They bought their gifts and gave it to
him several reasons why he’d give to a king let him down number one royal
protocol requires that a gift must be presented when visiting a cake that’s
royal protocol she said I am a king you cannot come before I came empty
handed when you go to visit Queen Elizabeth
when they began to instruct you their first instruction is do you have a
gift when I went to visit Buckingham Palace
it was an interesting experience for me when I walked in that place I saw so
much wealth in that place they had bitches all over the wall I mean
original paintings worth thousands of dollars each they had gold goblets and
and plates there a table as long as this room with cheers I was like wow I would
a living room they had about eight chandeliers just to fill the room up on
each time that was bigger this whole section right here and I’m like this is
the path this is a masterpiece so I asked the guy I said well all this stuff
come he said oh this gift is from Milan this gift is from Nigeria descriptives
but it was all the folks came and bought the King gifts games don’t forget every
time a king sees a photograph you paid it
on the wall that you left the Kenya members you sends you his favor
what are you leaving with the King today to remind him of you when you leave this
building give a gift that impresses him so much that it distracts him it’s not
how much you give it’s how much it costs you
that makes him remember you I’m giving you secrets to set you free
see this kingdoms down see it’s ain’t no gimmick it’s the way God decides to
introduce himself as a king secondly the gift must be fitting for
the king it must be fitting if you think much of a person you don’t give them a
cheap gift how many of you have ever been started by a give them see your
hands anybody I was insulted many times why were you insulted you say what I
think I am remembered I feel it you see when a gift can tell you what people
think about you is what you’ve given to the Lord
fitting to who he is that’s the question I imagine these my job and they came
where I must have looked ridiculous a a guy is given a big bag of gold to a baby
12 months old it doesn’t make sense but he he told what he thought about the
baby by his gift I wonder what God thinks you think about him buy the gift
you give how would you stand it what’s your name baby Vanessa okay this
is Vanessa that’s at 16 years old what school do you go to
ghs she goes to the government high school here in the Bahamas now see she’s
not working she’s a student if her parents gave her an allowance ten
dollars a week or whatever just allowance if she takes that ten dollars
and gives the whole ten dollars to God she gave more than you who gave $1,000
who got fifty thousand dollars left and God will treat her based on what she
gave now if you got ten thousand and you gave a thousand she got ten dollars and
gave ten dollars she showed God how much she thinks of
him because she got nothing left you got nine thousand left so far as you
can sign he’s a spear King thank you in other words I give you what I could spit
I could spear I gonna miss this so I’m not gonna miss Jesus if he doesn’t show
god I give the kind of a bride up and I go mister often so I think he’s the kind
of God who you don’t miss what do you think would attract God her or you who
would he remember her or you she gave everything she had now here’s
the joy of this whole thing standing for me one more time Vanessa I was beating
on this point because I wanted it’s gonna be a good point then we come back
if she gave oh she had what kind of pressure she put on him now calculate
this number calculated slowly she gave everything she had what kind of
pressures on the game come on calculate it she has put the
ultimate pressure on the king it’s not the amount of money it’s the value she
put on him some of y’all can’t count economists
have me or accountants what does he have to give her to show her he’s greater he
has to give her one yes give her everything he has finally got it so it’s not the amount
it’s the value of the gift not to the king but to you the giver to get it is
the value of the impact of the gift on the giver that determines the value the
impact of the gift has on the king Thank You Vanessa so you have this
favorite pair of shoe in the closet right now you’ll like this pair shoe
you always won’t wear it and God says give it to Susan today put it in the bag
give it to you we’ll go through all the other parents first and pray it’s a nice
the devil talking to me the Lord somebody gives you just give an issue
you don’t know give the one you treasure the most that’s how he calculates for
where your heart is there will you put the things you treasure the most
so God knows God knows you spend a hundred and eighty dollars on your shoe
and you put eighteen dollars in the offering so the King says I know where
your heart is and it’s not with me no problem paying two hundred and fifteen
dollars for a suit but to put two hundred fifty dollars in an envelope put
it in God’s Word are you crazy God and I give you 25 dollars I’m a bless you God
but I’m going to pay two hundred and fifty dollars for a suit for myself
Gazza then know where your treasure is Christ is talking as a king is it
fitting for the king number three the gift reveals your value
or worth ship worth ship worth ship of the King you can tell how much a person
is worth to you by how much you are willing to spend on them
is it true yes so a husband would go out and go into debt to buy a diamond ring
for his wife because she is worth ship that much would you put your offering on
your credit card or only your reddit car see
I’ll give God cash because there’s only a little bit I want to give him but I’ll
pay $200 for a little car for three days have you ever put an offering on a
credit card period you pay to break 18% for materialism you consume and wouldn’t
pay 18% for God is this making sense may this week become a week you go through a
metal transformation about your attitude toward the King and giving because when
you give to a king he calculates him by how much it’s worth to you because how
much he’s worth to you is determined by how much you give him that’s worth to
you number four worship always demands a
gift you cannot worship God without giving because worth-ship actually means
to put worth on somebody and therefore you bring your treasure the things you
consider valuable to the king very important number five giving to a king
attracts his favor whenever you give to a king he’s about to bless you back
because he has to prove to you he’s a greater king and number six given to a
king acknowledges his ownership of everything this is very critical please
write this last sentence now this one changed my life
okay the earth is the Lord’s right and everything in it and yet he tells you to
give him something how can you give somebody something
that’s already there in kingdoms is a weird way Kings were Kings own
everything in their Kingdom so when they ask for something they don’t ask you
something that you own Kings could take from you anything they want because they
own everything including you but they they they command you to give to them so
that you can always acknowledge who owns it if I ask you for something I must
have the authority to receive it are you getting this so if they own everything
and it’s not give me God is so cool man can’t you figure out God I said look I’m
gonna give you a hundred dollars give me ten
you should clap your hands man God could ask 100 back he’s trying to check you to
see if you believe that the hundred is is so I said just give me ten if you
hold it on to ten and don’t let go again you believe the 90 is yours too so he
says I will send the Devourer and your crops will not bear and they will eat
everything you have why because the Devourer is also mine and I want to
remind you that what you have that you think is yours is mine
I’m the king the King owns everything in his kingdom everything so when he asks
for something he’s testing you giving to God is always a test to see if you are
aware it belongs to him so when God speeches that I want you to commit
twelve thousand dollars to the pledge this year trying to buy a house I trying
to get a car guy said oh you didn’t hear my spirit just now I own all the houses
and the cement that made from the sale about house labor car it ain’t about no
investment it’s about obedience can you tell me you are aware that it belongs to
lose to me if I ask for word you give it up I say hallelujah and Joseph’s
brothers came to see him you know Joseph was assistant game Pharaoh said you
shall rule everything except my wife good idea
Pharaoh gave him the entire kingdom so when did brothers came Joe could give
them anything so he gave them more grain and they asked for and then he put these
gold cups on the inside he was testing them he wanted to see if they believe
that what they got came from the king I wonder what cups God through and while
he gave you some other stuff and you think it’s all yours
gotta give you an extra bonus there gonna be some you can pay tithes from
your bonus shower like going on vacation with this shot cause they see I can’t
trust you even with a golden cup this week you got extra sales in real estate
and God so you can Hume it on your own lust so you don’t get a sale for months
Navarro you got a big tip in the hotel big tip
because it 10% I rebuke you in Jesus name I be lifted
i buying that spirit you hanging on to this there’s a big tip on gossip I was
testing you at a golden cup I threw it in just to see what you do
we hold on to these things that we own them and one instant God can take
everything from you are you with me for the last five months I’m my private time
of the Lord I’ve been thanking God for something
strange for LA and I think I kind of gave myself away two weeks ago I’d be
thanking God just for help you don’t understand it is cheaper to be healthy it’s a gift from God and when you are
not sick you should thank God every day that doesn’t thank you Jesus because one
set of pills and shots cost so much money God can make you poor in one week
just make you say all your savings are be gone then one lump in your breast
lifts you and thank God for health right now praise God thanking it’s a gift from
God the king gave you health and it keeps you prosperous he can wipe you out
in one sickness belongs to God right this last one down giving to a
king acknowledges his ownership of everything and giving to a king it’s
Thanksgiving giving to a king is Thanksgiving when you give something
back to the king you are thanking him for everything because the giving
acknowledges that he owns it see you you hi thank you so much for watching please
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