Worry (Dr. David Jeremiah)

and we welcome all of our chapels that join us now for this part of our service in North Park where Rick Morris is and up in Alpine with David Thompson and in Encinitas where Robert Pedrosa is serving down in the South Bay with Don Howe and up on the Central Coast with Don Anderson welcome all thank you for being with us today as we open the scripture together we are in the fourth chapter of the book of Philippians today I want to talk with you about worry everybody needs to learn about worry I read about a woman who was worried because she wasn't worried as much as she used to be and another man who said he figured out how to handle where he hired somebody to worry for him full time and his friend asked him isn't that expensive he said that's his worry so you know there's different ways around dealing with worry but I suggest we take a look at one of the two central passages on worry in the Bible the other is in Matthew chapter 6 but this is perhaps my favorite and it is my most favorite section of the book of Philippians when Don and I were in school in Dallas one of the great things that coincided with our theological education was the arrival of Tom Landry to coach the Dallas Cowboys he was one of my favorite people in fact I will confess to you now that when he began to coach the Cowboys and I was just getting started in my seminary program at Dallas Theological Seminary they had a Tuesday Cowboys luncheon and I skipped a couple classes on occasion to go to the cowboy luncheon I grew up after that and didn't do that much anymore but I love this man because he was a great coach and I learned later a follower of Jesus Christ one of the things that we all remember about this man if we watched him in those years was he would stand on the sidelines during the game with his hands folded like this and his hat on and he would look like he did not have a care in the world all hell could be going on out on the field and people after each other bodies flying every which way and here was Tom Landry just watching calm as a cucumber in one of his written testimonies he revealed the secret of his composure under pressure he said most of the athletes who failed to become winners are those athletes whose fears and anxieties present them prevent them from reaching their potential he said I overcame that problem by a commitment to something far greater than winning a football game a commitment to Jesus Christ when you give your lives to Christ one of your biggest worries is over and that is where are you going to spend eternity but let's face it when we become Christians worry doesn't go away if that were true there would have been no sense for Paul to write this letter to a group of Philippian believers and give them instruction about anxiety and so because of the status of the citizens of Philippi a Roman colony these Christians were candidates for anxiety I mean the persecutions from Nero were beginning to to grow and these young Christians knew that soon they would be tested for their faith Rome was coming after them and not with an invitation to a banquet even though Paul devoted only four verses to this subject in his entire letter he did some things that we all need he diagnosed the problem he prescribed a cure he recommended a program and he made a promise in Philippians chapter 4 verses 6 through 9 all of those things happen what he said to those believers in Philippi he has said to us to all of us here today I know that whenever I speak about worry I touch a lot of people worries kind of like the hidden thing we don't ever talk about but there are many people who will listen to this message both here in the auditorium and wherever it is seen in our chapels and around the country on the radio and on television who are closeted warriors and they are very proficient at it they've determined a way to live their life built around their worries so let's begin with what Paul said to the Philippians and let's see if we can sort this out for ourselves today first of all notice the problem worried Paul wrote in verse 6 be anxious for nothing if you have a King James Bible you probably have read it this way be careful for nothing that is the life verse of a lot of teenagers that you and I both know but it has nothing to do with worry because the word careful is misunderstood the word is really anxious it means don't be filled with worry and worry comes from a greek construction of two words which mean to divide your mind in other words is to have a mind divided between thoughts that are legitimate and thoughts that are destructive and to go back and forth between those two worlds and James tells us in his letter that a man who is who does that is unstable in all of his ways the word anxious that Paul uses here is a synonym for our word worry so what Paul is saying is don't worry about anything worry about nothing and he was not suggestion suggesting that we should never think about these things rather he was reminding us that we should not worry about them we are not to be worriers you say doctor Jeremiah is worried a sin all of us have at times been filled with worry over a period of time in a short time I'm not really sure that a momentary worry is sinful but I know that a life of worry is because the life of worry denies the promises of God that he will take care of us and by the way worry is not a very productive way to spend your life do you know that 40% of the things people worry about never half I mean 30% of the worries are related to past matters that are now beyond their control 12% have to do with anxiety about health even though there isn't any illness except in the imagination 10% of worries are about friends or neighbors even though in most cases there's no reason for the anxiety just 8% of the things people worry about have some basis in reality what this means is that most of the things we worry about never happen and while we're worrying about tomorrow we're destroying today and while we're worrying about what happened before that can never be undone by the way God does not make done things undone while we're worrying about the past we're losing the energy we need to proceed with the challenges of today so worry is just not productive it may not be sinful in its momentary approach to us but it is not a good way to live your life maybe you're here today and that's your problem I know some people I have some close friends who struggle with worry and they worry all the time that can be a real destructive way to live so Paul gives us a prescription to deal with it notice verses 6 & 7 he says in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds through Jesus Christ that's one of the greatest passages in all of the Bible here is this marvelous contrast in nothing be anxious in everything by prayer we are not to be careful were to be prayerful and I'm convinced that we are confused about the way prayer actually works for us in these stressful and difficult days does the Bible tell us that if we're worried about something and we pray that God will take the thing we're worried about away from us does that happen no not always in fact let's face it not often I used to pray when I would have a problem in the church or something that needed to be solved I used to pray Lord please take care of this for me and he doesn't ever do that I can hear him saying back to me no that's why I have you there I want you to grow so here's this problem I want you to deal with it but I'm not going to take care of it for you a lot of people think that prayer is like this little magic thing that if we're if we're in trouble all we have to do is pray and it's going to go away the Bible doesn't promise that in fact I remember reading some years ago something that was written during World War two by an army chaplain he wrote an article on prayer that really challenged my thinking about prayer his article was entitled some pray and still die here's part of his article he said is there such a thing as getting the breaks in prayer what about the fellows who pray regularly but killed get killed regularly I wish people would stop writing about the soldiers who pray and have their prayers answered by not getting killed why do all the other soldiers seem to get the wrong answer he what I want to know is this what sort of an extra special super-powered prayer is needed to make everything turn out the way you want it that sounds facetious almost irreverent but I'm really serious I really want to know I'm an army chaplain and I could use some special prayers with my men and heaven knows we need them badly at times because the fact is there are always more men who pray to come back then there are men who come back what is the deciding factor the thing for all of us to remember is this someone else does the answering what you have in mind may not be what God has in mind if you ask him something you must be willing to take what he gives that is why I am a bit depressed by the writings of those who try to get other people to pray by telling them that you can get what you want people must learn to want what they get when I talk about to soldiers about prayer I try to tell them that they need to be adults God expects us to be men only children demand a happy ending to every story how old must we be before we begin to realize that even prayer can't get us everything we want unless the thing we want is right for us to have who gets the breaks in prayers he wrote nobody there is no such thing we get what God in His infinite love and foreknowledge seems fit to give that's not always the same as getting what we want but it ought to be we ought to be willing to come to God as his son did in the garden and say nevertheless not my will but thine be done did the Lord Jesus get the answer to his prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane that we visited this week when he said Lord let this cup pass from me the answer to that was no because that wasn't God's will God wanted Jesus to experience the cross and the burial and the resurrection so that something far greater would happen and that includes all of us here today please note that Paul believes in prayer with all of his heart but he doesn't believe in the modern idea that prayer is like a genie who jumps out of the bottle if you rub it the right way and gives you everything you want whether it's for your good or not we need to disabuse ourselves of that kind of foolish thinking as the chaplain said maybe it's time we start acting like dholtze and realize that god loves us he wants us to pray we'come fervently for our prayers I've discovered that most of the prayers God answers for me are prayers that I pray for other people and I'm really grateful that other people are praying those prayers for me God knows what he's doing and we who are his children have to be willing to trust him Paul uses four words here for prayer the first one is the word prayer itself I don't have time to go into detail about the nature of all these words but let's just kind of go through the text quickly prayer is a general word for offering up our desires to God it describes any form of reverent address that we direct to the father and it points to the frame of mind that is required of those who asked then there's the word supplication that's from a Greek word that means in treaty that means literally to beg to come to God in our have our hands open and plead for what we want and ask God to meet our needs and so often he does that in a marvelous way according to his own will and then the third word is the word requests that's the lists we make for the personal things that we have do you have a prayer list things that you pray for for your family for your church for your friends for the things that are important to you that's the requests you make and then the last word is maybe the most important it's the word Thanksgiving it says pray and supplication and requests with Thanksgiving the word there is an end it's with in other words Thanksgiving isn't the fourth thing on the list of four it's the qualifying word that describes how you should pray all the other three in other words pray prayers with Thanksgiving offer supplication with Thanksgiving make your requests with Thanksgiving whenever you pray make sure it's always accompanied with Thanksgiving always be grateful when you pray don't rush into the presence of God asking him for all the things that are on your heart without stopping to say lord thank you for all that you have done for me and for what you have done in my life attitudes of gratitude will make a great big difference when you pray always surround your prayers with Thanksgiving that little letter with in that text is not a mistake it is a very important reminder that all of us must pray with gratitude so the Christian life is composed of three circles you can draw them in your imagination first there's the worry circle what is supposed to be in the worry circle not a nothing zero and then there's the prayer circle what's supposed to be in the prayer circle everything in everything by prayer and then there's the Thanksgiving circle and that must be filled with anything here you go what's in the worry circle nothing what's in the prayer circle everything what's in the Thanksgiving circle anything when you get those circles straight in your mind you're ready to deal with your worry through the prescription of Prayer nopal isn't finished he's told us what the problem is he's given us a little prescription now he's going to outline for us a program that will help us carry this forward how many of you know that when you are worrying or you have anxiety the way you do not solve that is by going around through the day saying I'm going to stop worrying I am going to stop worrying I am NOT going to worry today as much as I worried yesterday I am going to do better at not worrying and all of a sudden you realize you're worrying more than you ever worried before because you don't replace worry with a determination not to do it again Paul understands that if you pray and ask God to give you a relief from your worry you have to replace where the worry lived with a new tenant and the new tenant is laid out here in the scripture he tells us two things first of all to avoid anxiety we have to proper thoughts this is profound in my estimation he says in verse eight brethren whatever things are true whatever things are noble whatever things are just whatever things are pure whatever things are lovely whatever things are of good report if there's any virtue if there's anything praiseworthy meditate on these things in other words Paul is telling us that how we control our minds and what we think about what we allow to enter into our mental process has a great deal to do with whether or not we can live our lives without anxiety I remember years ago when I first started preaching there was quite a famous book that came out in the medical world called psycho cybernetics I remember reading that book and thinking how incredibly interesting it was it was written by a plastic surgeon a guy by the name of Maxwell Maltz and he wrote about his experiences with plastic surgery patients who underwent facial transformation what surprised Maltz the most was the difficulty with which his patients changed their images of themselves after the operation even after a disfigured ugly creature was made over into a beautiful specimen of human flesh mulched noticed that the patient's inward picture of himself did not change right away in his attempt to explain this phenomenon Maltz did the research that resulted in the publication of his book he discovered that the mind has tremendous power to control our behavior he learned that changing the face was not enough if the mental picture that a person had of himself did not change in correspondence to the surgery the patient would be left in misery even though he had spent thousands of dollars to be altered outwardly because the mind is so powerful it controls the way you think about everything no wonder Paul gives us these guidelines these guidelines were for Paul's day but their timeless and he tells us that there are certain things we should look for as our way of programming the curriculum for our mind first of all here's guideline number one whatever things are true Wow the ability to cope with truth is the inability to cope with truth is a form of mental illness and just from your pastor I would say we have a number of politicians today who are mentally ill I mean I don't know what truth means anymore to some of these people for most people in the world today truth is what they want it to be and if they can't get the truth to be what they want it to be they will continue to believe what they want to believe and call it truth in its place and here's what the Bible says the Bible says that if you fill your mind with things that are not true it will destroy you in terms of your ability to live without anxiety whatsoever things are true when you think on things that are not true it will not be long before your life will reflect the falsehood that you have embraced with your mind you ultimately will become what you think our hearts as believers ought to be Lord God show me the truth from your word show me the truth in the world in which I live and when I know what is true I'll fill my mind with the truth but I don't want all of this negative bag of lies that has no connection whatsoever with reality truth in the Bible is truth with regard to God and that's how we should program our minds if you got yourself caught up and thinking a lot about stuff that isn't true or you may not even know it's true get over it number two whatever things are noble we are to think on things that are honorable things that claim respect if it is true that we externalise our thoughts then honorable people are the result of honorable thoughts our should include only that which is worthy of God let me tell you something folks you have to be proactive with this how many of you know that the world isn't filled with noble thoughts and the world is not filled with noble people you have to strike out on your own sometimes and create the all your own cord of nobility and when you do nobility will find you and you will be able to deal with that so often things happen in life that interrupt that process number three whatever things are just and that's just a general statement about things that are just with God and things that are just both divine and human standards I watched as you did the confirmation Fiasco of our latest Supreme Court judge and here were the most highly regarded people in our world dealing with a judge unjustly what happened to that man should never have happened to anyone you say well it's over he'll get past it no he will never get past it he will always be the judge who was judged unjustly oh how this world cries out for people who will want to live their lives on the basis of what is right and just and Noble here's one for us in this world in which we live whatever things are pure living in the impure environment of Philip I the Philippians would have to fill their minds with pure thoughts in order to combat the unclean influences in their culture I will spare you a description of the culture in which they lived but let me tell you if you think we're living in some difficult times culturally you ain't seen nothing compared to what it was like in the Roman provinces purity is one of the themes in the New Testament that is a constant reminder to us John wrote in first John 3:3 everyone who has this hope in him purifies fyz himself just as he is pure these words were all written before the internet and my friends they need to be underscored in our Bibles because the enemy has built an engine that creates impurity and desires with all of his heart to filter that impurity into our lifestyle until it destroys our ability to have right thoughts guideline number five is whatsoever things are lovely I like that word say that word with me lovely sometimes people come to me with my wife and they'll say to her you your wife is lovely and I love that I love her to be lovely what is lovely did you know that this is the only time in the Bible this word is ever used right here in Philippians it appears only here in the New Testament it's often found on some of the writings of Paul's day and it spoke of being pleasing and orderly it was a term that could be used to describe fine art or music a thorough reading of first Corinthians 13 will give you a good picture of what lovely means oh how the Bible calls to us as Christians to be lovely people that's not a an in feminine term that's a godly term it's not even wrong to call a man a lovely man that means he's gracious and kind and expresses the godliness of his life in the way he lives the guideline number six is whatever things are of a good report the words good report come from two words meaning fair speaking this describes that which is appealing listening to such reports build you up spiritually such thoughts are the opposite of filthiness and foolish talking and coarse jesting so there you are there's your list of how do you guide your thoughts just write them down in fact you don't have to outline them I gave them to you in the order in which they are in the Bible there you got it right there in Philippians 4 what kind of thinking should I do and you know what when you get a hold of that list and begin to consider it you will discover that there are some things you're doing in your life that probably are not contributing to that list some things that you do that you didn't really understand that you were doing and all of a sudden you realize those things are not helping me have a mind that is the mind of Christ deal with them put those things against the list that we just went through and notice how important it is to guard your mind and then notice also that not only are we to think the right thoughts but were to do the right things what do you mean do the right things well Isaiah tells us that where we put our mind on Christ we will be kept from anxiety and in perfect peace but here in Philippians 4 9 we're told not only that we are to think certain things but we're told that we're to do certain things look at verse 9 Paul writes the things which you have learned and received and heard and saw in me now watch this these do so when we're dealing with anxiety we begin with prayer and then we begin programming our mind according to the structure that Paul gives us but then he says there's some things we ought to do I always like that I don't like to go someplace and hear something and leave and not know that I can't do something later I want to know what to do so here we go Paul says if you put your mind in order if you pray and give your thoughts to the Lord now here's some things you can do what things did he say the things which you have heard and seen and watched me do well what are those things well you could go through the whole book of Acts and the whole life of Paul and all of his letters but let's just concentrate on Philippians so I made a little list of the things in Philippians that we know about Paul that he tells us we should do and I'm gonna run them by you we're gonna put them on the screen this is like a race to the finish are you ready loving more having greater discernment being sincere and not offense being filled with the fruits of righteousness having conduct worthy of the gospel standing fast in one spirit striving together for the gospel being like-minded of one Accord esteeming others better than yourself working out your own salvation in fear and trembling doing all things without complaining and disputing holding fast the Word of Life and looking out for false teachers and that's only three chapters in the book of Philippians what should I be doing reading the scripture finding out what the scripture says and doing it how quaint how strange you mean I'm supposed to do with this sense oh I thought I just read this so that I would know more no this is not this is when we have Satish Kumar here in a few weeks I heard him do this twice when I was in his church in India he would stand up and hold this book up and he would say all other books are informational this book is transformational this book was given to us to change our lives to give us a new hope to give us a new direction Paul said whatever things you have seen in me and hurt me and watch me do what things are those Paul read the rest of the letter and in that letter are all these things I listed on the screen you say do I have to do all those things no here's what you should do you should use those as a template for your life what kind of things does a Christian do who's trying to make sure that his mind stays straight and his mind is right and he's not filled with anxiety how many of you know when you get involved in the right activity it has a lot to do with your peace of mind and how you go forward in life that's all Paul is saying when he spoke of the things learned and receive he was talking about careful exhortation and when he spoke of those things he is referring to concrete example how thankful we all should be that God has given us the details of the life of Paul that we have he was an example of the believer and were to look at his life and as we see and understand it program it against our life and make that a goal as we go forward there was once a preacher of whom it was said he preached so well in the pulpit that it was a tragedy for him that he ever went out of the pulpit but he lives so poorly out of the pulpit that it was unfortunate that he ever went into the pulpit Paul was the exact opposite of this recently a man that I have known for a long time is out of the ministry didn't do any overt thing that made the headlines but a lot of things that didn't match up to what it means to be a preacher of the gospel I have some friends and they would say you know it's a shame the guy was such a great teacher and he was I was in a group one of the guys who was in the group said you guys got to quit saying that that he was a great teacher they said what do you mean they said great teachers practice what they teach Paul practiced what he taught to the extent that he could say here's the teaching you want to know how that works I stand before you as a living example he said whatsoever things you have seen in me whatsoever things you have heard from me whatsoever things you have watched me do do these things and then notice the promise this is the best part of all the promise of peace verses 7 and 9 he said and if you do these things and if you think these thoughts and if you pray this prayer the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus let me break that down for you God's protection says the peace of God will guard your mind and that word there is a word in the language of the New Testament which which means a sentinel or a guard in front of something in other words Paul is saying that if you pray if you think the right thoughts if you do the things that the Word of God teaches you to do the peace of God will be like a sentinel in front of your heart like a guard walking up and down in front of the door to your heart not letting anything in that will destroy your peace that's what it says and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will garrison your hearts and your minds through Jesus Christ do you know that Almighty God wants to put a guard in front of your mind and your heart Paul was promising that when we pray and think and do as God has instructed then his peace becomes the guard that is stationed at the door of our hearts oh what a blessing that is if you've ever experienced it I've watched your friends as many of you and many others that I have run into in life have faced situations that are so filled with anxiety you you can't even hardly describe them sometimes it's the death of a loved one and unexpected unprepared for disease and I watch them go through that with such calm and such strength and I realize it's not natural to do that it's supernatural to do that when you put your trust in God and your prayers in his hands and when you think the thoughts that are found in the Word of God and follow the truths that have been given to us in this precious book when the trouble comes God gives you a peace that is beyond any understanding that lowness what it says a peace that surpasses all understanding and indescribable peace have you ever tried to explain that than someone who's not a Christian why are you the way you are oh I have peace come again an unbeliever can never know the peace of God that God has provided for those who put their trust in him I don't know what you're going through I don't know what your issues are right now but let me tell you man there is a way for you to live your life in the midst of all this stress and stay on a course of peace what kind of peace is it it's behind it it's beyond understanding it's the peace of God anybody here ever experienced that peace amen yeah we all have haven't we had moments you know the momentary peace that we get in those times listen to me that's the kind of peace God wants us to have all the time I've often said there have been times in my life when I've been desperate and I've prayed out of desperation what god I could learn how to pray out of desperation even when I don't feel desperation doctor si Macmillan and David Stern wrote a book about diseases that we suffer because we refused to follow God's instruction the book is called none of these diseases they tell the story about a rather famous warrior it was 1929 and business tycoon JC Penney was hospitalized because of his severe anxiety one night he was sure he was going to die so he wrote farewell letters to his wife and to his son but he survived the night and he began hearing singing the next morning in the chapel so he went down in the hospital to the hospital chapel to go in and their group was singing this old song that I remember vividly God will take care of you God will take care of you after which followed Bible reading in prayer pen penny said suddenly something happened I can't explain it it was a miracle I felt as if I had been instantly lifted out of the darkness of a dungeon into a warm brilliant sunlight I felt as if I had been transported from Hell to heaven I felt the power of God as I had never felt it before I realized then that I alone was responsible for all of my troubles I knew that God with his love was there to help me and from that day to this my life has been free from worry the most dramatic and glorious minutes of my life for those I spent in that Chappell in that hospital on that morning when I realized that I was taking to myself all that God wanted to care for in my behalf God's protection he will guard notice God's presence this is even better verse 9 says that not only will we have the peace of God but even better we will be protected by the God of peace notice that the play on words when you do this the peace of God that passes all understanding will cover you and then the God of peace himself will come and live within your heart I'd rather have the God of peace than the peace of God any day of the world wouldn't you because if you have the God of peace you already have the peace of God the peace of God which surpasses all understanding this is a wonderful promise and it probably means that the peace which God gives surpasses all of our own intellectual calculations and considerations all of our contemplations and premeditated ideas of how to get rid of our cares what God gives us surpasses all that we ask or think and when you've experienced that you know exactly what I'm talking about I shouldn't be like I am right now based upon what I'm going through thank God he is here and he is in control in the world you will have tribulation but I have overcome the world so when the problem is worry the prescription is prayer when prayer has cleared the mind from anxious thoughts the program is to think and do those things that are commanded us up in God's Word and the promise for all who follow this counsel is peace the peace of God and best of all the God of peace here's an illustration years ago in the pioneer days of aviation a pilot was making a flight around the world and after he was two hours out of his last landing field he heard a noise in the which he recognized as the knowing of a rat he realized that while his plane had been on the ground a rat had gotten into the plane and for all he knew the rat would be gnawing through a vital cable or control of the plane it was very serious he was both concerned and anxious at first he did not know what to do he was two hours back to the landing field from which he had taken off and more than two hours to the next field ahead then he remembered that the rat is a rodent it is not made for Heights it is made to live on the ground and under the ground therefore the pilot began to climb he went up to a thousand feet then another thousand and another until he was more than twenty thousand feet above the earth the gnawing ceased the rat was dead he could not survive in the atmosphere of those Heights more than two hours later the pilot brought the plane safely to the next landing field and found the dead rat so let me tell you worry is a rodent it cannot live in the secret place of the most high it cannot breathe in the atmosphere made vital through prayer and familiarity with the scripture worry dies when we ascend to the Lord through prayer and his word kill the rat so you say pastor this is all great theology but what do I do now this week you know what I'm sitting here and I'm worried that I'm not going to be able to figure out how to take what you said and put it into practice I'm sure glad you came to church today so here's a little practical game you can play this is interesting Mary Welch has written a book called more than sparrows and she tells of her discussions about worry with a group of teenagers and although they were Christians they were as worried as unbelievers about the common things of life as she lovingly listened to them an unusual idea came to her for a game they could play it went like this she said instead of saying I'm worried stop and say the Lord is my shepherd and then add so I'm worried to death the students laughed at the absurdity of the idea but they all promised they played the game the peace of mind game so later Mary gets this phone call from one of the young girls who he had talked to and who'd been paralyzed by worry over an exam she had been dreading to take she said I must tell you how the game helped me trust God today as I froze with worry I remembered to say the Lord is my shepherd so I am afraid I'll fail suddenly I felt the strangest peace of mind I laughed at myself and I took the exam and I passed saying the Lord is my shepherd and I'm worried to death is more than a mind game to the point out the absurdity of worry it's a reminder to all of us that we have a God who cares about us we can't go through life worrying about everything and at the same time saying the Lord is my shepherd the Lord is my shepherd I don't know how I'm gonna pay my bills and I'm worried the Lord is my shepherd and my doctor's appointment is next week and I'm worried if the Lord is your Shepherd let him be your shepherd give up your cares to him as we've learned today learn to trust him and watch how little by little he replaces your worry with a piece that you'll not be able to explain to anybody it's called the peace of God it's God's gift to us today as we've opened his word together let's pray father none of us in this room have escaped concern and worry for some of us it's even more of a problem than we want to admit to ourselves thank you that in your book you give us answers to practical problems so wonderfully presented as in these few verses from Philippians 4 thank you Lord that because we have the Word of God and we have the god of the word we have everything that we need to deal with those issues help us not to run to the next medication that comes to us but lord help us to follow the principles of the scripture and learn how to live without worry in what most people call a very worrisome world thank you Lord Jesus for your love for us you not only have given us salvation not only taken away the guilt from our sin but you've given us clues on how to live the Christian life here and now so bless these truths to our hearts Lord if there's someone here today who has never put their trust in you as their personal Savior help them to understand that the place we began to deal with worry is at the cross well we could spend our whole life worrying about what's going to happen if and when we die but we never have to worry about that once we put our trust in Jesus Lord someone here today needs to put their trust in you and accept you as their Savior give them the courage to do it I pray may we bond together as your people to encourage one another and strengthen one another as we face the challenges of life we pray in Jesus name and for his sake let's all stand together shall we we're going to sing a couple of verses of Amazing Grace and let me just say this if you do not know Jesus Christ I can't help you you have to let Christ help you he will help you he will come and live in your heart he will set up his peace program in your life if you let him that's where it starts and if you're not a Christian I'd love to meet you here at the front and help you understand what it means to know Jesus Christ if you're Christians and you belong to this congregation but you never joined this church here's an invitation for you to come and make that decision or maybe the baptism has been a reminder to you of some unfinished business with God so we're gonna sing this through a couple of times and then we're gonna be dismissed but as God has spoken to your heart you come today as we sing [Laughter] dr. Gary Coombs is going to lead us in prayer as we leave today may the Lord be with you let's pray together let's pray father we thank you for your amazing grace that brought a Salvation Lord we thank you for the amazing peace you give us as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ I pray that we would walk on with confidence in your word sharing the good news of the gospel with others we pray in Jesus name Amen

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