YogPack: Strife Solutions 13 – Nuclear Power

hello everyone and welcome back to strife solutions I'm of course William strife and Here I am standing on the top of the solution tower looking fantastic this place the view from up here is great anyways I am playing yogscast complete or a yog pack if you prefer if you want to play along you can go ahead and download it off of the AE launcher there is a link in the description if you're interested one of the big problems that I have had since I set this building up is the fact that I flat-out do not have power ok what I had in the in the little shack was basically a setup like this with a couple of hydrogen generators and a reservoir and you know that worked perfectly fine for the tiny shack that I was in but this is a huge facility I'm going to need a whole lot more power and when I say a lot of power I need I mean tons of power so not only am I going to have to put in a massive infrastructure to supply power to every single level you know which includes all of the elite energy cubes which I've got one behind the machines over here I'm gonna need a lot of these elite energy cubes and I'm gonna have to make tons of these ultimate Universal cables but I've shown you guys how to do that already I'm not gonna bore you with that what's more important though something that I haven't shown you guys is how to generate a ridiculous amount of energy so there's really only one way to feasibly go about doing that and that's to build a freaking reactor which is the reason why this episode is called nuclear power so to create a reactor I'm going to use what is known as the big reactor mod and to create the reactor that I want I'm going to need 175 fuel rods 522 reactor casings 25 control rods 6 power taps to access ports 1 reactor controller see there's there's no in there anyways one reactor controller and I'm going to need to coop and I'm going to cool it with destabilized redstone which is going to require that I build a magma crucible everything that I need otherwise I already have the machines to create the items that I require to build the parts so the only thing that I need to build to get the parts together is the magma crucible so really quickly what I'm going to explain is that this reactor is not going to be tiny it is going to be quite large it's going to be a nine by nine by nine cube so nine cube squib so nine block cubed area is going to be the reactor and as you can see over here I've been doing some some planning and some testing basically all of the Reds all of the cobblestone bits here this they represent where a fuel rod is going to go and I was putting them down just to count the layout to be absolutely certain on my calculations because I've been doing a lot of math in the background here to figure out how much of what I need so there's a whole bunch of stuff that I'm going to require and I'll get to it all in this episode but first off I don't have any destabilized redstone something which I am going to need a lot of and to make the stabilized redstone I have to send redstone through a magma crucible which is a thermal expansion machine that basically melts things down into liquid so I need a liquid redstone or the stabilized redstone as the as thermal expansion calls it so to create this I'm gonna need to make a machine frame a reception coil and a ledge stone energy cell so let's start with that I need lead glass and a block of redstone I should have everything in my inventory to actually craft this without having to go into any of my chests so go ahead and just shift click there okay there's a lead Stone energy cell frame I'm also going to need a machine frame so let's shift click that it's just steal gold and some glass and last but certainly not least I'm also going to need the redstone reception coil there we go okay here we go I should have everything shift click there we go magma crucible so I'm gonna go ahead and just put that there and put the drum on top of it it's powered up because it's hooked into the power cables that I put below and go ahead and just slap that in there and let's see that should be good we'll clear all of these out and it'll be yeah it'll disable eyes the redstone it will pump it into this and then because I've set the top port to output it'll just pump it all straight into the disabled eyes redstone into this drum the other thing that I'm gonna need a lot of to create this actually let's check these off the list I've got the disabled eyes redstone and magma crucible off the list granted I don't have all of the stabilized redstone yet but it's in the works now I can get to work on creating everything else so something else that I'm going to require here we go big reactors there's more than one type of reactor that you can build but I'm going to be creating what's known as a passive reactor because it works really well and it doesn't really cause any framerate issues or lag out the server so what I'm going to need a lot of is fuel obviously so fuel in the big reactor mod is this yellow right stuff okay so I've come up to the second level where I have plenty of room and I've been growing jungle trees outside which seems to have gotten in here you can't really see it but I've got a farm down there a tree farm which I have been using my mine factory loaded machines it's been automatically planting a tree harvesting trees for the express purpose of creating charcoal so I'm up here specifically to show you how exactly all of this stuff is crafted of everything that I require the the fuel rods the reactor casings the control rods the power tab – the access ports of the reactor controller this stuff is made out of three primary ingredients there are extras things that I have to craft but it's iron graphite and yellow room now yellow rum you know like you saw I've been mining a whole lot of this stuff up with a digital miner and it's just made by smelting up your yellow right or but you can also grind it up in a pulverizer to create to yellow room dust and obviously one one dust equals wanting it's so a double my yellow room like that so the reactor casings you get four of them for graphite iron and yellow room like so the graphite is just re smelted coal or charcoal which is why I've got the tree farm outside so that's how I'm getting my hands on all of the graphite required to craft just this astronomical some of reactor casings which as you can see I have already started work on here the reactor controller is composed of a diamond to yellow room ingots for reactor casings in a redstone the reactor access ports more casings a piston and a chest because this is how you this is basically the port where you can you can eject waste from and you can put fuel into and then of course there's also the power tap which is just a bunch of casings plus redstone this is where you connect your cables to to get the power out of the reactor and of course there's the control rod which has to be put well actually the control rod is put on top of these fuel rods which is iron graphite and yellow rum and of course the reactor control rod which is casings graphite redstone and the yellow mingotts so I mean I've got a lot of crafting to do off screen and I don't want this episode to be too excessively long so I'm going to show you the real basics of how these things go together here with that should not be there going to go ahead and put down a bunch of these casings but the basic rules of how this works is that you want the entire reactor you want the edges to be made out of these casings now the center can be made out of the center has to be hollow you know that well typically that they're supposed to be hollow space in the middle of it but the center has to have a fuel rod inside then on top of the fuel rod you have to put a reactor control rod and then you can also you can fill in the sides with whatever you want to fill in all that you have to use the reactor casing for is the edges of it you know the the columns and the borders on the top and bottom so to make this reactor work you have to have a access port you have to have a power tap and you have to have a reactor control panel now that is absolutely everything that you met that is necessary to get one of these things working and you know as the thing gets bigger it's also possible to create this reactor glass so you can see inside which is just a casing flanked by glass so I'll go ahead and put that in the last slot right there and here you can see that it's textures change because this is a multi block structure now it has actually become a functional reactor if I just right-click this I get the interface and I'll try to explain this whenever I'm downstairs and I've actually got the real reactor online but that that's the basics that's the real simple and straight basics of how this reactor works now naturally as it is called the big reactor mod this setup can get much much larger as what I'm going to do downstairs but that's the basics of how it works and because I've got so much crafting to make all these components I'm going to skip all of that for you guys and I'm gonna jump downstairs once I have all of these components crafted because there's just a lot of gathering of resources that I still have left to do I don't have enough charcoal to finish making all of the casings that I require and whatnot so I'll see you guys downstairs whenever I have all of the resources together okay everyone it has been hours and I have completed the the reactor chamber down below if you can see it's looking pretty nifty here I use the chisel mod to create this futuristic armor plating which is just a iron ingot surrounded by some smooth stone I also used marble from the chisel mod to create the panels on the side and these fancy blocks of redstone are also from chisels you just run it straight through the a chisel mod and it's one of the things over here I believe now my allergies have begun to flare up since I last recorded a couple of hours ago so just excuse me while I am all stuffed up so I've got this cardboard box with all of the materials inside of it that I need so I'm gonna go ahead and open it up haven't gonna take out a bunch of reactor casings which I'm going to need to create the frame so this is how it works luckily I am going to be able to use my um my builders wand here to build the shape of the reactor without having to mess with anything too much but the bottom line is that all of the inside here now granted this is taller than how tall the reactor is due to be but the way that it works is that the whole bottom needs to be reactor casings this whole wall that whole wall that whole wall the only things that aren't going to be reactor casings are the very front because that's going to be made out of reactor glass which I have in here and the top is gonna have to be something special because that's where the control rods go in for the actual fuel rods to work so I'm gonna go ahead and build this up and we'll see it whenever I'm done okay there we go so this is the primary frame of the reactor I'm gonna go ahead and add in some of the accents that I intend to use and for that matter the way that this is the way I want it to be built is to be kind of a frame around everything the at the very minimum the outer edge of the reactor has to be made out of these casings so the inside of the walls bit can be completely made out of reactor glass but the edges and the corners have to be made out of the reactor casings at the very very minimum so that is how it works so just fill that in there and there there we go now I've got a barrel of the stabilized redstone here that I'm gonna have to make use of and let me grab my bucket while I am at it and next up I'm gonna need these fuel rods that should be everything that I need and I'll take the reactor glass out as well just to be safe and the control rods are also something that I'm going to need so I have 25 control rods because they're going to be 25 control rods in the middle of the reactor altogether if I'm not mistaken this is the layout that I use yes so this is the reactor I definitely counted it right because I just double checked so the way that this is laid out is like so it's just in a in a checkerboard pattern one on one off one on one off one on one off so that's how it's designed now this is where things are gonna start getting a little bit tedious for me to perform what I need to do is dump Rett destabilized redstone into this one at a time and unless anything changed I'm about to find out yeah it doesn't set you on fire anything so there's nothing to really worry about just go ahead and keep dumping destabilized redstone in between these fuel rods there are more effective forms of coolant that can be placed inside of these reactors but redstone is pretty pretty good it's it's really high up there and it's very cheap at the same time so this is what I have to do on each level and then whenever I get up to the next level I have to do that to all of them and then fill in again so I'm gonna be doing this across this level and then all the levels until I reach that block right up there at which point I'll get back to you okay guys so I have just finished filling in all of the spaces between the fuel rods and check this out I've got four buckets of redstone to spare I really went through the stuff I'm lucky that I turned out to have enough almost didn't so with this done the next step is to cover over the fuel rods with the reactor control rods like so and then I need to fill the gaps in between with more casings and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put torches around the walls here and then wall up the front so that you don't get this big ugly gap right over the the reactor but I need this space up here in the event that I need to come up here and do something or any sort of maintenance maintenance I believe I can sleeve this to zero or just basically not mess with this and it'll function up to its maximum capacity if not I am completely wrong and I will find out very very quickly okay there we go I'm all done up here now there is a distinct problem because this is a multi block structure it should have snap too and all of these reactor casings should have connected their textures in other words whenever there is one block right next to another you won't get the borders between them so that is a sign that it didn't work now there's a distinct reason why it didn't work it's because I didn't put access ports power taps or a controller the controller most importantly but these are the things that you have to have on your reactor to get to get it to work so first off I'm gonna put the controller port right here I'm gonna get some redstone flowing out for a minute there then on either side I want to put taps or ports and then ah there you go you see it's changed its texture this means that the reactor is complete and it's together if I right-click here you can see I've got the interface and there's a lot of stuff that I could cover for this but the sufficient truth is that this is how much energy is putting out this is how much power this is how much fuel it is consuming per tick and this is its temperature usually the higher the temperature the better and this is its efficiency 100% efficiency means that you're getting them an equal bang for your buck for everything that you're putting in below you don't want anything below 100% preferably you want something higher than 100% because I believe you can get you know up to like two or three hundred percent if your reactor temperature is higher and keeping in mind that this will not overheat and melt down so with that done the next thing that I want to do is put a couple of power taps in right there and right there but that's not all I also want to fly up to the top here and put in some power taps because I'm gonna need some of these power because I'm gonna need power cables to go up into the main towers so it's gonna be easier to tap power from the top of a reactor rather than from the side so okay there we go so those are my power taps they're in place and they're ready to go now this next part I'm gonna do it to demonstrate just how powerful this reactor alone is now I've got this energy cube that I built it's an ultimate it's an ultimate energy cube maximum capacity that you can get your hands on in the game so this is completely empty I'm gonna go ahead and just slap it right on top of one of the energy taps and I'm gonna set this this accessport wait where waste or fuel goes in and I'm gonna set it to output mode so this is where the waste is gonna get kicked out to whenever it uses up the yellow room ingots here which I'm going to need basically all of these and I'm gonna go ahead and turn this block of yellow rooms into ingots as well whenever the yellow room is used up by the reactor it is going to kick out a blue tone ium ingot if I'm not mistaken okay no not lutonium blue tone IAM is an alternative form of fuel when it's gonna kick out is syenite which is used which is basically a spent form of fuel and cyanide can be refined into blue tone IAM but i don't know if i'm ever going to actually do with that i'm gonna go ahead and pop that in there and it's just gonna eat up the entire stack and it's gonna eat up a lot of the stacks that i stuff in here for a while and actually it's eating up everything that I've got I don't know if I have yeah I'm not even full so I'm gonna have to hop back upstairs and grab the remainder of the yellow room that I have on hand to get this thing working the rest of the way okay I've got the rest of the yellow room it's a ridiculous amount that I've got here hopefully it's enough to finish fueling this baby up okay there we go it's it's full now that has exhausted all of my yellow room I've got two stacks and – oh my god I have just over two stacks to spin of everything like the the area around this base is completely void of yellow room at this point so like I said empty ultimate energy cube this thing holds the absolute most and it's gonna take me around 30 to 45 minutes to fill this up with my hydrogen generators now I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna power this baby on and we're gonna see how much look at this 34 36 37 38 it's gonna keep rising but this is in killer flux this is in killa red flux per tick okay so look at how fast this thing is charging up this is this is generating a ridiculous amount of energy I can actually I have in creative mode on a single-player world tested this out and I found out that I can take these ultimate energy cubes surround the entire bottom of the reactor in them just like a big ring surrounding the entire thing so you know nine on this side nine on that side nine on that side nine on each side and then of course an extra one in the corner and it takes in the ballpark of 15 minutes to fill up all of the energy cubes and look at that look at this it's pretty much done and I've barely used up any fuel I have I've barely been on and it's functioning at four hundred and fifty percent capacitance II so this it is is what is going to supply power to the entirety of the solution tower and moreover once I get it is possible to teleport energy around the map using certain types of energy it's I'm either gonna use tesseracts from red thermal expansion or something else but it's possible to literally teleport the energy that comes out of this thing to wherever I want it in the world which is going to fuel the digital miner whenever I start using it in various exotic locations so there you go this thing is full and the internal battery is full so I need to shut it off too and as you can see the case heating and the core heat they're both dropping like rocks but that's that's my reactor guys I have a little bit of cleaning to do here because it's looking a little bit ugly I also need to put cabling in to get the power up to the rest of the building but with this I am ready to basically go anywhere and do anything with any tech mod that I want to mess with because this is gonna generate more than enough power for me to mine out additional energy for to keep it running and just power anything in the building power the entire building quite easily and efficiently so that's everything from me guys I am of course William stripe of striped solutions here out on the aux cast server playing the yog pack or yogscast complete i hope you guys enjoyed it go ahead and check out the back if you want to try to build this on your own but i'll see you guys next time bye

38 thoughts on “YogPack: Strife Solutions 13 – Nuclear Power

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    If I ever build something like that, I might just end up building three more.
    Will should build an entire city, and keep it all to himself.
    He probably could too.

    A whole city built around the Solution Tower.
    Damn. That'd be huge.

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  • I know I've arrived late to this, but Will could have just built up all the rods, and then placed the redstone in between them. That's how I did it, and it works fine.

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    At least someone knows how to play Minecraft!

  • You don't actually have to have destabilised Redstone at every layer. You can just put one source block at the highest level and the flowing Redstone counts towards the transmission as well

  • Will is clearly the richest player in the server.
    You know what that means.

  • He Strife, can you make these vids more often? On Wednesday too for example… Because this is by far the best series of the whole Yogscast!

  • Productivity PyramideTop 2

    The fact of the matter is i tried to create A big pyramid of prodactivite by seris only minecraft and i failed But I just Thinking about it after included only some of the yogs i am like screw it Hatfilms has at least 3 Lewis and simon and duncan Or justr lewis and simon at least 5  Duncan Solo 1 Duncan and kim and sjin 1 Duncan And kim 1 Hannah 2 i believe with nilezy Ehm Sjin and sips 5 maybe Sips And lewis 1
    Sips and hats 1 Sips sole 3 maybe Yogscast will 2 Ridge 1 or 2 solo Bebo 1 with ridge Bebo solo Unknow number Ridge solo 1 or more Panda 1 or more rythian 1 or more i am not sure Ehm who else did one Martyn at least 2 Parv  at least 3 Area11 one Sjin with duncan 3 or 4 Stripin 2 or more Toby,Zylus,brent and eric,Pyrion all this guys unknown Ehm.If anyone want to take the task…Good luck sir

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  • Holy shit! It's going to be massive! Is something that large really safe? I want to invest in strife solutions but the massive reactor is making me think twice!

  • Also, iirc, flowing redstone or any coolant works better than placing a source block in each slot, its also less tedious since you can dump it in the top once done.

  • Probably already done the cables Will but just incase, can I recommend just making redstone conduits? Almost as good as ultimate cables but alot easier to make and much less buggy whem it comes to even distributing power to each level. Since you already have the crucible a liquid transposer from the same mod is all you need to add the redstone to the conduit casing which is just electrum and glass.

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