WV Native, NBA Legend receives Medal of Freedom

treasure is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Brie Jackson takes us to the ceremony where President Trump bestowed the nation’s highest civilian honor on NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West. PRESIDENT TRUMP AWARDED THE MEDAL OF FREEDOM TO N-B-A LEGEND JERRY WEST. THE 81 YEAR OLD WEST WAS KNOWN AS MR. CLUTCH…FOR HIS ABILTY TO SCORE UNDER PRESSURE. “Over the course of his 14 nba season he broke the record for the most points scored in the history of the lakers WEST ROSE FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS TO BECOME A LAKER’S ALL- STAR . DURING THE CEREMONY, HE RECALLED HIS WEST VIRGINIA ROOTS. I was a dreamer, my family didnt have much. but we had a clear view of the applachian mountains WEST SAYS CHASING A DREAM…AND A BASKETBALL..TO OK HIM TO THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF THE SPORT INCLUDING WINNING AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL. BASKETBALL FANS MAY REMEMBER JERRY WEST AS A SHARPSHOOTER …WHO FINISHED WITH AN N-B-A CAREER AVERAGE OF NEARLY 27 POINTS PER GAME. BUT OTHERS MAY RECOGNIZE HIS SILHOUTTE…WHI CH HAS BECOME THE N-B-A LOGO THE HALL OF FAMER EVENTUALLY MOVED FROM THE COURT….TO THE FRONT OFFICE. AS LAKERS GENERAL MANAGER, WEST PLAYED A KEY ROLE IN ATTRACTING SUPERSTARS…. AND BROUGT 4 CHAMPIONSHIPS TO L-A in the summer of 1996 he succeeded in securing both kobebyrant and shaquilleoneil two truly great players creating an unstoppable force in the NBA. BUT PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS THE CONTRIBUTIONS MADE…OUTSIDE OF SPORTS…ALSO DESERVE RECOGNITION. Jerry works harder than anyone I can imagine, helping our nation’s veterans. WHILE HIS ATHLETIC ABILITY HELPED BRING JERRY WEST NUMEROUS ACCOLADES… INCLUDING THIS BRONZE STATUE OUTSIDE THE STAPLES CENTER IN LOS ANGELES… IT’S A LIFE WELL PLAYED…ON- AND OFF THE COURT…THAT HAVE EARNED HIM THE NATION’S HIGHEST CIVILIAN HONOR. IN WASHINGTON, BRIE JACKSON. “Should law enforcement officers become a protected class under federal law? I’m Trevor Shirley in Washington. Coming up ahead, I’ve got both sides of the argument in that story.”

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