You Are Enough | Freedom Fast Lane 2015

I’m just here to share with you that you’re perfect and you
are complete as you are. In virtually every structure
of help on the planet, the bigger they grow, they
more bureaucratic they become. This is true of politics,
this is true of religion, this is true of personal
development organizations, the bigger they get, the more self-serving they tend to become. And so I can’t imagine it’s a very good continuity program for a guru to say, “Hello everybody, welcome to the “Breakthrough Ultimate “Limiting Belief Annihilation Ceremony. (audience laughing) “Welcome. “Um, “You’re fine just the way you are. “Yeah, you fuck shit up. “Welcome to planet earth. (audience laughing) “Calibrate rapidly, that’s all. “Accept yourself 100%. “You’re doing the best
you can with you got “every second of your day. “And when something happens
that’s less than you intended, “learn from it, grow from it,
let yourself off the hook. “Chill out. “Appreciate yourself, love yourself more. “Because you can’t give somebody “what you don’t have to give away “unless you’re the government. (audience laughing). “So love yourself, accept
yourself fully, completely. “Engage in radical self-honesty, “radical self-acceptance,
and radical self-love. “Those are your keys to liberation. “And you’re free. “You’re free. “You are free. “And you’re so free, you can
even choose mental slavery. “That’s one of the choices on the menu. “So choose that if you like, “it’ll serve you to a point. “And then you’ll get tired of that shit “and you’ll start something else. “Anyway, thank you for
coming to this seminar. “You are enough, goodbye.” (audience clapping) If that seminar existed, their continuity program would suck. (audience laughing) Because where’s the upsell from there? Because there hasn’t been any artificial deficiencies planted in you. And so I believe in a
doctrine of self-leadership. I believe that you are enough. I believe that to the degree
that you believe that, your life begins to reflect it.

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