World's Strongest Man: Brotherhood

Strongman is like a family. We all get on really well, we all support
each other. If someone forgets their lifting straps, chalk
we’ll lend them out…we all get on. We hang around the hotel – we eat meals together. Strongmen is one of those sports were camaraderie
is a great aspect. We are all very similar you know… when it comes to being competitive. We travel the world together, we compete together. Everyone supports each other and wants each
other to do well.

2 thoughts on “World's Strongest Man: Brotherhood

  • That´s the way to do it. A lot of sports could take this as an example. Only now I realize that this might have been an additional reason for which I have been watching these competitions on youtube for some years now. Although there is competition there is so much support, good will and cameraderie present here. Great guys, great men.

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