World’s Biggest Duck Invades New York!

Can you guess where I am right now? I’ll give you a hint. I’m in the worlds largest rubber duck. Isn’t that amazing?! It’s so (BLEEP) big! We got our vehicle, now we’re going to go see the world’s biggest duck. Let’s do this. We got our car from Budget. That’s a big duck. I’m in Syracuse, New York. I’m here for one reason. The duck is coming alive. I’m here with Craig. Craig you are the … (CRAIG) Owner of the world’s largest rubber duck. The question that everyone is asking or should be asking is why? (CRAIG) I like big ducks. I cannot lie. Boom. So coming up with the idea for the worlds largest duck, was something that happened over several beers? (CRAIG) Several beers. I’ve been waiting for it to inflate for like two hours. This is the most exciting… way to… wait for… a duck to inflate. When the duck starts to inflate people start to come out. That’s the recipe for a party. We are on our way out to crawl in the butt of the duck. Wow. I’m inside the largest duck in the world. You can tell it’s a duck because that’s the reverse of the duck’s face. If you had a giant duck, I would come to your house and I’d hang out with you. Keep watching our adventures here on YouTube. And please follow us on Facebook. to keep up with our adventures. Thank you.

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