World Trade Center North Tower Panel Section Found at Corner of Cedar and West 9/11/01

[President Obama denies justice]
These are not opinions to be debated. These are facts to be dealt with.
[president Obama told the truth] [President GHW Bush surrenders America]
Order We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations [whether you like it or not] a New World Order (NWO – Novus ordo seclorum). A world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. [except for those above the law] When we are successful, and we will be, [You took away our rights and our guns] We have a real chance at this New World Order (NWO – Novus ordo seclorum) [Who needs the U.S. constitution?] An order in which a credible united nations [What happened to defending the constitution?] Can use its peace keeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders [That would be the Rothschilds] What is at stake is more than one small country [I pledge allegiance…. What is at stake is the U.S.A.] It is a big idea A New World Order (NWO – Novus ordo seclorum) [Same big idea Hitler had. The Rothschilds still love it] Where diverse nations Are drawn together in common cause [one world, one tyrant, one rfid card] to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: [to serve a master involuntarily] peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law [except for those above the law]
[GHWB was joking when he said freedom] Out of these troubled times,
[That GHWB and his employers created] our fifth objective [The fifth element] a New World Order (NWO – Novus ordo seclorum) [Hitler was keen on the same big idea] can emerge Now we can see a new world Coming into view [Scheduled Septemebr 11, 2001] A world in which there is the very real prospect of a New World Order (NWO – Novus ordo seclorum) [McCain makes and understatement]
I think that it is clear that the organization and magnitude of the attacks required more than a few people to perpetrate it. A world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle [President Bush suggest a right action]
Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories
[like the 911 commission report] Concerning the attacks of September the eleventh (11th)
[September 11, 2001] Malicious lies
[like the 911 commission report and everything that was ever said by Bush]
that attempt to shift the blame Away from the terrorists
[bush, clinton, bush, obama, the supremes, the gang of 535 and their employer]
themselves Away from the guilty
[bush, clinton, bush, obama, the supremes, the gang of 535 and their employer] [Dubya lies again]
Waiting to go in and I saw an air plane hit the tower Never forget the images of planes vanishing into buildings [On TV]
The plane went right through
[only on TV] Never forget Seems to be on purpose Suggesting Who continue to plot against us Suggesting the U.S. Government was behind the 9/11 attack

100 thoughts on “World Trade Center North Tower Panel Section Found at Corner of Cedar and West 9/11/01

  • @CNN911Fakes Cite a credible source for your Olsen information….otherwise, I'm not falling for your bait….I will anxiously await a link to some truther site…..

  • Agreed. I do have some laughs at CNN911Flaky's videos though and to his credit he doesn't block anyone so we can continue to take the piss. However, there are plenty of hate filled truther scum on YT who deserve nothing other than the most intense abuse and I'm proud to be someone who dishes it out to them! They piss on the graves of the victims and deny the crimes of al-Qaeda with every retarded word they type.

  • Well it's perfectly obvious the only conspiracy was the al-Qaeda one. Truther claims are retarded. For example, why would the "evil Govt" fly two planes into the towers if they'd already covertly taken a massive risk by planting silent explosives on every floor? Or how about the idiots who say U93 was shot down whilst at the same time saying there was a stand down order! Which is it? Can't be both!
    Truthers are without question the biggest retards on the planet. As well as being filthy liars.

  • Tbh truthers have already lost. No-one takes them seriously any more. They can spout their drivel all they like here on YT and who's paying attention? Other truthers and people like us who find it entertaining to rattle their cages and take the piss out of them! Their claims are so utterly retarded I just laugh at them.

  • I have to disagree, Truthers are not dangerous. Most are just idiots!
    The only lecturer who was pushing the truther lies at students was Kevin Barrett and he got kicked out of his college! Same with professors like Fetzer and Steven Jones. Both made to retire because of their lie peddling. The truth movement is finished and the only people who refuse to believe that are the ever dwindling number of hardcore truthers!

  • Yes they do that, but I think the most hilarious truther claim to date is the one where they say AA77 didn't crash at the Pentagon and cite the altimeter readings from the black box, which was recovered from INSIDE the Pentagon, that supposedly show the plane was flying too high to have hit the Pentagon! Duh! It couldn't have been an erroneous reading or a fault then? Nah must mean the plane didn't crash there! It's the most retarded type of reasoning there is!

  • So you are saying that 9/11 was TV fakery? It never happened??? Those 2 buildings are still there? Or are u saying those planes that hit the towers were not really planes? 9/11 happened, planes did hit the towers and those people did die. What U need to be researching is the part our government took in this attack, especially GW Bush and his gang of world dominating thugs. We didn't do it, but Bush knew it was gonna happen and wanted it to happen so he could start a war n get richer & richer

  • So you will know: I lost family members and friends under the rubble of the WTC. Further, 2 good friends were standing near the base of the 2nd tower when it was hit. They heard and saw the plane as it approached and hit the tower. They were among the lucky few who were not injured or killed that day. Their testimony was all I needed to know for sure. Your words mean nothing because they are just hot air.

  • By "falling material", I am referring to the steel and glass that came down when the plane impacted the tower. By the time of the actual collapse they were several blocks away…watching the disaster as it unfolded.

  • Within about 100 feet of the tower, on the side where it was hit by the plane. That is their estimate. I was not there at the time…thankfully. However, I've known them long enough to be able to trust their word… a lot more than yours.
    End of discussion, junior.

  • They heard the plane on what may be called "final approach" to the Tower, looked up, and as it was about to impact the tower, they ran. With the impact nearly 1000 feet up, they had about 10 seconds before pieces started to reach the ground. By that time, they had run some 200 feet, and were now nearly 100 yards from the tower. They kept running for another minute or so before stopping to look back and observe. They have no reason to lie to me, and I have no reason to lie to anyone, either.

  • Point: The plane impacted on one side, but most of the fireball was on the right side from where it impacted.
    There are also plenty of independent videos on youtube that clearly show the impact on the 2nd tower. Get over it, junior. Your obvious bias against Republicans makes it impossible for you to accept the reality of what happened. I won't waste further time on you, sonny. Go back to your sandbox until you grow up.

  • the whole tire part of the video. DEFF the skeleton from a burnt vehicle…you can see the frame from the vehicle around the tire…

  • Cnn911fakes you should be careful you are showing so much evidence about what really happened that day FBI could be in front your home's door now

  • Until you can produce a Disney fonted video with interviews of at least 5 of the thousands of NYers who were standing around this area and who saw a truck drop off this fake landing gear within a steel structure on the street, it is a false flag and straw operation to get others to believe your official version of events. We will be waiting for this evidence you are keeping from us debunkers…We will also accept a video of said truck dropping off the fakery if you can swing that.

  • i am american, i still believe, i am a patriot, but all 911 was inside job. muslims? yes, but someone has started … and that was us …

  • no, youre not reading properly. my message was not about this piece of hardware, it was about the whole 911. its not conspiracy. its always a business, sad, but its always about money. back in 2001, around august, weve been talking about, how calm that time was. no wars, no money, stagnation, jobs … and one of my friends said, i would start a war to get economics going better and here we go. few days later, 911. war, is best for investments, best, for get something from nothing.

  • Of course I enjoy reading the comment section on youtube so keep uploading these incredible revealing videos I just bought more popcorn.

  • You are still an Idiot. Osama bin Laden Interviewed FIVE of the 19, 9/11
    terrorists, and they recorded their video calls for Jihad and explained why
    they were going to attack the united states. That makes a joke of every
    KOOK video out there, including this one.

  • The 2.3 Trillion was part of a 1998 Audit. The audit's rules were that any
    documenting had to be available in 24 hours, or it's undocumented.
    The Pentagons accounting systems are spread all over the world, and are
    on many different accounting systems and platforms. The documentation
    exists, and always has, but it's not available in 24 hours.

  • In fiscal 1999, a DOD audit found that about $2.3 trillion of balances, transactions and adjustments were inadequately documented. These "unsupported" transactions do not mean the DOD ultimately cannot account for them, but that tracking down needed documents would take a long time. Auditors, she said, might have to go to different computer systems, to different locations or access different databases to get information.
    defense. g o v/ news/ newsarticle. as px? id=44199
    Can't get any simpler

  • Actually, MIT came to the opposite conclusion in 2002. Doesn't matter
    what the plane was made of, it could be chewy marshmallow, 200 tons of
    it at 500 mph, would shatter it on impact. NONE of the core columns,
    not even the corner box columns, would have survived that impact.
    SO, take your high school dropout GED to some place where that won't
    get a big laugh. No conspiracy, and Al Qaeda is still demanding credit.
    So are FIVE of the Hijackers in pre-death JIHAD videos.

    web. mit. e d u/ civenv/wtc/ PDFfiles/Chapter%20IV%20Aircraft%20Impact. p df
    Since you are a truther, thought I would throw in one with BIG PICTURES
    911encyclopedia. c o m / wiki/index.php/ Can_a_jet_wing_penetrate_ the_exterior_columns_ of_the_World_ Trade_Center

  • LMAO, sure, show me your faked plane images. AND your faked skills
    in Video alteration. As a TV video engineer in the 1990s, and an original
    TCL programmer of MAYA, and VIGNETTE, and an AVID NLE expert,
    I am sure I can embarass YOU on that one, also.

  • T. WIERZBICKI and X. TENG, How the airplane wing cut through the exterior
    columns of the World Trade Center, Impact and Crashworthiness Lab Report #75, March, 2002

  • Your essential problem, Moron, is that faked images don't scale in a video.
    The object being inserted doesn't scale as it should in real life.
    SO, as it flies into a building, receding from, or approaching you, it stays
    the same size, or a set of rigid sizes, rather than smoothly scaling.
    This can be measured, easily, with pixel / frame analysis.
    It fools the masses, but not video engineers. We think in 1/30th second

  • And how was this a faked panel section? Did you pink panties get twisted
    in the bicycle shop nearby. I happen to know the pastor at St. Nicholas.
    Are you saying he is NWO and faked the panel for the Nibiru aliens?

  • LMAO, the video isn't clear at all. I watched your crap years ago.
    What makes you think I want to pay you another Youtube video 5 cents?
    There were NO faked planes, Al Qaeda claims 9/11, and has posted
    videos of the Hijackers training, and FIVE of the hijackers meeting with
    Osama Bin Laden, and THEIR video calls for Jihad against the west.
    YOU are the shill, Fella. Go get a real job.

  • 1. Are you so ignorant you think that those of us that don't permit advertising on our videos get paid anyway?
    Yes, don't you sell those videos? or try to? LOL. It's not like you aren't
    selling built on the tragedy of an attack on americans. You are SCUM
    that way, aren't you?

  • Here is the video of Osama Bin Laden meeting with the Hijackers,
    and the video testimony they recorded to call for Islamic Jihad against the US.
    What does that make for Faked Videos, and video special effects on 9/11?
    Osama's Meeting with 9 11 Hijackers SPIKE TV – YouTube
    youtube. c o m / watch?v=dx2PhQ7nlis‎

  • No problem. There was no faked WTC 1 panel section.
    There was no need to fake a WTC 1 panel section. No one would claim
    the WTC 1 panel section caused the building to collapse while burning
    furiously. That's like claiming the elephant in the room, was not there.

  • Oh, by the way, the gusset plates are not supposed to have bolt holes.
    That's NOT what gusset plates do. Gusset plates just form an outside
    panel to a joint. It's a lateral stiffener, not the joint. Like the cardboard
    back to a Wal Mart set of shelves, they are NOT designed to carry weight.
    The weight is carried by the spandrel attachment points UNDER the
    Floor Joists. It's YOUR video, look at it, Moron. YOUR copy of the
    WTC floor designs doesn't have bolts in the gusset plate either.
    See 0:38

  • Pretty damn stupid to claim the Panel is faked, because it doesn't have
    bolt holes in Gusset Plates, then show the floor system design.
    WHEN THE DESIGN SHOWS NO BOLT HOLES, in the Gusset plates, Isn't it?

  • Oh, by the way, the gusset plates are not supposed to have bolt holes.
    That's NOT what gusset plates do. That seemed clear enough.
    You show the design in THIS VERY VIDEO, and they don't have bolts
    in the gusset plates. Your own video debunks your claim.

  • LMAO, the objects you circle are NOT part of the joist attachment system.
    They ARE part of the floor joist / cement floor system. The first was a
    FLOOR strap bottom attachment, and the second, was the TOP strap
    attachment. FOUR steel floor one inch wide steel straps, two at each
    end, secured the bottom and top of the floor joists from expansion
    at the dampener on the bottom, or it would simply walk off.

  • Pictures of your "Mystery" diagonal floor joist bracing straps, are in
    NCSTAR 1-3C, Floor System Photos, and appendix.
    The most obvious match to your photos, is Figure A-3, with Figure A3d
    titled "Type C floor Truss Connector".

  • Pictures of the actual installed WTC floor system, the diagonal floor joist
    straps, and a discussion of the failure of the welded parts, and how they
    failed at the WTC, are in the WELDING RESEARCH journal.
    aws. o r g / wj/ supplement/ wj0907-263. p d f

  • Watched the video, and embarassed it with NCSTAR photos matching
    your mystery objects. Your proof, seems pretty NON proved.
    Probably just an old alcoholic fantasy, that the NWO went around
    planting false panels. That kind of delusion is common.

  • Fig. 3 —A — Schematic showing attachment of the floor truss to the exte-
    rior wall; B — undated construction photograph showing the various fea-
    tures of the structural subsystems and their connections
    page 266-s. The pdf is just a fragment of the original journal.

  • aws. o r g / wj/ supplement/ wj0907-263. p d f
    I am going to be the 9/11 radical debunker, and say wj0907-263, and
    was in the Welding Journal, in September 2007, starting on page 263.
    My, I am just so radical.

  • The gusset plates you identify in the video are the UPPER Joist gusset
    plates. They were originally just used to make a slot for the upper joist.
    The Joist support plates have slotted bolt holes, to allow for expansion,
    and the Diagonal Steel Braces, were designed to restrict it.
    pretty simple, and pretty standard.

  • That I can't tell you directly, other than they are the appendixes for NCSTAR 1-3C, and are pretty extensive. I rename the original NIST PDF so I can memorize what's in them. They are pretty extensive. Some 300 photos of the WTC floor systems, and a systematic appraisal of how they failed.

  • NCSTAR 1-3C, Appendix A, starting on page 287. The Figure A-3 I pointed to you
    at, are at 290 thru 295. Page 290, I believe, is a good candidate for your last circle.
    Thats a Horizontal plate for Intermediate Support Angles. Installed only on the
    WTC Spandrel near the central column, and only at the bottom and top of the
    panel assembly. It carries the TORSION bars used between floor joists.

  • There are always 4 axes of movement to deal with. The gusset plates
    controlled up and down, the floor joist controlled in an out, the diagonal
    bracing controlled side to side, and the torsion bars, controlled, well, torsion, lol. Any Twisting motion. Pretty simple.

  • There is always 4 axes of motion to restrict. Up&down, (vertical)
    In&Out, (longitudinal), sideways, (laterals), and Twisting (torsion).
    SO, the Gusset plates restricted Vertical floor joist movement,
    the Joist material itself and the slotted bolts, restricted longitudinal,
    the Diagonal Bracing straps restricted lateral movement, and
    the torsion bars restricted twisting motions.

  • Your basic claims are that is NOT a WTC panel.
    The Welding Journal, and it's clear photos of the details,
    says it is from the WTC.

  • You really shouldn't need any NIST references to prove this video as just downright dumb. You think that 'they' had a section of nearly identical WTC outer wall with a nearly real 757 landing gear setup that is mangled and intertwined, and dumped this many ton object on the street minutes after an event that brought 1000s of people to the area to be witnesses and nobody saw 'them' drop it on the street? You really have to think these things all the way out to make them seem logical at the least

  • a piece of steel I-beam with slick 90* cut edges weighing over 100 lbs was blown by explosion to fire station lawn in… F'n NEW JERSEY.!! a chunk of steel weighing over 150 tons was blown "into" a building across the street by a huge explosion.

  • there were 9 huge explosions.. one 29 tons well before the building started down, they had to destroy the massive solid core the entire height of the tower that supported the cap that the walls were "hung on".. the plane did nothing more than a pencil poking a screen door.

  • sorry… the sound wave recorded 2.8 miles away could have only been produced by an equivalent of 29 tons of TNT.. there were 9.. this was also recorded on seismic drums at earth quake centers

    the book "Lose Change: second revision" cheap at Amazon explain this event quite well. keep at reading this book.. it seems disjointed but it all comes together.. FACINATING how convoluted this all is.. and it wont be the last..

  • it is now known that the structure disintergrated,,steal beems ate up as they were falling,,,what could do this,,,microwave energy,,,,,,,,,,

  • Did you know that the founder of "Loose Change" now completely rejects the "conspiracy" theories, and says the official report is correct? He made a lot of money on the scam, but his conscience made him give it up, since he knew there was no "conspiracy".

  • Not exactly…

    He actually wanted to get a real job in the media business and with that egg on his face he had to… save face!

    Yeah he's recounted the entire fucking thing!


    He leaves the innuendo that the government could have "let it happen".

  • All I see in this video is a North Tower perimeter column tree on the pavement with a 767 landing gear embedded in it, some cryptic camera zooming, and the completely unsubstantiated claim that it didn't come from WTC 1 with no explanation of where it "really" came from and how it got to that location directly in line with AA 11's flight path. This is all accompanied by a sound track that has nothing at all to do with the enigma you claim to be presenting.
    What, pray tell, am I missing here?

  • Maybe some relevant audio and a plausible and coherent message would help? Some camera zooming and the equivalent of "Nuh-uh!" at the end is hardly sufficient.

  • Each time one of you morons, open your mouth, I want to switch those brave souls in Windows on the World for you morons. Let you know you're know that jumping is easier than burning, or a plane heading right for you.

  • When i release the secrets of the Vatican i will end up like the people in the towers but there will be justice of sorts. The freemasons, council on foriern relations, knights of malta, skull and bones, the jesuits, it's all the same. Owned media outlets with the eye symbol. The wars after 9/11 were christians fighting Islam. The crusades continue. All the clay tablets went missing from the iraq museum [covering their tracks]. Won't help it's too late for them.

  • The German BND will be very glad to organize any protest against the US. Only, the US must not be aware of this. So if anyone want to sneak in and out of Germany, he might return with useful help, provided he will remain silent.
    To get an idea how this "works" see my 2 videos:
    Concealed Messages: The Allies part 1
    Concealed Messages: The Allies part 2
    These were for training within Germany in the 1950s
    My video:
    German Concealed Messages in the US
    is not a drill. This is the real thing explained

  • you can release all videos you want. how about telling people actually what they need to do?
    fill the streets with millions of free masons who have been duped into exchanging their democracy for a trinket ring and one-way oath. millions of free masons of all creeds and colours rejecting masonic tyranny is its worst nightmare – which is why no-one on here is suggesting it.
    it is a thing: not a 'they'
    there's everything you can do
    nothing is inevitable
    and no-one is expendable

  • What's so difficult to understand? The gusset plate found on the street did not come out of the WTC. They don't match. It was planted there.

  • Because the truth about WTC (except for the truth, which is a terrorist attack) will be revealed.. On YouTube..
    Get real please, and change that damn disney font.

  • Conspiracy upon conspiracy.
    Get real, grow up, and start educating yourself instead of burying yourself in a pile of conspiracy theories which will lead nowhere.
    NY cops can't do anything against airplanes anyway, so what the hell are your point?
    And YouTube ain't deleting comments, even if you believe they did because they contained "proof".

  • Do you honestly think the cops had the time to wonder where it came from, in all of the mess they already had over their heads?
    If you honestly want to prove it's fake, go to the FBI and present the evidence – A YouTube video is not evidence, and the Disney font makes you look even more like an idiot.

  • Why can you still debate the issue of what really happened on 9/11?

    Answer: Because what happened on 9/11 has not been proven:

    The official story is a case of reverse engineering. Start with the conclusion, then make sure the investigation leads to that conclusion. Also, Youtube does more than delete comments sir and with Ghosts like me running around, I'd choose my words carefully. Keep in touch with yourself Mr Nielson.

  • So what exactly does YouTube does more?
    Suggesting that YouTube delete comments containing "proof" of whatever is just stupid, they would have to delete tons of comments every minute, just to ensure every comment containing "proof" is gone.

    "I'd choose my words carefully" now just for the sake of it, that coul d be taken as a direct threat. BUT, even if it's not a threat, googling my YouTube name or searching on it on Facebook (which you did) is laughable. Please spell my last name correctly.

  • Do you have any idea how long and inaccurate a Facebook search of your name would be Martin?….ROFL @ Having 40,000 + Martin Neilsens in Denmark so I guess I plucked the lucky straw.

    They censor more than comments sir. When a video gets flagged it then undergoes scrutiny, followed by sabotage of the post. Now bear in mind these psychopathic oligarchs can hire trolls to help hide their crimes by writing obfuscating, diversionary nonsense. Or could be slightly dumb, as in your case.

  • Yea, I know, however, my YouTube name would only show one Facebook page, which would be mine.
    Not so clever as you probably think you are.

  • Probably more handsome than you, considering you're probably 150 kg sitting a chair all day.
    Feel free to send me a post card, that would at least make me laugh a bit.

    No, you're not smarter than I think; You are just sad and pathetic, and obviously have nothing better to you, than to stalk people on Facebook, for the sake of being bored.

  • ROFL.

    Ah pimple face, perhaps you'd be less boring once I got to know you. I don't stalk people you boob. As my name suggests; I'm a ghost, I haunt. The thing is, I forewarn unsuspecting victims by moving objects or appearing in front of them. But you Champ; you've took it to a new level; by directing me to your Facebook page where your picture awaited me. Scared the shit out of me and made my dog urinate. Way to go Elephant Man.

    I bet your pillow cries itself to sleep at night.

  • I'm very inquisitive Martin, are you just a simpleton or a well meaning amateur?

    His use of font is highly amusing in the way he has seen the symbolism behind it and is using it against them. I salute him for it. It's mere dunces like you who can't swim and are drowning in a sea of occult numerology and symbolism and that lack of understanding leads to you attacking another person and calling them idiots. May I suggest not educating yourself but simply just……REMEMBER…

  • Bad news Martin – I traced your bloodline, thus proceeding to terminate all your siblings and cousins in order to cleanse humanity of your polluted genes.

    The good news – It appears no normal human would/has ever mated with you, so we won't have to go into the sewers in search of your git.

  • You can't possibly believe that since 1975 that the 'gov' kept an extra section of the 'chex' that they twisted up and damaged and entangled a 767 landing gear into it. And then they pushed this multi-ton object onto the street, driving over all the tower debris to be evidence that a plane did it. No rescue worker saw them secretly plant this fake evidence that really wasn't even necessary to prove anything. That is what they call a stretch of the imagination.

  • New math puzzle! check it out on Android!! you don't regret!!

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