You are Freedom -Mooji -Brixton

Satsang with Mooji [music] Who we really are You are Freedom! [Mooji] I am not compelled to push you into something you’re not ready for. But the idea that you’re ready for freedom
is a nonsense idea. You are freedom! I’m here to remind you what you are,
not push you into it. On the level of consciousness,
in the region of progress, these words may have some validity. I’ve thrown them out.
I’m going to a place which is wordless, which is not a ‘pass or fail’ place. It’s the place you all know very well, but you’ve forgotten you know. [Questioner] There’s a sensation
of acute discomfort [Q.] while this is going on, and it’s fine.
I feel very grateful. [Q.] I don’t want you to go off the point at all. [Mooji] This discomfort
is worth paying some attention to. Be willing to be acutely uncomfortable. Why not? Go to zero point with it. Because you’re spending
so much energy fearing it. You’re conferring so much energy
fearing to hit – ahh! – ground zero. So I’m inviting you,
come to ground zero willingly. Tell the mind: ‘Throw your best punch’. I’m not going to grapple or struggle with you. I’m simply going to be here, like we’re here now.
Quiet, observing. But I’m not writing a report,
so I don’t want the journalist. Just look. It’s as though you exist through your eyes only. You’re just to look.
Don’t participate, just look. And face what you fear.
Because unless you touch that point, it will keep on repeating itself. It will always come and
shake the finger in front of you, and ‘Ahh!’ So, why not just see what happens?
[Q.] Thank you. [M.] A tremendous amount of energy is spent trying to prevent a calamity
you imagine is going to happen. A lot of energy goes into this.
So invite it. Open the door to it.
[Q.] [Deep breath.] [M.] So many years ago a little boy, a young man, seventeen years old, sixteen, had an experience that he was going to die. He felt it so strongly, and he was alone. He was sitting in his uncle’s room.
He felt, I’m going to die. He didn’t call the doctor.
He didn’t shout for his uncle. He had a sensation, a feeling inside him: ‘If I’m going to die, I don’t want to miss it.
[laughter] I want to watch the moment
when the lights go out. So I’m going to help death.’ He went to the middle of the room
and stretched himself out. Like a corpse. He’d seen many corpses before. He stretched himself out.
Waited for death to happen. He could feel all types of strange energies
moving in the body. But he was not backing out. He came to a certain point of seeing that whatever is going to happen to the body, there’s something here
which is totally unaffected by all this. And death did not come. That boy became well-known the world over. His name was Ramana Maharshi. You have your moment as well. You have your moment
to face what it is you’re afraid of. You’re not made of less noble substance
than Ramana. Sometimes each person, like Christ, must spend your forty days in the wilderness. Now everything is fast.
We can’t even spend four hours there, to look and see what it is
that is burning for you, burning. And not run.
Don’t hide under the bed. ‘Here,’ you say.
‘Come. Let me see what it is.’ Because if I don’t take the opportunity
to look at what it is, I may be frightened for the rest of my life. At a certain point, when you’ve seen it, then you can begin to ignore it,
because you’ve seen what it is. You know who’s knocking at the door. [music] [Q.] Thank you. [music]

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