and some Western country, so I’m not surprised It means around would accept and different themes and we noticed that The attack against the American destroyer school and there are symbols of agent was highly sophisticated at highly sophisticated on that funding the information gathering and the monitoring of the movement of the American warships so I’m not surprised at those highly intelligent people highly educated people Actually, we’re behind the planning of that fact against was recent, you know When people look at this and they see it in a narrow confines of one day people saw And standing up and sharing these attacks in novelist in refugee camps in south Lebanon with its language for half a century When they look at that on one hand to create a sense of anger and there has to be a sense as well from some among the Arab world that This is not going to lead lead to an improvement in the situation certainly not a change in the US position Him you are absolutely right, but we have to put into our consideration there are 300 million Arabs and those people are very few Who actually we’re counting the free food another so and we see different? Independent the Palestinian definitely will to suffer people the bigger tax because they want the American involvement the peace process To be revived and they want American to be the sponsor of the peace process And to intervene and put an end to the Israeli aggression against their people there so we cannot say those people Representing the Arab part, you know, we have to ask our question and why I’m a faggot advisor making people are targeted Definitely there is something wrong with the American foreign policy So things this their own has to be re address has to be rectified and we want more involvement From the United States on that Israeli pompous provide the peace process to put an end today there any atrocity also There are Athenian killed in the West Bank and the creativity by their innocence by the Israeli missiles so we have to Understand that first think you know some people but this doesn’t mean that we should support any terrorist acts against innocent Americans in New York And Washington anywhere in the world There’s a terrorist act everybody condemned it immediately at the bar at one of all foods or thank you for being with us They’re coming. All right, Jim. Thanks women Well show you some tape again now that we’re just getting here and we’re just starting to get from Some night times when it’s rolling in of the efforts that are going on there This is the rubble around the World Trade Center And actually maybe I need to be corrected that doesn’t look like nighttime concept from earlier in the day John Maybe you can just let me mail for sure Regardless that in the rubble around the areas of the world states and you can clearly see Parts of Billy all that death that rained down all the breathe in that degrees our earlier sheets of paper from the Offices in there only a few words of that building at remaining getting so a fair bit of dust there we thought in pictures of From night time to 15 minutes ago that a lot of excess has settled refugees, honestly There you see them there, yep, they are really doing anything 300 or more firefighters believe are missing belief three dead and dozens of police officers as well All right so issues obviously from earlier of the rebel around the World Trade Center Jim devastation this day also In the nation’s capital looks going on to the Pentagon and Bob Frank and why for an update on the situation there Bob well It’s a bit about 16 hours in since the the explosion year since the plane collided with Cyber’s west side of the Pentagon and you can see it’s so smoldering a little bit They’re still waiting waiting for the embers to stops of going so they can actually go into the building We saw just a moment ago some of the supervisors they were lowered what looks like a bucket They were actually being lowered into The the bombed out building where the plane had hit So they could take a look and just see what the status of the fire was the planners at daybreak Literally peel away the wall a little bit and then go in Of course They’re about 15 hours ago only from video that we saw First day after the plane had collided with the side of the building You can see that there was quite a bit of bar firefighting effort going on there were literally hundreds of firefighters Going they were trying to put out a blaze that are still going So now they fought all day with this and of course there is also an evacuation of the injured We don’t have any sense of the casualties yet We’ve been told that it couldn’t they could number in the hundreds there could be more than a hundred that they’re wide estimates the Pentagon Is not giving in the estimate perhaps we’ll know more tomorrow when officials are actually able to go inside the building plane Of course collided certainly after 9:30 this morning a plane that was flying from dollars. And of course it was taken by hijackers that is the reported port and was then moved into the Pentagon causing the damage that he said now people talk about this a liaison and The Pentagon is already thinking about that and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says that you will have the forces necessary. I Explained our condolences to the entire department in French families military and civilian and to the families of all those throughout our nation who lost loved ones I Think this is indeed a reminder of the Trojans the tragedy and the tragic dangers that we face day in and day out Both here at home as well as a boy. I Will tell you up front I had no intentions or discussion – very what comes next but make no mistake about it your own dosage already And tomorrow they will be ready to open. The Pentagon has become a matter of 5 year These are going to be opening part of the building the defense secretary said he’s determined entice approves of the world the Terrorism to not knock down a building to not knock down the spirit of the American military Jim Bob this whole getting injured here at the Pentagon. Does anyone know for sure. I Was a matter of fact the Pentagon is quite assertive about the fact that no estimates can be made there was a local fire chief Who said that the deaths could range between 100 and 800 Pentagon officials say that that is way too high the 800 number But it is clearly possible that there could be desperate number Anandi All right, Bob Franklin reporting their lives from the Pentagon Colleen All right, Jim the attacks brought much of the United States to a halt as people watched events unfold Transfixed schools offices requires highways across the country fell into good lives of thousands of people returned to the sanctuary of their home But nowhere was the sense of shock those profound as in Manhattan. Great Clarkson says that The terror attacks on the World Trade Center paralyzed New York and brought life to a standstill across America Manhattan was sealed off minutes after the attacks on the Twin Tower tunnels and bridges closed subway Neither rail services spending hundreds of thousands of people staggering out of the financial district on foot on highway legally fogicon’ Then he scrambled a car loveland. I want to find pay phones and cell phones rendered useless The World Trade Center was a danger hub with telecom equipment and call volume swamp phone network in Hatton Supermarkets were jammed and long lines form the cash machine New York City police precincts were sealed off and an urgent plea for blood Diseases hospitals throughout the metropolitan area were pressed into service right now the lab at last count We were utilizing over 50. I think it’ll be over on George I’ve been president and that was that that is that was another half hour ago and utilizing all of the hospitals in the area We’re utilizing the hospice Westchester broccoli Natural County northern New Jersey for the first time in United States history Airports across the country were shut down. They’ll stay that way until at least noon on Wednesday the Federal Aviation Administration ordered all airports closed and all claims which were in the air were directed to land at the nearest airport Transportation Secretary Panetta has directed the Federal Aviation Administration to suspend operations Until at least noon tomorrow Amtrak sampled train service between New York and Boston Grayham canceled a big chunk of its service as well Government buildings and businesses across the country were evacuated security tightened along the US border with Mexico and Canada NASA Shut up Center it down and even some offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is suspended Stock trading was canceled and financial markets will be closed all day, Wednesday major league baseball camp It’s scheduled for the first time since FDR’s death in 1945 And for only the fourth time in its history the NFL is considering canceling Sunday’s games across the u.s tourist attractions and landmarks shut down Disneyland Disney World with Seattle spaceman were among them back in New York The mayoral primary election was also canceling break parking CNN, New York All right Put them inside now into how Americans view the attacks cnn/usa today in Gallup conducted a public opinion poll. Just before the President’s speech 86% of those questioned said they considered the events an act of war but the majority had read the US military should not strike that until it is clear who is responsible for the attacks and 78% said they were confident of president with his ability to handle this situation Some relatives say the people killed had to deal with this attack right as it was happening a man on board one of the plays Called his mother as the aircraft was being hijacked and this is so upsetting. I can’t tell you Mark Bingham a Passenger on United Airlines flight 93 that was enroute from Newark New Jersey to San Francisco who called his mother just minutes before the plane crashed near Pittsburgh But I love you very very much in case I don’t see you again I’m calling on the air tone on the airplane industry. I presume, so he said I want you to know I love you very much, and I’m Calling you from the plane. We’ve been taking over they dream and they’re sailing had a bomb and Iceland are they mark and then he said Irritated that he loved me that I and I only said I don’t know anything else He just didn’t remain distracted. There doesn’t someone was speaking to him and he said something you think that it’s true and then the father An emergency dispatcher in Pennsylvania where United flight 93 crashed said that he received a call from a passenger on board the plane as well and that man Repeatedly said we are being hijacked. We are being hijacked Millions of people all around the world and they riveted to their television screens for hours once they heard about the attacks and the German has more fun in US public reactions to what they were watching the Pictures were just so insane that all these University of Southern California students could do was stare But the younger ones had questions lots of questions for either song news. I wonder if We’ll be able to catch all the people involved a teacher for once had no answers Why why why these are good question and here’s one more Didn’t anything like this would ever happen again. Will it happen again? So I call just say that’s what can make people so crazy at first It’s not that we’re afraid of the unknown in the face of the unknown. We fill it in We think there are monsters out there and we actually end up frightening ourselves more Many of these people in an LA area Jim admitted they were frightened and came here only for something to do I’m looking at the streets. He looks like We’re definitely going to go to war this Korean War vet sure hopes not but he knows the feeling I see what it tastes like the American to attack people didn’t have to die, but they did done and America’s in mourning Ann McDermid CNN, Los Angeles All right, we are actually coming to the end of this hour of coverage of America under attack It has been about 16 hours since all of the tour began the attacks on New York and Washington Tuesday September 11th will never be forgotten by those who though it’s an experience from first hand or by the millions of people around the world who actually saw them unfold I Heard the sound of a jig Something look like a you know, and maybe get some like that that’s why I Looked up what I saw with I throw bread and I saw I should Get out there’s a lot of people coming on the ferry Where there is an enormous fireball as fire debris falling to the ground and then just the whole kind of mushroom the smoke this sort of just be laid up and And I we just stood there absolutely believe People they were lying Was that everybody was screaming everybody was running the casa trying to maintain the calm and In that case people were stamped eating people started screaming that there was another plane coming I didn’t see the plane that I turned around and it just second building just exploded and we see a second commercial jet flying extreme in Love Actually fly into the South Tower and At that point. I just look at Alberto and people are just one phrase at that point Factory ISIL people jumping adding the building many many people just jumping and people were just They were just falling down I saw about six people falling down from the building from the vernacular I saw a lady with a black suit. She fell down and the board with the wife that he fell down another story Everybody goes on top of each other climbing come down and then somebody finally calm the crowd down Get them to come down the stairs, you know a passion and get them out of the building. We saw the Stop tower collapsed ground sesame and then later I was very amazing through the North Tower turning there by itself at the years in India to see them together and also to North Tower just collapsed upon self-discovery after the Duquette all These New York policemen and firemen god bless them. They kept us calm They tried so hard to keep us moving north and it was just absolutely Absolute color it was hard Now those are the words from the day America came under attack let’s take a look at some of the pictures of the day of the damage that has been done as a demarcation line is cross in the words of son a line that separates a from Future in a way that the u.s is run through to deal with terrorism and the Realization of bar wall that it is not Isolated that it is not safe because it is sheltered between two oceans the Atlantic and the Pacific Many people that you heard their voices, they’re never believed They would see these kinds of scenes as a result of a deliberate act of violence But that is indeed What was witnessed in New York City in Washington on this day people believing that the security that had been in place? Would prevent these kinds of scenes the other destruction of two of the landmark buildings in New York City at the very heart of the financial district symbols of some would say of capitalism of America’s financial strength but they were laid low this day by two hijacked jet liners that were plowed into the side and a horrible cost in human life the news continues now on CNN Cameras bear witness as one symbol of America’s financial might burns only to watch in horror as hijackers in the second Deadly message to the United States And then only a half an hour later another target another city This time the Pentagon the military’s seat of the world’s only remaining superpower And there was more to come play number four goes down in rural, Pennsylvania dozens of people killed a nation and entire world itself Hello, I’m Jim Clancy and I’m call me maquette words at CNN center first we want to bring you the latest right now on Tuesday terrorist attack in the United States in New York City in a 2:00 a.m. Right now many lie dead. Where the World Trade Center Lies in ruins, some people trapped alive have been placing cell phone calls We are told quite possibly from the basement of that World Trade Center building the combined death toll for New York Washington and Shanksville, Pennsylvania will be very high or it’s called President Bush saying earlier Thousands of people have been killed in New York search-and-rescue efforts had continued right through the night doc bar is two thousand victims Treated for entries. It was one of more than 17 hours ago. Now that terrified at four commercial jet Crashing one of the airliners into the North Tower of New York’s world space and our financial mecca there for decades Then only minutes later slamming a second plane into the Trade Center South Tower Between extremely well coordinated Attack another jet into a section of Washington Pentagon building the military nerve center of the United States Causing terrible fire there and finally the fourth aircraft in a Pennsylvania’s rural, Somerset County Those three attacks leaving behind a nightmare of horrendous proportions The dimension will be very large In terms of the people who are looking for it a couple of hundred there Firefighters And police officers Bridget the staggering number as far as the number of people in the building That would be in a thousand there was no way of knowing at this point and we’re gonna keep praying open That we saved as many people as possible And in addition to the carnage the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington effectively shut down both cities suspended domestic flight at all US airports those flights to be suspended were told until tomorrow at least around noontime Jim well between 100 and 800 people are believed to have lost their lives when another Suicide jetliner. Do you want to call that slammed into the Pentagon? 64 people were killed aboard the hijacked forum 757 as it plowed into the headquarters of the US Defense Department 24,000 people worked at the Pentagon Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld was in his office at the very time of the impact He briefly was helping out with the rescue operation CNN national core Fana bob franken will be joining us with more from Pentagon in just a matter of a few minutes All right, we continue to cover the situation we know that the one hundred And eight hundred people were in the Pentagon We know also there were a number of people on board another aircraft that went down we want to take a look at some of the events as they Happen throughout the day a tick-tock if you will of the events as they unfolded Astonishing many Americans astonishing people all around the world as they watch the explosions as they heard the events unfolding Bill Hemmer Giving us our look back at the day the US president All right, we’re going to go I am told now We’re going to go to New York Eric thought they were standing by there with some thoughts From the middle of the night in the city that never sleeps Derek them Figures we’ve been able to report that had been more or less given to us by our city officials here in terms of casualties really only thing of concern city employee firing policemen and women 80 or more police knowing women are believed to be missing and probably or lost practically 302 have more than 300 members of the New York City Fire Department loss of 300 entire units So the elite rescue team is number one rescue see number 2 West 15 number 4 during the towers there disappeared They’re lost tonight We see some of the first video coming out the giant searchlights had been building when I’m generators very long and happy Around the area where the towers collapsed the declared building collapse in that neighborhood proved Earlier this evening. The rescue efforts are underway, but it’s going to be a long long process And of course when we look at this the scene tonight What we remember and what stops doesn’t archetype. Is that here in New York. It is a day that started really so peaceful It was such a beautiful morning The air was clear over Manhattan the sky a rich blue the two Twin Towers stood tall anchored in bedrock of granite so secure, so unshakable and then We had seen smoke and destruction before but we’ve never seen seen madness like this Catastrophe like this It was a more than words could only begin to express the whole A blizzard that wasn’t cold verses that had no wind and was just hot. There was an enormous bible-inspired Debri, pour into the grounds and then just the whole kind of muscle mistake. This would just be laid out We knew that some of what happened this morning That there could be another attack on the World Trade Center as there was eight years ago The terrorists might attack the Pentagon and hijacked commercial flights But how could we imagine that all of this could happen that much of the government would be shut down? the capital of the United States Evacuated and the White House that the president of the most powerful nation in the world Would take a face of action for his own security Across this nation from airports close down to home the workplace We watched and tried to comprehend what we received it took time after the shock of the terror Digest the dimension of the human tragedy we tried to imagine what those caught in the soaring towers in the doom planes the Pentagon went through before the end We can only wonder what happens next The president vows action the search is underway for those who are behind these evil acts I’ve directed the full resources of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to find those responsible and To bring them to justice Retaliation even revenge they feel sweet one day but right now there were only the remnants of terror the pain of the tragedy and the tears and How do we deal handle those tears and the trauma tonight the victims their families in Washington and here in New York City Franklin argues for the disaster relief unit to the American Red Cross up and down there today Tonight through the logistics housing people coming together about thirteen shelters The Greater New York Red Cross has 13 shelters open lower Manhattan remember people and buildings and the endangered a bit evacuated the Battery Park, except aware apartments just people cannot return to that area tonight at all It’s too dangerous and you’re feeling about 10,000 meals now I’m working with the Salvation Army being about 10,000 police and firefighters and disaster workers on the scene tonight These are needed problems between the medical problems with scenes in the hospital formation and problems psychological Counseling you get involved in that Jackson who doesn’t what do they do? We had trained certified volunteers that are certified psychiatrist psychologists social workers that are trained by the Red Cross that we we have tonight that are working in lower Manhattan that are working at Our central in Amsterdam we’re working out She had LAX at Boston’s Logan Airport And every airport where people were affected by today’s disaster and one of the pattern what are the teeth in these things? It’s counselors Therapists really consider immediate assistance to people to be there when they hear incredible news that someone that they love very much May well be in that trouble that we see behind us and to be there to provide solace to kind of provide direction to them To help them make it through the first couple hours. There’s a psychological emotional pervane. Absolutely We’ll absolutely what happens after tomorrow or the day after or next week these big red cross His role is to be there Again immediately on the scene to provide that initial at first aid if you will will begin to then refer people to their clergy Etc. Another kind of long-term health we see again The people that wheelchair the people on the gurney for doing we can only think of those who are still under the rubble even to Bosnia young earth quakes imperfect turkey two years ago the earthquake and it’s the same kind of eerie feeling when I came through the Holland Tunnel today you can Throw it outfit and they got down there and listen to that sort of dead Silence that you see in the sea we leave for fishing 100 hundreds of firefighters Just waiting to be called in to respond. I saw it in so many places and now the scene in America. It’s pretty shocking Shortages you’ve heard about the low need blood absolutely 1-800 give life Every American could get blood. We never weren’t our country to be I don’t have a blood shortage again This is a sign to all of us we should never have a blood shortage in this nation and in a crisis like that the Situation. We’re in one for tonight and will open tomorrow What are the other shortages? enough doctors not enough ambulance this one not enough volunteers people to continue to provide relief this this operation were born for many many weeks the folks in Battery Park in their neighborhoods going to continually need assistance and Red Cross will be there tonight In other parts in New York respond, either the regular disasters that you see and so volunteers blood financial resources All of those things that work both Red Cross needs and so many organizations Like the Red Cross need to continue to be there when people need us if we ever had this kind of a disaster Calamity in the United States. This is monumental Even more than the natural ones absolutely I mean certainly the hurricanes the floods the things that we see in this country of devastating and then people are stunned that this is is overwhelming to think that this has been afflicted upon America by you know, Who knows who but that in moments what you saw in the beginning of? The scene of how beautiful and serene New York was and now look at this tonight It’ll be there tomorrow concern. It would have come right down the other way across. Thank you so much There are totally thanks very much So that this move now from New York To the seat of US military defense the Pentagon at the Pentagon the hijacked airliner that hit that building at 9:30 a.m Ignited a huge fire there a firefight of firefighters rather battled that blaze all days try to bring it under control now Let’s see was researching for up to 800 missing people there PNM Softbank and joins us now from the Pentagon with the very latest fog I mean, let me put that figure in perspective I said just a little bit that is an estimate are really wide ranging us But from one local fire season said there could be between a hundred and eight hundred dead That was just his estimate Pentagon sources are saying that’s probably wildly high But they have been insistent that they were not going to release it Until the people who you seen back at me the one who have been are watching this play throughout an evening are in fact They are going to go into the building You can see aerials that the magnitude of the damages on their aerial Zara sapphire Washington Station wtcg We should understand This is an ant oblique huge building over 17 miles of parties about half of them by the way will be closed tomorrow because of concerns of structural damage Although officials here say they are insistent They want to open this building and at least have some of the workers in to make a statement to the world that the u.s Military established where they’re taking it, but it is knocked down as a matter of fact already There’s some preliminary planning going on preliminary planning going on for retaliation once the person or the organization or the nation that is going to be being responsible is Identified and though there was quite a bit of work done in this building today quite a few public appearances including one by the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee Darrin Warner We call upon the entire world to step up and help Because terrorism is a common end to all And we’re in this together The United States has borne the brunt but who can be next? step forward and let us hold accountable and Punish those that have perpetrated this attack as I mentioned the the fire fighters and the rest of people in the back here are in a holding pattern right now waiting for the The rest of the planes to go out the plan is at daybreak To start peeling away the section that was hit by the airplane and to go in and see that’s how really serious the damage was Inside damage, of course that we can see is pretty much catastrophic. I mean any more information about What was in that section of the damaged building? What kind of work went on there? Well, actually it was fortunate in a way in that. None of the vital officers are located in that section You had some army army officers area from Navy offices here but so the military command center the Joint Chiefs of Staff the the barriers for secretary visiting the foreign secretary run from we’re in parts of the building But if I mentioned about acting the building they’re going to be quarries tomorrow because of a concern Not just in the direct area. That was it But other areas or may have been structural damage Which would make it fairly dangerous to be fully understood CNN’s on Franken at the Pentagon. Thanks Jim calling We haven’t talked as much about the fourth hijacked plane. United Airlines flight 93 is crashed south of Pittsburgh In western Pennsylvania administration officials sitting the presidential retreat at Camp David May has been the target and David Mattingly joins us from the crash site with more on the investigation underway there David Jim Pennsylvania State Troopers tonight have the crash site support winging it for the moment as a crime scene Yesterday afternoon the FBI clearly taken charge of the investigation according to people in the area the plane was flying at a very low altitude when there was a rush of engine noise at that time the plane then turned and points at a 45-degree angle Crashing into a field which is part of a strip mining operation near the town here of Shanksville FBI confirmed There were 38 passengers and 7 crew v’l board. No survivors There are only small pieces of debris to be found at the scene at the crash site There is an impact crater It appears as a blackened tip on the edge of a green grassy field But to find will being a black box to a flight recorder. There are also no thirsty FBI is examining a 9-1-1 call originating from a passenger on the plane Taken by a 9-1-1 operator at a neighboring County here in Pennsylvania they hope Amongst so many other things to find out why this hijacked plane failed to reach its target and as you said earlier that on the shorty there now said that Senior administration officials told Congress they believe the plane was headed right at the White House Camp David or the Capitol building Authorities here today ask anyone in the area We saw the plane in the air or going down to come forward and contribute to the investigation As for what’s going on right now things are wrapped up for the evening and the investigation will get underway in the morning back in Atlanta All right, David as we look at the crash scene there It’s a that scene that people don’t really understand you’ve outlined they don’t really have anyone that I witnessed this I apartment earlier in the day. There’s been a report of someone describing what it happened as a plane came down. Oh Yes, there were eyewitnesses that they’re calling for anyone who may have seen the plane in the air to come forward They have the initial accounts that we have Relayed to you that the plane appears is have a bunch of engine noise and then gear off and bent down Striking the ground at a 45-degree angle. There were policemen at the scene At the scene of the crash site saying that it appeared that the plane to come down and the debris had scattered into a wooded area Nearby and again, the accusative debris are very small We do have some good news for you tonight bill with the Pennsylvania connection to be this horrible attack at 7:56 p.m a man and two police officers trapped in the World Trade Center were unable to get through to 9-1-1 in New York and call for help So the man called his sister and the pencil range in the Pittsburgh area who then called her local? 9-1-1 they were then able to direct police in New York to their location and to their successful rescue and to quote warned that 911 official here a very positive North to a sad and tragic death All right, David Mattingly according to us. They’re from Pennsylvania latest on that investigation. Now a man who was on board One of the flights that was doomed that’s why he was talking about in Pennsylvania called his mother at the aircraft being hijacked mark Bingham had boarded United Airlines flight 93 in Newark, New Jersey He called his mother in the San Francisco Bay Area just before the plane crash near Pittsburgh But I love you very very much in case I don’t see you again I’m In here I’m calling you are on the air tone of the airplane English suit, I Presume so he said I want you. I love you very much, and I’m Calling you from the plane. We been taking over this room and let’s say they had a bomb and They mark, and he said irritated that you love me at least today and I also he said I don’t know who they are He just he remained distracted there. There’s come a little thinking to him and he said something that I said, it’s true and then the pharmacy Right one person on that one of the flights Also, a man actually had the presence of mind phone emergency personnel from his cell phone to report to say we are being hijacked Let’s take a look at a night shot right now The Manhattan skyline as it looks at this moment live pictures now of the skyline is is still keep Dust and smoke in that area and there’s the lights of New York City That’s our biologists and never be the same again Not to Kinko’s of its guy line at landscape, but in terms of the sensibilities of the people conveys in its intimate in the country Financial markets around the world have been reacting to this this morning you can imagine how the attack at uh Nearest global financial markets that are already fearful of recession a major opening today with the quarter down Sir Richard Quest is in London with more on that and all the international tenants who are at this World Trade Center as well This is quite a few in that that enormous building where complete two thousand people. We’re going to work every day Absolutely, there was some four thirty-five talents from around 26 countries from across the globe there were offices from just a Small suite of occupant anywhere in the building through large bank that had several floor with employees taking a look at some of the international companies that had officers and were had a presence in World Trade Center 1 & 2 there was the British company Thomson and financial which had offices in the World Trade Center Morgan Stanley the largest tenant had over 22 Ford in World trade center one the company put out a statement late yesterday saying all of the businesses are functioning and will continue to function but obviously the prayers and Sympathies are with their employees some three and a half thousand people work for Morgan Stanley at the World Trade Center Cantor in EDX and a company on both sides of the Atlantic Cantor Fitzgerald As it’s known had five floors 800 employees at least were working or we’ve had a presence in the World Trade Center the company putting out the statement saying that the over thousand employees employed by the two companies in the World Trade Center the chairman saying in a difficult confused situation We’re doing all we can to determine the whereabouts of our colleagues He threw out a brokerage that likely in banking and matters alter their empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield That the u.s. Major insurance corporation the health care insurance Was an international corporation that had a presence in the World Trade Center and Credit Suisse first Boston being Swiss multinational one of the largest in the world the banking investment banking trading organizations not only do they have other offices within Manhattan, but had a large presence in the World Trade Center and Oppenheimer funds these are just a short list. We like of some of the major names that had obviously Some small tweets others large numbers of fraud like Morgan Stanley in the World Trade Center now joining me on the line is Former government is vice chairman of Goldman Sachs International there are parties are on Broad Street by the New York Stock Exchange but I’m not that far from the World Trade Center and Bob thanks for joining us First of all, let’s start with film and sacks and your employees and what you can tell us about the situation Well, we stayed up until about 3:00 or 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday fortunately were very far away as you know from the Trade Center when our prayers and our thoughts are with their friends and colleagues and other and other banks and institutions Wall Streeters, as you know pretty close that unit and their competitors But they’re also companies we cooperate with on a day to day basis same time. So We’re obviously very concerned very concerned about those people and other firms that are that are down a walk season And we’re in this World Trade Towers Inside the scale of what’s taking place in terms of Wall Street in terms of the economy We can have no idea yet. What’s likely to be the effect? No, that’s right. And I think it will take time to sink in It’s a community which as I say works together. We know one another we work on baby They think this was one other firms work on a whole lot of projects collectively and trade with one another and there There’s all sorts of business going on in their day to day basis and it’s part of an overall market their part of the market, but they’re also Friends and people we talk to on a day-to-day basis. So there’s psychological impacts any Norman and the the financial impact is going to be enormous a lot of companies that Have been active participants the market will be hurt damaged badly Let me just exactly we’re looking at new pictures now of the rubble from the scene of Noah Manhattan that have just coming into CNN and which shots taken a short while ago Bob finally and briefly the The financial community has had words from the Federal Reserve from the US Treasury Secretary the key now has to be to create confidence not only that there won’t be a cash shortage or a so-called credit crunch that basically this will not Do long-standing damage to the economy Yes, I think there are two major things that need to be done first of all in the United States itself the Federal Reserve has to take action to lower interest rates further and do so very aggressively and I believe it will and Second from a financial point of view we have to now realize that some additional fiscal stimulus is going to be required Tell me more defense spending perhaps a tax cut the idea of utilizing the Social Security surplus to retire bonds The so-called Ron Fox is finished. There’s going to be a lot more physical Pustynia was to boost the economy and brew the confidence and they developed countries the g7 Particularly has to work together To restore confidence by showing that they’re working together on this. It’s not just one country It’s the overall financial world that needs to have confidence restored in the g7 leaders need to do that together Goldman Sachs vice chairman of Goldman Sachs made. Thanks Indeed Coleen the pictures from lower Manhattan the latest of the rubble from the World Trade Center Yeah, and some astonishing pictures are Richard as we look at. These are just anything windows grown out of police cars We’ve actually seen cars on Top of each other in that area in lower Manhattan these pictures just coming into account of the search and rescue as it goes on tonight right now as we speak Tim and as you look at those scenes are a lot of people that want to see Someone arrested someone brought to justice are made to pay for what happened in the United States this day But how do you drown the world? you begin a criminal investigation into something like if you like you’ve seen here and when you focus on as a suspect or David Ensor takes a preliminary look at those issues US officials say fugitives Saudi accused terrorist, Osama bin Laden group is at the top of their list of suspects There are good indications people with links to bin Laden may have been responsible for this attack said one including specific intelligence Gana, Stan however, where bin Laden is a guest of the Taliban governments the foreign minister told reporters quote We have tried to assure the United States in any kind of way we can that Osama is not involved in these kinds of activities One u.s. Intelligence official responded angrily crawling back quote Allah I think we will soon be able to identify who the culprit is. But can I was not tonight? Intelligence and law enforcement professionals say though bin Laden is at the top of the list of suspect Involvement of agents of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein or of individuals associated with Palestinian groups or Hezbollah? Cannot be entirely ruled out yet, especially given the size and complexity of the operation We may find that The particular action involved actors from several different sources on Capitol Hill some members said the Central Intelligence Agency needs to do a better job of Infiltrating terrorist groups it obviously was the failure of great dimension. We had no specific warning The United States being attacked, although people have alluded to that before We’ve got to do better We must do better at the Central Intelligence Agency officials point out that no one hears of their successes only their failures though They can see bitterness and failing to obtain advance warning of the attacks on New York and Washington They note CIA director. George Tenet has repeatedly warned the bin Laden group could strike the u.s At any time as for how to respond once culprits are found terrorist experts were relieved to hear the White House Say the bombing of Kabul was not u.s. Retaliatory missiles, but apparently Afghan rebels This is not something that’s going to be solved by a salvo of cruise missiles bouncing some blocks in Afghanistan if it turns out Osama bin Laden. This will be a War ultimately to bring all of those responsible to justice whatever Form that takes it’s clear now as it was on December 7th 1941 United States of the war question is with whom and December 41, we knew today. We really don’t they don’t know now, but US intelligence officials say they believe They soon will David Ensor CNN, Washington Akito all of this is the fact that Sama bin Laden has been in Afghanistan after Afghan officials the ruling Taliban there have said unequivocally That they have been warned by Washington that they will be held responsible If it was determined that Osama bin Laden took actions Did terrorist acts? Against the United States or its interests now joining us from Kabul for more on this story is NIC Robertson And joining us by video phone Nick. What is the latest from there? The q30 there is a lot of apprehension within the senior Taliban ranks in Afghanistan Not only in Kabul in a spiritual capital Kandahar about 300 miles south of here We also know this morning in Kabul that the United Nations agencies here in Kabul are preparing Very likely to pull out from here local star for being paid their salary and they will problems might be be a skeleton sort of UN officials left in the city and in other cities around the country, we also know that some of the smaller and non-governmental organizations Aprons here in the city also preparing to pull out 10 German Prince Leopold will pull out for them today Last night, of course the Taliban moving very swiftly foreign minister wacky lactMed wouldn’t work. He’ll talking to Jen we’re saying that they were not responsible Afghanistan was not responsible that they Condemn terrorism in all its forms, and they said that their examine Tim Laden couldn’t be responsible for what it happened nor oh ma the spiritual leader of the country issuing a spade very quickly as well as indicative of the apprehension that possibly Afghanistan could be a place where retribution might be put but certainly malarum our statements Rosamma, bin Laden said could not be responsible this type of terrorism is ever too great for one man. Younger Still the the feeling persists that there is going to be some kind of retribution by the United States and we could see the Reaction coming there from Taliban officials how many of them in the government are what you might consider? Supporters of the sama bin Laden that is they agree with him his philosophy Well, the toy bomb have given sanctuary for Salah the writer they say sir Haven or efforts in expelling the 1983 we don’t sensation about that. It’s an Attenuated dishonor bin Laden came here and sold with a measure of the game And for that reason when I saw a bin Laden came to the Taliban in 1996 looking for a safe haven They felt honor bound under Afghan soldier they say the kitchen equates to say Certainly, Osama. Bin Laden is a figurehead. Not only an Afghani son. But in this part of the world, he is somebody that Some young followers of Islam might look forward as a particular type of leader the baby home Certainly as the Taliban Prosecute their will to gain control of the last five percent of Afghanistan a civil war in the north of the country here Having an ally like the summer bin Laden to help rally more truth to that whole this is a war of attrition with civil war engage in many treatment, but dial most frontline fun for Subscribing across agent plane being moved down the Taliban who needs a mother prepared to fight before Osama bin Laden anything supported will certainly see a good rallying point for Callaghan in times of exclude People to see things an army and certainly we have seen this insolence. This is good Nick their fame reports that our sama bin Laden is calling Muslims from around the world to join his forces in Afghanistan to support the country even export out of Afghanistan some of the same of fundamentalist Beliefs they can you hold you see evidence of that Two years ago, we were traveling in the north of Afghanistan in territory found by the Northern Alliance Louisville our opposition holding out against the Taliban there. We were taken to a jail and turned prisoners. They told us were from mostly from Pakistan one gentleman from Britain and several others come from China some from other countries these People told us that they had come to learn how to fight in training camps in Afghanistan And if they’d gone on to the frontlines to fight in the war Against the Northern Alliance and that’s why they were captured when the front lines game. These people have told us other supporters Other fighters other terrorists some people might call them frontline fighters The caravan was told them told us that they’d come to Afghanistan to get training in in fighting techniques in techniques of exploit may be exploited in techniques using Weapons rocket launcher machine guns, etc. They then patron to kill to the front line forward malabon So they said they were also quite capable of taking over an export and in fact in around countries of origin Certainly the predominance of the people in that, you know we found were mostly from Pakistan and it has been well documented that the Taliban are a basis or ethnically from the national population in Pakistan a quite a Considerable degree of support and there is a wealth of evidence to the point defect. So there are many young people Come from not from Pakistan to assist the Taliban in their fight in Afghanistan All right. I think there are NIC Robertson one of the new correspondents in Afghanistan that is at the moment one of the focus when the focal points are the tension calling Alright, so we do want to show you some more They’re just coming in to CNN now This is tape But it’s quite fresh from the area in lower Manhattan around the World Trade Center our crews out there busy tonight Getting us giving us a look at the search and rescue efforts, which go on defeating Only the other identification they’re too quick the pieces of metal and rubble And look at that panning up shortlist If you listen to this for a while you can see still plenty of clean and smoke in the area. Let’s have a listen Most of that damage on the ground, of course cause when the two towers initially disintegrate as they burned and fell to the ground one after the other just viewing rubble all over the place When also Perry Mason case that we just got in a couple of allocated specifically boots angle of the second plane hitting the tower that’s Saying it fire The fire that that caused that that caused the buildings to disintegrate Relatively quickly, you can imagine both very large planes carrying a lot of fuel Literally pumping up. You’re right into those totality point fully-loaded. It’s cool. Every one of these planes was hijacked All four of them was bound for a transcontinental flight I mean they were fully loaded bomb literally couple bombs That were plowed there the World Trade Center. And then also of course into the point

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