World Trade Center and how it collapsed

Welcome to Catastrophic Science where we unveil life saving research that has resulted from catastrophes. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre resulted in it collapsing with surprising ease. More than 2700 people died. How to better construct buildings and prevent loss of life has occupied engineers ever since. UNSW engineers have been working on the effects of heat on steel, high performance concrete and blasts in a city environment. In the case of the World Trade Centre, the collapse was due to the design of the building. They had very, very stiff beams, because they were very long beams spanning right from the lift core in the building, out to the perimeter columns. So you didn’t have internal columns that are going to compromise the ability to rent floor space. The impact of the aircraft itself would have knocked the fire protection off. And so when you got expansion of those beams in fire, they pushed against the very, very flexible columns and knocked the columns out of alignment and eventually that led to the collapse. And as a result of course, they
don’t design buildings that way anymore. Fire research found that using less rigid steel beams supported by columns at regular intervals was preferable. The beams buckle and sag but the columns hold them in place. We’ve shown that because you get this sagging taking place and it’s allowable that you actually don’t need fire protection, which can be up to 30% of the cost of the steel works, so that’s very substantial. That’s quite a saving. Yes. And the ground breaking research that we’ve done is in the connections because we have to make sure that the connections are robust enough when you’ve got the fire acting on
the structure to be able to hold that beam in place so you don’t get failure. It keeps the fire in a compartment and it allows the occupants to get out of the building. Now this isn’t the first time that terrorism has played a role in affecting future engineering. Since the 1995 Oklahoma bombing where 168 people died and more than 680 were injured researchers have been working on ways to allow buildings to be evacuated safely before a controlled demolition. We’ve been doing a lot of work on what’s referred to as ultra high performance concretes. Now this is a concrete that is typically about twice as strong as conventional concrete but it is also between 100 and 200 times tougher and that means that it can absorb 100-200 times more energy and still resist the loads
and hold the structures up. It’s probably twice as expensive as conventional concrete. So you just need to identify what the most important structural elements are for example ground level columns in important buildings and we’ve also been working on what’s referred to as progressive collapse of structures. That’s very much how a structure
behaves after the removal of a column because of a blast. How does the structure then perform
to protect itself from that event and the area of damage. What we learn today will be utilised by engineers in the future. Brian, you’ve got an exciting job, you actually just get to blow things up. Yeah part of my role is to carry out blast testing on structures to see how they fail. Computer simulations, which a lot of people do, are not always that accurate. There’s a major emphasis on looking at blasts from an industrial perspective as well. For mining and oil and gas industry. And this area of research is gaining momentum, there’s a new centre I understand being built? Yeah we have a national facility for physical blast simulation which is being built at UNSW and we’ll be able to carry out blast simulations for city environments. One of the issues that we’d like to understand is if a blast is triggered in one part of
the city, when those waves propagate through the city they can cause reflection and they
can increase the intensity of pressure in another part of the city and we want to be able to understand where those vulnerabilities lie. Ultimately if we understand the entire blast phenomena public safety will be improved.

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  • If you slam a wall into a 30m concrete wall it was also a cheap quality compared to what was said to bbe in the towers (which with the state of that bussiness with the illegal breakout of activity and standards we know to be dropping.. Leave the question did they build that a bit too much like jenga why make them really small just make a large building its strongerr and more challenging even for a miracle better than bind trio of skyscraper plane crash fire enduring falling from. The sky at free fall (speed over gravity no weight (building) stopping the falling bits just bombing out.

    All the film giving little signals and hints.

    People have only got more susceptible over the post years people are shook and it's getting worse and we are all going to wake up one morning and the might realise the rights have gone…. Then realise you have to have a right in life to be left alone to have peace the holocaust it's coming back way things are going here in the 🇬🇧 we are majority for leaving whereas misinformed people that believe it causes peace and all this people who believe the UK media wheen they. Say we can't have trade agreement with anyone out of here to Boris saying like last week (today :24th 04:17) (Boris will be declared pm later today( not good conservatives only really are likeddown south in Scotland and Ireland also Yorkshire especially south yorkshire people loath so called conservative party (maybe there's pockets are protected)

  • Bullsh*t… not only up until this day no steel skyscraper has ‘collapsed’ due to fire, three ‘collapsed’ in the one day!The third building wtc 7 fell in free fall due to fire from fallen debris from the twin towers. Search Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. This video is heavily one sided, seek the truth from both sides and render you own opinion.

  • Never happened before.
    tower 7 is "pulled" within hours, even though it takes weeks to prep a good demolition.
    video of the pentagon attack is released, we cant see shit, most secure building in the world, 4 frames from one camera.
    The so called Terrorists trained 2 weeks piloting a Cessna single engine plane, and pulled off manoeuvres that veteran pilots were not able to reproduce in simulations.

    immediately we make the case to attack Iraq, the son of the first president who tried to kill off Saddam is in the white house.
    Ben Ladin is killed in a stealth attack using helicopters that "don't exist".
    Ben Ladin's body is disposed off at sea, like its fucking Megatron, denying the American people any proof or testimony.
    Molten metal is found still burning 3 weeks after the collapse, we are given some new-fangled explanation, its not Thermite..they say.
    Since 911 we have attacked or made a mess of multiple Muslim nations, creating countless new terrorists trough drone killings and other actions.

    I could go on, and I'm sure there is a great explanation for all of these "mysterious" things, but if, just if, you wanted to put the American people on a war path against a boogeyman that can strike anywhere, at anytime, this would be the way to do it.

  • if building 7 was "pulled", so were building 1 and 2. There is no doubt that the WTC has been razed by explosive charges.

  • Only fucking sheeple would rationalize how two (NOT) planes brought the towers down. Plain as the nose on your face, HWB and his NWO planned this long ago. It was such a terrible display of treason, I can't believe public at large could buy the terrorist bullshit story.

  • Conspiracy Theorists in a Nutshell:

    “You can’t tell me that (insert description of well documented event here) because (insert completely unproven, untested, or factually incorrect claim here).”

  • Indisputable Fact: No official or criminal investigation has yet proved the 'gravity alone' theory of the destruction of World Trade Center One and Two.
    ANY person that says otherwise is lying.
    ANY person that believes otherwise is delusional.
    Indisputable Fact: Less than ten pages of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's World Trade Center investigative report is about what happened after the start of the total collapse of the World Trade Center One and Two buildings.
    Nowhere in those less than ten pages of NIST's over ten thousand page report, or anywhere else in NIST's World Trade Center investigative report does the NIST World Trade Center investigative team show that they even attempted to prove the 'gravity alone' theory of the destruction of World Trade Center One and Two.
    Fact: Since no official or criminal investigation has yet proved the 'gravity alone' theory this also means that no official or criminal investigation has yet proved what actually caused the deaths of the thousands of innocent people that were killed after the start of the total collapse of the World Trade Center One and Two buildings

    and this also means it is not known if murdering terrorists, responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people on the day of 9-11-01 are still free in society.

    SCIENTIFIC FACT: Only a small amount of the energy from the force of gravity on the falling building parts caused any destruction of the World Trade Center One and Two buildings.


    If you understand basic physics and you carefully think about the fact just stated it will be clear why the 'gravity alone' theory is impossible and why the NIST World Trade Center investigative team did not show in their World Trade Center investigative report that they even attempted to prove the 'gravity alone' theory.
    The NIST World Trade Center investigative team FAILED to do what they, in their own words said they had a responsibility to do.
    "The NIST investigation of the collapses of WTC 1 and WTC 2, and WTC 7, was conducted under the National Construction Safety Team (NCST) Act. The act gives NIST the responsibility for conducting fact-finding investigations of building failures that resulted in substantial loss of life ….. "

  • No, heated aluminum (what plane is made of) plus water (sprinkler system that was in the building) combine the two and you get even more of a huge explosion. Molten Aluminum is highly explosive when combined with water which is all around us, so aluminum is not a good material to build anything with

  • how do they keep a staight face when they explain how the towers fell,what a load of rubbish for this to happen there would have needed every floor to be on fire or the damage would only be on several floors about the impact site,and if you watch the collapse them floors all crush at the start of the collapse the floors below are not damaged and the top of the building is leaning over quite abit and if newtons laws are right should just fall sideways,leaving 70 odd floors standing.if these guys are right and say all the floors were on fire, it still wouldnt fall like you say as the lift core would still be standing.the fact is though lower floors were not on fire or damaged by jet fuel because then noboby would have survied on them floors due to the heat smoke and lack of oxygen.and as there were people talking on phones and walking down the stair during all of this time that proves the floors below were ok

  • The NIST concluded that there was no controlled demolition, because they didn't search at all. They didn't once look for evidence of explosions. This is an actual statement they made that you can look up. It's an actual fact. Secondly, objects can't be de fireproofed. They are sprayed with fire proofing substances. A plane hitting a building wont de fire proof an entire building. Third. People often try to the claim that oh well, the steel beams didn't need to be melted in order for them weaken and collapse. Well the steel beams did melt. That's the biggest issue here. There is nothing that could have melted these beams besides very high temperatures that could not be created by office fires or jelt fuel. Thermite was found inside the buildings. There is nothing it could have been besides thermite. Try and argue this point with me I dare you. Explosive evidence was found. Melted steel was found. The building was literally created to withstand airplanes and fires. No independent large scale investigation was ever done on 9 11. Only government funded investigations. Insurance was taken out right before the accident. If you believe this shit you're an absolute clown.

  • It’s impossible that one Strauss or couple of strusses failure lead to near free fall global collapse where everything is pulverized I’m sorry I don’t buy it

  • I have watched and researched so much about this 9/11 controversy and to me, personally, the Controlled Demolition theory makes so much more sense than the official story.

  • It's all bullshit, one big lie. Those buildings did not fall because they were hit by planes and fire. Let them produce a real experiment that demonstrates how they claim it fell. They can't do it and so does anybody with any sense you knew they were lying the first time you saw the towers brought down it just wasn't right. The real question is why they let the dancing Israeli's go?

  • Look at the buckling load of 47 interior columns. Steel is an elastic material, it does not fail in a brittle manner as the collapse indicates. The columns ceased to exist via thermite is indicated by the large amount of smoke.

  • This was a controlled explosion only 3 buildings in history to implode to ground with no resistance and only 2 buildings were hit with a plane how do u explain the 3rd building

  • I have done much research on the 9/11 attacks, It's come up in my class at community college before and I tried telling them what happened only to be rudely insulted and called "too open minded" and people telling me they refuse to believe it… I try telling other people and they refuse to believe most of the time, it honestly saddens me that many people are still in the dark about this, beliving the lies we've all been told for years.

  • Today is 9/11
    I want to thank the firefighters and police who tried everything to save as many lives as possible. They really risked their lives tbh so can u pray for their family members with me.🙏 thank u

  • 1:00 sorry the planes hit near the top of the buildings not the bottom. If what this guy is saying is true the building would have fallen over around the 30th floor not collapse in its footprint!

  • I can't believe those fuckers destroyed the Twin Towers. Also two Chileans died at the incident too! NOW I'M FUCKIN' PISSED OFF!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • I have a feeling there were bombs in the building also… 0:20 there was just a random blast. It had to have been planned by someone on the inside too.

  • HEY I have an interesting show suggestion you should do an episode on tower 7 …were you guys after all these years able to make its excuse too ?cause I been Dying to hear it ah still cant think of anything believable without the planes to blame???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔sure that already makes more sense than the theory on this video 🤣

  • Interesting that he thinks fire protecting the steel would not be necessary. Getting that insulation on the steel correctly, and getting it to stay on, is quite challenging. The ability to safely omit the fire protection would revolutionize skyscraper design.

  • Oh my God they completely contradicted themselves in the 1st minute a 1/2. First they talked about the long spans and when heated they pushed the columns off alignment. Then they shorten spans by adding columns but show that when the span's got heated they Sagged.

  • Bullshit propaganda!
    This video starts with a load of lies about how the buildings were built and how they collapsed, dont believe the official lies, I am a civil structural engineer, demolition is the only explanation.

  • I’m confused so here’s my theory : How did the twin tower collapse from the bottom, of the planes crashed into the top? My prediction is that it have may been demolished by somebody? But who to be exact.

  • Guys, for an interesting experiment, type "wtc" into YouTube's search bar, and see the suggestions that come up below box. Now, type "wtc t" and see what comes up. Then, "wtc th", and what comes up. Now, "wtc the", and results. Finally, add "wtc ther". What happens? Add other letters instead of R, you still get suggestions. Not R though, no word could possibly be built from that. Slightly fascinating.

  • Why does this not surprise me the absolute dribble coming from an Australian we love America institution look at the big picture imbeciles

  • I know you were told to do this who funded it and what was the point hasn't it been extensively investigated already now BUILDING 7 same story and what does "PULL IT" mean geniuses

  • Title is misleading. This was more like an Ad spot for a company. And above it says Please watch: "UNSWTV: Entertaining your curiosity". The word "Entertaining" now makes this video flexible with the truth. It's also Australian. Nothing against the Aussie nation. Love the country and their great TV series and movies. But their government and our government have, let's just say, a great relationship.

  • Bunch of arabs
    Steal and pilot HUGE aircraft and
    Penetrate the most
    And collapse a building
    Without even hitting it

    wHaT aRe YoU sMoKiNg tO bElIeVe tHiS?????

  • I used to think that Whitewash was made by mixing lime with water. Apparently you can make it with bullshit too? The title "World trade centre and how it collapsed" was given in about a 3 second vague reference to how heat makes steel beams expand. What about all the floors and structure below where the planes hit? What made them disappear?Did building 7 collapse in sympathy with the twin towers? If you want to know the who and the how and the why of 9/11, read 'The Trigger' and don't be watching this garbage.

  • Didnt mention how the air flows faster with hight. And how the buildings acted like a supercharged wood stove with the very large fire eating oxygen and the replacing oxygen around it rushes into that void like a vacuum creating its own high speed weather. All the windows missing shattered from impact and the stairways vents elevator shafts gaping holes helped direct internal oxygen as well. A bunch of burnable fuel paper desks chairs computers cubicle boards carpet ect. This all Supercharged the fire and wilted the support beams as he described and weight did the rest….future concept 💡have a giant water reservoir ontop of the building that acts like a balast and that can collect rainwater and be able to accept helicopter bucket drops as well. while its using gravity to send the great amounts of water down into the buildings rooms. If needed valves can be opened and closed to direct even greater flow and amounts to targeted floors..and can be utitlized via firehoses from firefighters for direct high pressure extinguishment if need be.

  • The government doesn’t even care anymore they do things right out front in front of everybody And they don’t give a shit believe them or not thank you don’t care 🤷🏻‍♂️ Says your government

  • I'm not sure I understand why so many people want to know 'how' they collapsed… Jet fuel people. No amount of experts will ever convince me that ANY high rise will ever be able to stand very long with that amount of heat. This feels like something that should be a given and not something people waste a fortune on researching.

  • it was a controlled demolition and inside job followed by false flag and attack on irak .they try do it again with iran and saudi arabia drone attacks. they did also in vietnam. typical usa way of doing things. it had been demonstrated that the wtc could not free fall like it happened. there was bombs inside and it was all planned.

  • Building cannot collapse at nearly free fall speed without removing resistance. If the building pancaked onto itself, the rate of fall would be much slower because of the resistance of hundreds of tons of steel and concrete. Maybe there is some truth to the reports by firemen that people were coming from the sun levels with their skin hanging off and burned so badly they could barely move. Those reported blasts came BEFORE the plane hit. Kinda strange.

  • It was controlled demolition.
    One of the tower ( that was hit highest) started going sideways. The towers were made strongest at the bottom and weakest as its goes up.
    Once going sideways it could destroy max 10 floors before separating and falling of.
    Bullshit is good in kindergarten

  • Controlled demo brings a building down from the BOTTOM, into it's own footprint. It's IMPOSSIBLE to control demo a building to collapse in the way the WTC did. You conspiracy fucking retards can't link me ONE video of a building being demolished in the way the WTC was. Morons.

  • How it collapsed? Controlled demolition. Both towers collapsing in perfect form and foot print and only 45 minutes apart from each other. All professionals in the field called BULLSHIT on the plane theory…..

  • Perhaps if the Government would pulled the plug on legalizing Cannabis, we just might smile and nod? Something to think about…..

  • Nagyon kíváncsi vagyok arra, hogy miért gravitációs sebességgel omlottak le a tornyok? Hová tűnt a mag? Több ezer illesztés adta meg magát másodpercenként. Ez csak robbanószerekkel lehetséges. Illetve termittel.
    Belső munka volt.

  • Judy Wood explains everything. Firefighters had steel handrails break off in their hands. All the dust you see over manhattan is the towers.

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