YANGSHUO: China’s Most Beautiful Mountains | Best Things To Do

Is this the most beautiful place in China? We left Hong Kong and crossed the border into
China. After an entire day of trains and buses we
arrived in Yangshuo. An area made famous by it’s distinctive limestone
mountains that stretch on for miles. Serious Jurassic Park vibes. In this film, I’m going to show you all of
the best things to do in Yangshuo, China. Starting with the town itself, then the best
viewpoints, our accommodation, the national park and ending with what I think is the most beautiful
spot for sunset. If there’s anything you’re particularly interested
in, go down to the description and I’ve some timestamps next to subject headings, so you
can skip to the part of the video that interests you the most. Let’s get into it. I had a certain idea of what Yangshuo would
be like. I expected beautiful nature, which there is
in abundance. But if you’re expecting complete serenity,
you may be in for a shock. Yangshuo is a very busy, noisy town with
hundreds of bars and plenty of nightlife options. The city centre is also home to some of the
best views in the area. Morning, let’s find some views. The most stunning view over the mountains
is a local secret. And by that I mean almost every backpacker
knows about it. You can even see it from the main walking
street. But getting up to what is known as the TV
tower viewpoint is a whole other thing. It’s technically not open to the public and
it’s a pretty demanding climb up. The route starts from the centre of town but
the way up is hidden in a maze of local streets and back alleys. We visited in July, which is the height of
summer in China, so we started early to avoid the heat. So, as you may have noticed from… this. The hike is pretty strenuous. Pretty? VERY strenuous. Oh my god, we’ve found a new Pokemon. It actually is! The TV tower has a lone employee who lives
at the top of the mountain and he lets people in for 10 yuan. But if he’s not in, you can’t get entry, so
luckily for us, he was there. Is it 10 each? So the gate looked like it was closed, but
we shouted through and a guy came out luckily. Oh my god, this view! You’re such a vlogger right now. Travel vlogger. The way up is quite difficult to find and
it’s not signposted or anything. So we used a route on ILP blog which is really
really good. It’s got loads of photos. So I’ll link that down below because they’ll
do a much better job of explaining it that I will. If climbing sketchy mountains in the height
of summer isnt really your bag, then you can actually get some much easier views at the
Yangshuo city park. A busy blend of street vendors, chess players
and sometimes even dancing and karaoke. After a short climb, you can get some really
nice views over the city. During any trip to Yangshuo, your choice of
accommodation is pretty vital. We stayed in a little oasis of peace at the
Sudder Street Guesthouse. Located a nice distance from the busy town,
it’s the perfect place to retreat after a day of seeing the sights. You can get a dorm for as little as £3 a
night and you can even treat yourself to a private double room with balcony for £18. Of course, the main event in Yangshuo is the
national park. Where you can take the famous bamboo raft
down the Li River. Most people rent a moped or a bicycle to get
around the sights, we chose the latter for the crazy cheap price of £3 a day. Thank you. Emma’s chosen a hat for me. Spot the tourist. I’m a local. There are several cycling routes around the
national park, all very easy to follow. And rather than list of all of the best things
to see, my advice to you is just to ride around and explore for yourself. Stop when you want to stop and honestly, there’s
something beautiful around every turn. Especially when it’s this hot, you’ve to make
the most of all of the stops you can. So we just stopped off at this little roadside
cafe and we found this little waterside viewing point. So hot. I’ve never known sweat like this. What is this? To end your day, take a relaxing bamboo raft
trip down the river. Relaxing as it is, it does feel like the Pirates
of the Caribbean ride at some points. So back on the bikes again now, and we’re
going to head up to Moon Hill, which is a natural archway with some amazing views apparently. So should be good! Another bike ride, another dance with death. Its alright, it’s only 800 stairs up. Even though we didn’t get a clear sky for
sunset, Moon Hill is absolutely stunning and we had it all to ourselves. The path literally comes out right under the
archway, it’s amazing. There was only one thing that seemed fitting
enough to add to this ending.Next time on the One Shot Adventures China
Series. Is Yangshuo’s neighbour even more beautiful? Thank you so much for watching guys, make
sure you subscribe to the channel and the next episode drops next week!

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