Wyclef Jean Medley Live Nobels Peace Prize Concert 2009

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you they said we can't cross the Red Sea I tell them yes we can they said the slaves would've never been free I tell them yes we can kazeem I tell them yes we can Obama wouldn't be the president I can love yes we can oh we ain't gonna never forget West Africa pío pío we ain't never gonna forget Ethiopia geology we ain't gonna forget out there in Brooklyn piano piano have you ever been shot 41 times have you ever screamed no one hurt your voice have you ever lived Tony so you can lie have you ever died only so you can live again then be born again from these enemies on the border hi who'll be the next to fire 41 shots by the yellow side he said he reached her but he didn't have no key sir but now he rested he sir in the belly of raise up your hands but the I love the idol if you want peace in the world the out of the somali i'm talking to you right there in oslo if you don't want no war no more stand that's obviously we know Oh let me say now I know if you know Tippie say we know No hello tell me whoa [Applause] ladies and gentlemen Norway there got a lot of little kids watching this show walks left out a lot of kids in Norway give me a hit song man [Applause] put your hands like this some live for the hill from front of you yeah [Applause] yeah you see on you she was a girl impossible if they did appeal become a word for them my name's Sonny a lady where my money I don't use me right there with me all you wanna do is put your hands up put your hands up put your hands put your hands up put it up high [Applause] put it up we're the Princesa well the Prince the sack when the princess but the prince [Applause] what's up pony what's up boy [Applause] just like this see everybody steady [Applause] criminy media got updated [Applause] let me get your dance on digit there huh get to the top get some get you the song stop this is call the president obama to step one two three hey hey no way put your hands in the sky she came Nobel Peace Prize Wyclef on the bill yeah [Applause]

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