You say you gave me freedom, but I don’t feel free at all [The Miracle We met / ENG, CHN, VIE]

(Petition for Divorce) Where are the kids? They aren’t back yet from their prep classes. What are you upset about? It is about our relationship or about me? – What do you mean? / – It’s one or the other. You’re making it obvious so that I would notice. Wasn’t it like that? Whatever it is, it makes no difference. Don’t mind me. Then, don’t make me. Quit your job at the store. It won’t change, but our relationship can get even worse. Quit it unless you want that. I’ll be doing big things in the future. I can’t have people find out that my wife works at a market. Being your wife, the kids’ mom, and this family’s daughter-in-law. I haven’t slacked off on a single task. Must I get your permission to have a job? Don’t I have that much freedom? This isn’t about freedom. Freedom? Who gave you that freedom? Say what you want. You said you haven’t slacked in being my wife, the kids’ mom, or the daughter-in-law? I’m the one who evaluates and acknowledges you in this family. Not you. However, I do not like you one bit. Things like this? I can get plenty of women to do this. If you think that way, you’re the one degenerating yourself to a housemaid. That’s an arrogant way to think about it. I don’t want to talk anymore. Why are you acting this way? I want to be able to support myself. You say you gave me freedom, but I don’t feel free at all. Have you considered making a balance sheet? Don’t you know how your minimum wage job will influence my social status and potentially neglect my two children? Don’t humiliate me. Are you humiliated because of my job? Who gave you the freedom to think so narrow-mindedly? I have my reasons. I’m so unhappy in this marriage. You make me anxious. I find you difficult. That’s why I’ll get on my own feet. It might look like a joke to you, but I’m going to do my best. So don’t get involved. This is your problem. You only follow your heart are illogical. As you struggle to get on your feet, do you know the biggest loss you’ll see? Me. Song Hyeoncheol. I gave you comfort and true freedom. Your husband! How much do you earn? I’ll give you more money. I’m tired. Get out. I don’t want your dirty money. She’s getting more impudent. What? Dirty money?

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