World War Z – Dev Diary

goddamnit Banco I will leave your ass here nobody is leaving anybody the subways our only chance we take you two in would get to the evac Center and get the fuck out of New York we die here what was there is a third person multiplayer action shooter based in the world was a movie universe this is just a game about sitting down having fun and just having the crap scared out of you when you're chased by thousands of zombies this game was really designed as a session based game if you have ten or fifteen or twenty three minutes you're gonna want to sit down you're gonna want to play we think it's a game people are just gonna really enjoy playing with their friends or with people they meet online players need to cooperate to survive and if you run off on your own or you want to be rogue you're gonna have a problem you have to cooperate with your teammates or you'll die as these massive numbers of enemies are coming towards you you're raining down grenade launchers rocket launchers heavy machine guns and just watching absolute carnage unfold in front of you the origin is really just one guy's passion it was Matt saying I want to make this game there's a certain scene in the movie where they are in Jerusalem and swarms of zombies climb over a wall and when I saw that that's when I realized that we needed to make this game because if we can recreate this then we have something on our hands I was a huge fan of the book and so before I had seen the movie I was already a fan of the franchise we've taken this great source material and then pushed it in a direction that we we tend to enjoy World War Z takes place over a number of different episodes and each of those episodes tells its own story each of those episodes has its own group of survivors most importantly we wanted to just create characters that had their own unique vibes and personalities one of my favorite things about demoing this game to the press is seeing their reactions the first time 500 zombies come pouring off the Moscow bridge towards them I've heard some colorful language used to describe it as an enemy the zombies are utterly fearless they will throw themselves in the top of skyscrapers to get to you they will run through fire they will climb over burning cars they will track the player they will follow sound and activity they will climb on top of each other creating pyramids to reach you no matter where you are you wouldn't see zombies that look like this if we didn't have the World War Z licensing there are many many many more zombies in our game than anything else you're gonna play and what makes them different is the speed at which they appear in the way in which they operate in kind of a cohesive fashion one thing we really focused on was the physics of these zombies so we created our own engine called the swarm engine it allows us to have 500 enemies on screen all at the same time not just as individual AI characters but working as a network like a school of fish or a flock of birds all designers from the scene are controlled as one single entity however when players start to interact with zombies individuals I'm just peel off from the swarm and kind of talk to the player individually the game understands and reacts to the skill level and the actions of the player and so every time you play the game the game plays out differently a more skilled you are the more enemies you're likely to face the zombies aren't the only threats in the game we also have a PvP ve mode where you'll be battling kind of rival human beings but imagine in the background of that swarms of 500 zombies all pouring out to attack anything that's alive those swarms could be manipulated so that it can be used almost like a sword or a shield so if I'm on one team and let's say you know my buddy is playing on the other team I can project sounds or somehow direct Sambi swarms toward him so that he gets distracted and then I can take him out Sabre put a lot of buttons working heart and soul into making this game we want this to be an enjoyable experience we need the Lots as almost maybe this is gonna sound presumptuous or crazy ridiculous but we think everyone will enjoy World War Z we hope that our players both have as much fun playing the game as we had building the game

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