WorldVentures Momentum Orlando 2018 – Wayne Nugent’s Keynote

[Music] [Cheers] I love it. [Cheers] Thank you. Hi. [Cheers] Thank you everybody, thank
you, thank you. I feel you, I feel you. Thank you very much. [Cheers] Okay. Amen, amen. Thank you everybody, okay. Okay, let’s do it, let’s go. Thank you so much. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah, you know, that feels
like we’re family. That feels like we’re family
and that’s how it’s supposed to feel. Thank you everybody. I mean, that was to each
other. I know that wasn’t just to me. That was to each other ’cause
the whole spirit of this company, from the very
beginning, has always been about co creation. We’ve always talked in terms
of, you know, collaboration and co creation. And you know, I always tell
people, I’m just doing my part. You know, I’m gonna be the
chief visionary officer, but that just that means that I
had the original idea and I always wanted to have great
people around me. And so, when we’re hiring,
when I’m recruiting in the field, I don’t wanna recruit
just anybody. You know, there, when I was
being trained, I was trained, you know, who do you recruit? If they’ve got a pulse and
they can fog a mirror. [Laughter] You recruit them. But that’s not true, because
I’m telling you people, we don’t want everybody. There are a lot of sales
people we don’t want and in 20 years, you know, there’s some
of them out there I know we don’t want. [Laughter] I tell you, they want us, but
we gotta say no. You’re not ready for us. You know. It just, you know, we have to
protect our foundation, the core of who we are. And that’s really what I wanna
talk to you about today. Because we get to come into
the new year, we get to come into January and hit refresh,
hit reset and get together in fellowship this weekend, and
then, make a run at the whole year. Are y’all ready for that? [Applause] So, it’s not just about the
run, it is mainly the why. Why does WorldVentures exist
and what do we do? And how are we gonna run? How are we gonna run together? So, I’d like to just be with
you here the first of the year, January. I know a lot of you done some
soul searching, you’ve gone through the holiday season,
you come in, you think about your New Year’s resolutions,
you come to this weekend, you set some goals, and this is a
great name for an event, Momentum, especially in
January, because that’s always the name of the game from my
experience in direct sales. You’re always trying to get
big Mo on your side, you’re always trying to get momentum. But then, I’m telling you,
when you get momentum, you don’t take your foot off the
gas. I’ve been doing this, you
know, over 20 years, and you know, for 20 years, I feel
like I’ve been working almost every day every day. But I do it in such a way that
I like it, that I love it, and I want some more of it. [Laughter] You know, I’ve heard burn the
midnight oil, burn the candle at both ends, no pain, no
gain, no such thing as success without sacrifice, that’s a
way of looking at it, like a battle, like a war, like
dominate, disrupt. I don’t like looking at it
that way, you know, I want us to do our thing, our way. I want us to run our race, and
I want us to do it in a way that’s it’s just like this is
our world and we’re enjoying our world. And I think it comes back to
pure intention. You know, original intent, and
the original intent was pure intent. I just, I remember when I woke
up one morning and I was the number 1 money earner in
another network marketing company. And you know, I’ve just been
focused, I mean, I had a schedule like you wouldn’t
believe. I mean, I don’t even wanna
tell it to you ’cause it was so, you know. But I woke up one morning,
I’m the top money earner and you know, I was just bored. So, I liked the company. I was making over a million a
year, no residual. That was a million a year just
on front end new sales every week. Maxed out 10 tracking centers. And I mean, if I didn’t work,
you know, I mean, I would hit a different city almost every
day and I’d be there in time for lunch, I’d do a luncheon,
I’d take a break, I’d change, put a suit and tie on, I’d do
the hotel meeting at night, we’d go out afterwards and
have a dinner afterwards, I’d wake up the next morning,
catch an early flight, I was in another city, I would do a
lunch, I would do a dinner, it was just boom, boom, boom,
boom, boom. I was at my house, had 3
houses and 6 cars and I was in my main house 2 days out of
the week. The other two, I was in one
night of the week, and then, the other one, you know,
whenever I could. Had a place in Houston, had a
place out of Horseshoe Bay, anybody know Horseshoe Bay? Nice place, right? Had a baby tiger in Horseshoe
Bay. See, that’s getting a little
much. You have a baby tiger up until
it starts biting your friends, it’s not good. [Laughter] Lawsuit waiting to happen. You don’t wanna be making a
million a year and have a tiger that bites your friends,
not good. [Laughter] So, anyway, I’m just telling
you guys as a rep, as a networker, I’ve been through
it all, I promise you I have. And I woke up one morning and
I was like, what is it I can see myself doing for the rest
of my life and never get bored of it, never get sick of it,
never go do anything else? And for me, the only answer
was travel. If there was a way I could
make over a million a year, but do it, you know,
travelling all over the world with my friends and my family,
that to me would be awesome. And for other people, maybe
it’s not a million a year, maybe it’s 100,000 a year. But for me, I couldn’t, my
mind, once your mind expands, it won’t contract. You can’t be making a million
a year and then set a goal to make 100,000 a year. You understand? So, of course, when I set new
goals, it’s like, I gotta make at least the same amount of
money, but I just wanna do it with travel now instead of
what I was doing. But I didn’t have like the
travel credentials, but it didn’t matter to me that I
didn’t have the travel credentials. Henry Ford, go study Henry
Ford. Became one of the richest men
in the world at the time. Today, the equivalent to
today’s dollar would be worth over 300 billion dollars. But it’s the difference
between schooling and education. He didn’t have schooling, but
he got his own education on what he was interested in. And what he was interested in
was wearing some overalls, getting his hands dirty and
tinkering and you know. And then, the vision for the
Ford, Model A. Model T. So, anyway, just study Ford
and you’ll see what I’m talking about. But you don’t get bogged down
on you don’t have enough schooling or you haven’t
worked your way up to the schooling ladder. What you should care most
about is education and you should care about getting an
education in network marketing and you should have reverence
for your leadership in this company. Your IMDs, your Pack team,
because I promise you, they’ve been through, they’ve been
through a lot. But you gotta have respect for
the game. You gotta wanna be a student
of the history of network marketing. Not just our company, but all
the companies that exist right now and other companies that
were around that don’t even exist anymore. What can you learn from those
companies? But this is what I always did,
this is what I did to myself, this is what I did to
everybody I trained. I’m gonna take you through the
inoculation phase I called it. So, do we want you to score in
24? Yeah. But yes, and, somewhere in
there, your upline should take you through the inoculation
phase. Where you should know to take
yourself through the inoculation phase. Yes, go out there and score in
24, but you’ve got to be 10 foot tall and bulletproof, you
have to believe in the industry. You have to believe in the
kind of opportunity the industry offers. You gotta, which is leverage
and residual for the most part. You gotta really be sold out
on that as a concept versus you know, just the job world. We don’t have to make the job
world wrong, we don’t have to make the job world bad,
there’s a lot of important jobs out there and there’s a
lot of good people doing good jobs, important jobs, that
support society. But do I believe we can choose
and opt into a different way? That to us is a better way? Yeah, and so, being very fair
about it, what, to us, makes this a better way, a better
option for us as individuals and for the vision we have for
our families? Well, I think, to me, it boils
down to you have leverage and residual. So, the cost is low, the price
point to entry is low, but the reward is extremely high. And here, we tried to sum it
up with three words, fun, freedom, and fulfillment. [Applause] Our product is fun. Our opportunity creates
freedom, at least more freedom, time freedom, money
freedom, gives you the option to achieve more and more
freedom. Not too soon, though. Fun, freedom, and fulfillment. And you’re not gonna get
fulfillment from the money you make and the stuff you buy. [Applause] I watched my dad try that. I made the money, I bought the
stuff. It didn’t fulfill me, that’s
why the foundation’s so important to us. The VolunTours that we do is
so important to us. The way we co create together
and enjoy the ride together is important to us. The way we treat each other. This is why I don’t wanna grow
too big too fast. Because you can lose your
heart and your soul and your identity when you grow too big
too fast. [Applause] So, we ran up to a billion
faster than anybody. We were the fastest growing
company in the entire industry. [Cheers] Now, that stretches your
system. It stretches every person on
the team to be able to handle that kind of a run-up. And so, what you gotta be able
to do is pull back a little bit and retrench and build
stronger, more scalable, enterprise level systems and
solutions, but in order to put those solutions in place, you
gotta hire the right people. Thank you, Josh Payne. [Cheers] Because it’s not just that he
has the character and the competence. It’s like, yeah, it’s that
fit. That I believe in him, and he
believes in us and he’s buying in and he’s going all in and
he’s working hard and around the clock. He’s proven himself, you know
what I’m saying, he proved himself at rovia first, he’s
proven himself as the CEO of holdings now, he’s partnered
extremely well with, you know, Eddie, who’s been core and
critical to all of us inside corporate and in the field. Eddie, thank you, God bless
you, buddy. [Applause] Justin Call and Garrett and
Deb and you know, Simon Chadfield, who’s not here. We got good people on board,
good people that know how to build kick butt systems. Now, it takes a little bit of
time, you gotta get them the resources they need, you gotta
give them the time that they need, but they put that in
place and then, what happens is, now we all can go back to
work in January, in February, you know, and hit the ground
running out of an event like this and run up 2 and 3
billion. [Applause] Nobody wants to miss that
ride. Trust me. You don’t wanna miss that
ride. And it’s not hype. I’m not a hype guy, I’ve never
been a hype person in my entire career, everybody that
knows me, I got a lot of people that known me for 20
years. I’m never hype. It’s just a plan, we have a
blueprint, we have a plan, and I can show you with other
revenue streams. So many opportunities that
come our way and other revenue streams, other things we put
in place where you make more money. Y’all are gonna make more
money than you’ve ever made before. Off more things. [Applause] So, we’re working behind the
scenes, but the original intent is, it’s fun, freedom,
and fulfillment. And we’re not stopping that,
we’re not losing that, we’re reinforcing that, and then,
dare to serve, who do we serve? We serve you. The reason I wanna serve you,
I don’t want this to be a normal company. I love that it’s network
marketing. I love that it’s direct sales. I wouldn’t want a normal
company. Because, lemme tell you why,
lemme tell you why direct sales is so important to me,
because the cost is low and the reward is high. You can get leverage and you
can get residual and there is all this education and
personal development and comradery and all this, I just
love all that goodness about the industry. I have a love hate
relationship with the industry. I love the good parts and I
hate the bad parts, I hate the ugly parts because sometimes,
desperate people do desperate things. And I see where it gets ugly
when people get desperate, but I also see it at the other
end, where all of a sudden, you’re successful and you’re
running up from where you were 200 million to a billion and
then the greedy people come out. Not desperate, greed. And I’m begging you, I’m
pleading with you, I want us to have a common vision, and I
want us to run, man, I want us to grow. I want us to go from where
we’ve been to where we wanna go. One and two, three billion,
four, five, 10 billion. [Applause] But man, I wanna enjoy the
ride with you and then when we get there, it’s like we love
each other, but there’s gotta be more of us that think that
way to squeeze out the ones that don’t. Get them out. Get them out. They need to go get in where
they fit in. If they don’t fit in with that
heart and that soul and that spirit, get the hell out. [Cheers] Right now. Sooner the better. Hate cancerous people. You know of one, just give me
a knife, hopefully a dull knife, maybe a spoon or a
fork. [Laughter] So, how do we go about doing
this? How do we hit reset, refresh,
rebuild, all that? Well, this book. Go to YouTube, you don’t have
to read the whole book, go to YouTube and put the names of
these books in and watch a video. You can watch 10, 15, 20, 30
minute videos on these things, but Rocket Fuel is talking
about the yin and the yang, the Wayne and the Josh. [Laughter] And of course, and then, in
the field, too, and everything. But this is where like Walt
Disney needed his brother Roy. This is where I’m wired as a
visionary, I’m wired as a networker, and when you’ve
been doing this over 20 years as a visionary as a networker,
there’s no way Josh can learn all that or do all that. And I don’t have time to learn
everything that Josh has learned in his 20 years of
business experience. And all of a sudden, I stopped
focusing on being a networker and I stopped focusing on
being a visionary, and all I did was study you know,
business, and finance. See, I gotta tell you the
problem is, I’ve told y’all for years, I don’t have a
money goal, I have a creation goal. And when you have a creation
goal and it’s all about creating fun, freedom, and
fulfillment, and just pouring in that, and like getting Shaq
up here and stuff. That kind of stuff’s not in
the budget. You never, you got, ladies,
gentlemen, I’m telling you, fun is important. Fun is very, very important. Dollars and cents are
important, bottom lines are important, that’s absolutely,
but fun ins important. Okay, so, then, Speed of
Trust. Sometimes, people are gonna
break trust, and when they do, that gives them a chance to
say, I’m sorry, it gives them a chance to ask you for some
forgiveness and ask you for some grace. And I think you know, our
company, for 12 years has been really good about building
trust. And I think that’s why we’re
all so bonded and we feel like this is family. [Applause] And us at corporate, man, we
ever let you down, that pains us, we hate it. If we ever let you down, we
hate it, makes us sick. We can’t wait to say we’re
sorry, we can’t wait to fix it. Figure it out and fix it. Sometimes, it takes a little
bit of time to figure it out, it takes a little bit of time
to fix it, but there should be no question that that is our
goal and that is our intent. Always to take care of you and
maintain your trust. [Applause] For years and years, as a
leader, training my reps, I always said to them, you will
only perform to the level of your belief. And anything we do to hurt
trust hurts belief, doesn’t it? When trust is high, speed is
high, you can go fast, and there’s a lot of efficiency,
costs are low and you’re running a very healthy
organization. But when trust is low, speed
is low, costs are high, you’re totally inefficient. Now, can we all have a common
vision when it comes to these formulas? What do we want? How do we want this company to
operate? Don’t we want high trust? [Yes] So, sometimes what you need
to know about trust, and I had to learn this, sometimes, you
don’t wait for trust to happen from the outside in. For something from the outside
to happen and then you trust. I’m telling you, you as a
grown adult, you as mature adults, business minded
people, you can choose to dig inside yourself and source
trust. You find it in there and you
pull it out. You source trust. And I gotta tell you, I’m here
to say, thank you today. I’m here to say I’m grateful
for you today because I feel like y’all have done that. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. [Applause] You all have shown a lot of
trust in us, a lot of belief in us and man, we just thank
you for that. [We love you, Wayne] I love you, too, I love you,
too. I don’t know if I said it, but
what I meant to say earlier that I forgot to say was what
I love about network marketing, what I love about
direct sales, is that the least of ye shall be made the
greatest. I would use Troy as an example
and he’s gonna be coming up. But I’m the guy that expects
Troy to win, you know what I’m saying. I always say, he’s war
admiral, you know, on paper, he’s like this badass
racehorse, you just expect him to win. I’m like Seabiscuit. I know Troy’s like Seabiscuit. We’re just wired that way, you
know what I mean? But I’m always for the
underdog. That’s why I love Rudy so
much. Wasn’t Rudy just like, that
guy. That guy played one play. And he’s like more famous than
all these guys that played an entire career, they just set
records. This little guy Rudy. 5’6″, 165 pounds. I love Rudy. But my wife, my daughter, my
son, Zurich. My son, Zach, too, I didn’t
have a picture handy with him, but look, I tell people, I
say, I had this vision of them travelling, us travelling
together as a family all over the world, before I met my
wife. Before we had kids, and so,
we’ve been blessed to be able to do that with one another. Now, when I first, when I
first met my wife, she lived in this house, she was a very
independent woman, she made a lot of money, but lived below
her means. She sold new homes. And she made, you know,
200,000 a year, whatever, plus or minus, and but she lived
modestly, and she had savings and all that kind of stuff. Well, when we met, you know, I
had 3 houses and 6 cars and all this, and I was making
more but still, I had more stuff, too. And a tiger, yeah. And so my wife and I, you
know, I mean, we dated for 3 months before I kissed her. You know, we were together
for, you know, over a year or something before something. [Laughter] You know, but my wife’s like
responsible right? She’s not a risk taker, she’s
responsible, great woman, great lady, great person,
smart, good business woman, but like, you know, as much as
we love each other, she wasn’t gonna move in with me. It didn’t matter how big or
nice the house was or anything. She’s gonna have her house. [Applause] So, she actually loved me
enough to let me move into her little house. [Laughter] Oh, jeez. And so, and she had that
little TV, she had one little TV like this big. God, we’d sit in a chair in
front of the TV like this big, it’s like, oh, my God. I mean, I had theater rooms,
you know what I’m saying, I had big TVs, but no, I move in
with her and this little TV. And so, so I move in with her,
and she says one year, she goes, and I wasn’t actively
building at the time. But she says, let’s have a
race, ’cause they were gonna give her this new neighborhood
to build houses. This lakeside, this huge
community, it’s gonna be brand, it’s right in the
middle of the metroplex, it’s like gonna be a big deal. Everything going for it. She said, let’s have a race,
see who can make the most money. [Laughter] I’m like, alright. So, I join a network marketing
company and she, so, I join a network marketing company,
start out from scratch and she starts selling houses. She made like 300, 350 that
year. And we’re living here, right. [Laughter] Within 6 months, I’m at
100,000 a month. She’s like, okay, you win. [Laughter] So, my wife’s always been
supportive of network marketing, ’cause even when we
dated all this time, for the longest time, she never knew
what I did. You know, like, I was always
available, she’s one of 8 kids, so her brother, they’re
all really tight, too, and her mom and all, and I was always
available. It’d be like, hey, do you
wanna go do this with me and my family, hey, you wanna go
do this, alright, alright. I was always available. It was like, what does he do? He drives a Mercedes, a big
old. [Laughter] But my point is, that house,
that house, the mortgage was less than 1,000 dollars a
month, it’s on Zillow, it was worth less, but, less than
$1,000 a month I think, or $1500 a month or something, at
the most, but here we are making 300,000 a year,
million, you see what I’m saying? But living way below our
means. Way below our means. And the way I built, I was
always so busy building, I didn’t have time to spend
money and so, I don’t know, take from that what you will. I’m just. [Laughter] But look, if you’re so busy
working and making money, but having fun doing it, because
your intention is to help people, not you make a lot of
money so you can go buy a bunch of stuff that’s gonna
depreciate in value. And make it, I’d rather you
have that freedom part and be able to take trips and create
memories, you understand. So my encouragement is, yes,
let’s go hit it, let’s go work hard, let’s go make a lot of
money, but yet, I recommend you live below your means. And you can pay cash for a
house. Alright. So, follow me onto a few
things, I’m gonna try and hurry through this. Mind is the master power that
molds and makes, and we are mind, and evermore we take,
the tool of thought, shaping what we will, bring forth a
thousand joys, and thousand ills. We think in secret and it
comes to pass, environment is but our looking glass. Okay, your outer world is a
reflection of your inner world. So, I wanna teach you how to
hit reset. Not just for you and your
personal life and the business you’re gonna, you’re about to
go build, but you’re a part of our company. We’re a part of each other. When you talk in terms of
co-creation, it’s like we wanna have aligned values, we wanna
have a common vision. We want to continue to
c0-create. Don’t you wanna like who you
work with? Yeah. So, this is a part of it. But whatever you think about
comes about. Whatever the mind of man can
conceive and believe, it can achieve. You start to see this pattern
over and over said a number of different ways. But here’s what happens. There’s this negative spiral
and there’s the positive spiral. And if I’m gonna train you to
be a leader, I need you to learn how to think about what
you’re thinking about. Because what you’re thinking
about is what you feel and what you feel is what you
create. Because thoughts lead to
feelings, emotions and emotions lead to actions or
reactions. And actions and reactions
produce results. Good results or bad results. You understand? Most parents don’t teach their
kids this, most school teachers don’t teach their
students this. You go through all of life and
you never get a class like this that says think about
what you’re thinking about in the moment because the past is
the past, you don’t control the future, you only control
the present. And if you can control your
thoughts in the present, then you can choose to feel good in
the present, you have good feelings, you’re gonna take
good actions, you’re not gonna react to somebody, you’re
gonna respond appropriately to somebody in a situation. But the, what’s scraping the
bottom of the barrel. I don’t know if anybody can
read it? Can y’all read that and say it
out loud? What is at the bottom of the
barrel? Fear. Fear. The bible says fear not, fear
not, fear not, 365 times. One time for every day of the
year. the bible says fear not, fear
not, fear not. I’ve seen reps that speak with
a lot of authority but have a lot of fear. Say WorldVenture’s in trouble. Kiss my ass. [Cheers] People go into fear mode and
they say bad shit and they do bad shit. That might as well be a toilet
bowl, go ahead and flush them. [Cheers] Just flush them right out the
toilet. Now, when you flush those
shitty people down the toilet, because it’s a shitty mindset,
it’s a shitty attitude. It ain’t a leader attitude,
I’ll tell you that right now. It’s fear, it’s stupid, it’s
weak, go away, you’re contagious. [Cheers] That’s why, I always had a
rule, I always had a rule, I have zero tolerance for
negativity. And that didn’t mean with just
people around me, other people, other reps, whatever,
that was in here, too. I had zero tolerance for
negativity in here within myself, because I knew I don’t
wanna take myself down that path. And God gave you free will and
God gave you free will to think and choose and do. And that’s heaven and hell. And when you start going, look
at what it says, at the top of that negative spiral, it says
boredom and pessimism and frustration and disappointment
and doubt and worry and blame and discouragement and anger,
revenge, hatred, jealousy, insecurity, fear, grief,
depression, powerlessness, victimhood, victimhood. And when you start blaming and
you’re a victim, you just gave up all your personal power,
all your control, your ability to do anything. You ain’t a leader. I gotta tell you. The people I saw, there’s
leaders that showed up. Super Flye tour. [Cheers] Like Darren Walker. [Cheers] I mean, this guy comes out of
nowhere, well, I mean, he was always there, but I mean like,
I’m telling you, he’s the kind of guy unbelievable, man. Gooch. [Cheers] I missed the late night rants
of Martin Ruoff. [Cheers] This is, movies, books,
everything that’s written like this, and you cheer for the
hero that steps up, right? You gotta, there’s gotta be an
opportunity for that to happen. And when it does, man, I gotta
tell you, I love it, it’s a beautiful thing to behold,
it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of. And you get together on a
weekend like this, and you choose, you understand this,
and you hit reset and you hit refresh and look, you got, you
can move up to enthusiasm, look, belief, positive
expectation, enthusiasm, passion, joy, knowledge,
empowerment, freedom, love. Do you love WorldVentures? [Cheers] Do you want WorldVentures to
be better than ever? [Cheers] Then, please, ladies and
gentlemen, let’s have you become better than ever and we
got this coming up at United. Get your ticket to United, I
can’t wait to give out the Rudy award and host the event
at my house for the people that contributed, but let’s
keep this in mind, look at the four C’s of Rudy. The character, ’cause tough
times don’t build character, they expose character. And some character’s been
exposed, but I’m telling you almost everybody in this
company, 99% of the people in this company have character
that’s just freaking amazing, awesome, love you. Courage, contribution,
everybody’s wanting to contribute, co create. And then, proven the
commitment. So, I want y’all’s nominations
for the Rudy award. Yes, we’re gonna give out one
award, but there’s gonna be six nominations, 12
nominations that we recognize. But we want as many Rudy
nominations as you can point out, whether it be yourself,
pointing yourself out, that’s okay. [Laughter] It took Rudy 10 years to get
the movie Rudy made. He fought to have his own
movie made. But we want these stories. If you wanna nominate somebody
that shows these kind of traits, fantastic. But we have that jersey. That’s him, that’s the real
Rudy, we have his real jersey, we have his real helmet, it
went for more in the auction than like Brett Favre’s stuff. And other pros that have a
whole lifetime of career, we got that helmet, we got that
jersey and we’re gonna build this and we want the Rudy
people to be recognized because I think that you’ve
gotta have that toughness, that internal fortitude, you
gotta have those four C’s and so, just keep that in mind as
we roll into Momentum, out of Momentum, going into United,
which is gonna be here quick. And out of this weekend, you
come out of here and build Momentum, but I gotta tell
you, this weekend was badass. [Cheers] Thank you, and I gotta tell
you, I’m so grateful, I’m so happy, I’m so thankful, I feel
United with you. Thank you.

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