Yoga Practice: Niyama #2: SANTOSHA- Contentment: LauraGyoga

everyone welcome to our practice we're santosha the niama of contentment and happiness there's a sense of freedom that comes from a lack of restlessness we're going to start our practice in hero pose sitting on the feet bringing the spine up tall and drawing the palms to touch in front of the heart slowing your breath we'll take an inhale sweep the arms out wide coming up overhead and drawing the palms together as you slide down the center line back into the heart inhale reach up through Center exhale release the arms down to the sides and then the palms come back into the heart so we're going to reverse that inhale out to the sides join the palms come down through Center inhale up through Center I tell down and out to the sides as the arms come down clasp the palms together into yoga mudra finding a bit of a backbend lifting your head opening the chest rolling the shoulders back and keeping the arms back letting your chin drop down toward your chest very gently rolling the head to one side just a few inches and then over to the other side creating some softness around your neck gently rolling coming back to your center release the arms sweep them up we'll interlace the fingers and bring the palms to the back of the head supporting your head as you arch back on your exhale draw the belly toward the spine and draw the elbow points together in how opening the front of the body exhale rolling down critics pace in the back of the body opening up the back of the heart as you roll down now as you come back in the hands are resting on the back of the head I think of this as opposed that very much embodies santosha that contentment almost like you're sitting in a hammock with your hands behind your head we'll take our inhale sweep the arms off come back down behind the back into yoga mudra let your forehead come to rest on the mat the arms gently sway from side to side loosening up the shoulders and your upper back and he'll come up on to the knees up into a kneeling version of Mountain Pose as you exhale sweep the arms back yoga mudra forehead to the mat hands up toward the sky and how roll-up kneeling Mountain keep the fingers really wide as you reach out folding back down clasp the hands behind your back forehead to the earth and knuckles up toward the sky and he'll roll up through the body feel your inhale creating space then mirroring that with the arm space as you lift up drop the arms sit back down into Europos and we'll take the arms wide so we're going to move into a Kundalini Korea that is made to create a sense of joy we're going to open the elbows back and then touch the elbow points our hands are just resting on the tops of the shoulders four fingers in front of the shoulder thumb behind the shoulder inhale then exhale close and like most of our Kundalini kriyas we put a strong breath behind this the pace is up to you it's what you feel comfortable with but the breath is quite strong inhale exhale releasing the arms stretching them up floating down into a cactus position with the elbows wide the fingers wide opening through the heart sweep the arms down and we'll start to make our way over onto hands and knees come into table looping your shoulders a few times we're just doing a regular shoulder circle but it feels a little bit different with the hands down on the floor you bring a little bit of trunk movement into that so then we'll roll that into a cat and then open that into a cow bringing a little bend into the elbows as you transition through we want to feel lots of awareness of what our shoulder blades are doing our scapula very important for upper body stability let your toes tuck under lift your hips up into down and facing dog start to move yourself to settle into your down dog then we're going to take an exhale bend the knees press the hips back and up create space in your torso stepping your right foot gently up in between the hands then set yourself up into your high lunge create space drop your back knee you left knee settles to the earth let your hips settle into it as you inhale the arms come up and rest on to the back of the head like you're relaxing in a hammock supporting the weight of your head open the elbows sweeping the arms down clasp into yoga mudra great position to create space in the chest arms come back up resting at the back of the head elbows wide release the arms down clasp the hands behind your back yoga mudra opening the arms out on your inhale finding the back of your head and we're going to bring that forward and back movement just like you did earlier inhale open the front of the body over the elbows exhale belly button draws back toward the spine bring the points of the elbows toward each other inhale space in the front of your body exhale curl forward make space in the back of your body will release the hands bringing them down one more clasp back into yoga mudra feeling the tops of the arm bones drawing back arms come back up over your head moving through cactus wide elbows wide fingers releasing the hands down and then we'll lift her back knee take your right leg back to down dog do some peddling with the feet back and forth and then we'll draw the left leg up tucking the knee under carefully stepping the foot up let your back knee drop down we lift ourselves up into engine and a low lunge sweeping the arms high finding that placement at the back of the skull so that you're supporting the head as you move back release the hands come back into yoga mudra drawing the tops of the arm bones back drawing the shoulder blades back inhale sweeping the arms high interlace the fingers support the back of the head a feeling of contentment and openness whatever might come back down into yoga mudra take that inhale right up into the chest letting it roll up and fill the center of the body inhale arms come up hands to the back of the head that position of contentment exhale roll forward we're going to bring that forward and back movement into it working with spine the upper back especially rolling forward on your exhale space in the back of the shoulders and how open the elbows lift your gaze moving back and forth like that with your breath as you inhale arms come out drop down into yoga mudra arms draw back palms pressed together we'll take the arms up and then out into that cactus position feels really good after making all that space around our shoulders fingers are open sweeping your arms up as you exhale releasing down hands come back down to the earth lifting your back knee will step our left foot back into down dog and any little movements that you need to feel your down dog will drop the knees down keep the elbows really tight to the size we're going to slide through in between the arms to lower yourself onto your belly from the belly taking the arms right out to the size lifting the back of the palms up toward the sky lifting your head and your upper back and if it feels ok for your lower back go ahead and take your legs up to as your legs are lifting your are making space in between the toes on your exhale release that down we're going to slide back keep the elbows close slide back and drop down onto the feet these Child's Pose bring the arms into yoga mudra rocking the shoulder side to side as you inhale lift up into sitting back into kneeling Mountain Pose really expansive in this nailing Mountain exhale fold down forehead to the earth inhale expand fill with air exhale folding down and softening as you breathe out inhaling lifting up exhale letting go as you sink down we'll take the arms up in front moving into table toes curl under knee take some movements in your downward-facing dog and now we're taking the left leg up to the top of the mat and then from that left leg let's go into a high lunge get your stance on your inhale sweep your arms up and your exhale brings you into cactus just be very careful you don't sink into your lower back we're going to create some movement hair in how arms come up straighten your front knee exhale Bend into your front knee bend into the elbows inhale straighten and reach exhale settle down into that opening moving as slowly as you need to to feel like you have some stability with your balance will end off by taking the hands to the back of the head that little hammock position arms open and release down we'll move over the left leg into a forward bend if you have mosquitoes biting you you might be scratching your ankle like I am finding a release as you let yourself come over the left leg bending the knee if that stretch becomes too intense use your inhale to lift back up arms open out to the sides into a wide T then come down and frame your left foot we're going to go ahead and switch over to the other side swing your left leg back and drop it down drop your knees down and I'll do that inchworm movement right in between the arms lower yourself out onto your belly and then find an inhale lifting into a boat legs come up chest and head come up we'll reverse that sliding back we'll reverse inchworm curling the toes underneath lifting up into your downward facing dog and we'll go over to the right side take your right leg sweep it up and bring it in between your hands inhale come up into your high lunge get your stance really stable because we know we're going to be moving on this side exhale elbows Bend into cactus front knee bends into lunge inhale straighten the arms straighten the leg slow steady movements say tricky dynamic balance movement going up and down in your lunge keeping your focus from there bringing the arms to the back of the head hammock position feeling that contentment in your pose wherever you are bringing the arms back up then we're going to go into our forward bend we fold down over the right leg the right leg doesn't have to necessarily be all the way straight you could soften the knee if you feel like the hamstrings are getting a little bit too much stretch you can really get yourself into the perfect amount of stretch that way hop the back foot in a little bit draw ourselves back up through our high lunge and sweep it back down hands to the floor right leg is going to swing back downward facing dog little peddling with the feet drop your knees down we'll take our inchworm sliding the chest right in between the arms lower onto your belly inhale right up into a boat lifting the head in the upper back lifting your legs releasing yourself down and reverse that inchworm slide it back back into Child's Pose a little bit of a rest there the arms come into yoga mudra and we use that to draw up into sitting into hero pose inhale kneeling mountain expand exhale Child's Pose with yoga mudra release the arms inhale sweep up high kneeling mountain and then we'll start to prep for our camel pose open the front of the body so for prep turning the fingers to face down toward the floor and you're resting right on the gluteal muscles you want to draw the back of the pelvis down to create space in the front of your hips in your hip flexors then let yourself drop down and rest for a moment that was just your warmup in hell I'm coming back up sweeping the arms high hands into that hammock position then you can drop them down this time I'm going to go a little bit deeper you don't necessarily have to take the deeper version if you want to stick with the prep neither resting the hands on the heels or maybe onto the floor finding that space in the front of your hips folding it down hands to the forehead hands to the earth and we'll end our practice for santosha or contentment there thank you so much for joining me and i hope you will follow our other yama and niama practices as well namaste

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