Yoko Ono – Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth

hello Serbia I'm so excited my new work one day will be coming to life in your beautiful country it's a piece about hope and survival it's about peace peace peace peace is power peace on earth and peace with earth first world peace I love you

8 thoughts on “Yoko Ono – Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth

  • The prince of peace is Jesus Christ." Not as the world gives," he said.
    Peace with God, bc thru his shed blood we have forgiveness of sin. God forgives our sin and places us as his children thru faith in His one and only Son. Our eternity is secured, no matter what.
    No that's peace, knowing You'll spend eternity with God who loves us and sacrificed for us.

  • You're a nasty, horrible person Yoko. Quit being such a hypocrite and apologize to Julian for all the NON peaceful things you put him and his mother through. That and for ditching your daughter.

  • People with whom you've placed this monument are former members of Serbian Radical Party, whose founder Vojislav Šešelj is a convicted war criminal by ICTY verdict. Also, that isn't traditional Serbian boat, but traditional Austria-Hungarian boat from the Vojvodina region, which was never the part of Serbia but until 1918. when Serbia occupied it, and launched ethnic cleansing and looting. Check the history books and facts. How is any of that from past and presence related with peace?! John must be turning in his grave…

  • Is it because John Lennon's biological father was Serbian war criminal from WWII Dragoljub Mihailovic? https://youtu.be/5ydG-U1iaD0

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