Young Americans for Freedom Never Forget

OVERCOMING A MAJOR TRAGEDY. *Brenda* STUDENTS FROM THE MCALLEN SCHOOL DISTRICT ALSO HOLDING A CEREMONY THIS MORNING… REMEMBERING THE LIVES LOST ON ELEVEN. THE YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM STUDENT ORGANIZATION AT LAMAR ACADEMY HOSTING TODAY’S MEMORIAL…..”11 NEVER FORGET.” STUDENTS R TELLING THE STORY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL ATTACK AGAINST THE U.S. THAT FAITHFUL MORNING. MANY OF THE STUDENTS WERE NOT EVEN BORN WHEN THE ATTACKS HAPPENED BUT SAY THEY KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF REMEMBERING AND HONORING THE VICTIMS. 0:00:06 0:10:20 “i see it as a significant event not only as a pivitol moment in our history as we see it changed a lot of our way of life but also as a reminder of how precious our american freedom is and how much we should cherish it.” “nothing is going to keep us down were always going to fight march onward but it’s wonderful that these children never even met these people that they are morning and here we are today you know celebrating their lives and also celebrating the spirit of humanity.” *Brenda* STUDENTS ALSO PLANTING NEARLY THOUSAND FLAGS FOR THE CEREMONY, EACH FLAG *Brenda* THE CITY OF MCALLEN ANNOUNCES THIS YEAR’S BORDER TEXAN. THE PRESIDENT OF

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